Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My First Air Travel

May 01, 2010 - the day I experienced my first air travel. New Delhi to Pune by Kingfisher. Sitting on the window seat, I found myself lost, the thinker in me prompted me to scribble my experience which I am sharing with you all..


The glistening Flying Machine lifted its nose
Roaring and soaring higher & higher
Piercing through the curtains of weather
The skyscrapers turning into tiny dots
Fading away like misty dreams
Cities appearing size of an infant’s hand
Vanishing quietly in the haze
The layers of clouds floating around
Like shimmering pieces of white cotton
Creating soft whispering patterns
Offering solace to marveling eyes
Endless sky gleaming purity
Rivers meandering through the valleys
Seemed like partings in the curls
Golden streaks shining on the edges of billows
Slow movement of the pointed end of the wing
Against the horizon, betraying speed
Yes, thousands of meters above the seas
On the other side of the oval shaped window
Hung a soft and quieter world
Peaceful, pious and radiant,
Beauty and splendor splashed around
Glorious nature blushing, unmasked
Heavenly feelings engulfing the soul
Yet surprisingly, one hope stayed profound-
Of safely landing on the ground
Back to my own world of eternal chaos
Ah, to be a human with myriad attachments!


  1. I liked these lines
    Glorious nature blushing, unmasked
    Heavenly feelings engulfing the soul
    Yet surprisingly, one hope stayed profound-
    Of safely landing on the ground

    Very true.

  2. Wah! You took me for a flight!

    Wonderful description of experience.

    ....And we all have to come back to own world of eternal chaos!

  3. I am still devoid of a flight experience, this time I'll do it. The description prompts me to.

  4. though I am not much into traveling or being up in the plane, you make it sound like the most exciting thing in the world, you have expressed the wonderment of being up the sky so very nicely

  5. Dear all, thanks a lot for your nice comments ! Yes, I found the travel interesting & exciting perhaps because it took me such a long time to get a chance to fly.

  6. Little silver airplane
    Up in the sky,
    Where are you going to
    Flying so high?
    Over the mountains
    Over the sea
    Little silver airplane
    Please take me.

    i feel same even i not flied by plane

    Thanks for make me feel it in words

  7. Thats well said.
    Yet surprisingly, one hope stayed profound-
    Of safely landing on the ground........
    Yes thats always there in everyone's mind I suppose.
    Nice picture too.

  8. Anup/Vijay said:

    A wonderful and apt expression of mixed feelings of joy,exhileration as well as anxiety during a flight.

  9. Thanks Jijaji and Didi, for your encouraging comments..

  10. You described your (and us all) perfectly. I can feel your first flight excitement through your words. So wonderful

  11. Glorious take on flight, and yet we all yearn to land safely back into our chaos.

  12. wow!

    I am yet to air- travel. There has been no reason so far. Besides, i am megalophobic. I think I have self counselled myself since last over 6 months now- but the reality check would give me the result!

    I now not only wish to fly and get on board while staring that machine but also, want to write some- while seated inside n yes flying.. Those would be the words written in heaven.. AMEN!

    Your words made me think I want it soon.. Smiles xx

  13. human- we gonna make do lest we wanted to hermitise ourself haha! thanks ramesh for sharing this! my potluck-

  14. I felt like I was right there with you.

  15. you remind me of my own air travel..

    what a ride.

    Thanks for sharing...

  16. If only I could feel like this for air travel! Fantastic write and a pleasure to read that it was not the horror that most of us in North America see it as!

  17. you took us all with you, in your trip.

    loved, just loved the last line.


  18. You made me travel all along your poem...I had that feeling.Kudos!

  19. Oh oh oh!!! I could relate with every single word here! What a beautiful expression! Cheers!