Monday, May 3, 2010

Enigma...Who is He? (OSI Prompt)

Spreading his wings he would soar higher and higher
Trying to hold Moon in his hands and fill his pockets
With glittering smiling stars.. and
Then hide somewhere in the outer space to wake up
And take a bath in the burning flames of sun
Then tread over soft clouds to wet his feet, with dew drops
Climbing down the rainbows to go dancing
In the lush green valleys , smelling Daffodils of Wordsworth
In a flash of moment suddenly using a Sun ray like a rope to
Swing around the circumference of Earth.. Then quietly
He would vanish in the depths of my inner space
Mingling with my soul, perhaps
Oh, my God, he stays with me.. yet
I don't know him, who is he, a mystery , an enigma..
The Dreamer in Me... Who?


  1. I think it's the dreamer in us, perhaps in their coated mystery, we can see ourselves but not clearly enough to know it is us that dreams

  2. The fascination of an enigma - the not-knowing!

  3. I just can't stop myself from re-reading it.. Every line here is charismatic.

  4. Thank You Lisa and Rajat for your beautiful comments.

    And Tumblewords and Carina, thanks for lovely words and visit. Keep visiting and encouraging.

  5. I love this!!! What a beautiful poem! Here's to the Dreamer in ALL of us!!!

  6. Amazing poem,Ramesh. Very good choice of words!

    Short Poems

  7. I like how the last line answers the question. Wonderful work, made me smile.

  8. Thanks Marinela and Aayushi, inspiring comments these, from both of you! It's joy and happiness sharing with discerning souls and the feeling of being understood is truly great..