Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Happier You

This is my 50 th post.. I have started believing that just like learning every thing else thro' practice, we need to also practice happiness.. for that's the purpose..to be happy.. So, here's the post dedicated to you, the discerning and loving
visitor, connecting with me in this space where I experience happiness and freedom... I am sure this experience is mutual..

No, I don’t aim to be
The Happiest one
But want a life of a mortal
Well lived
Full of joy and fun
For that, God bless
I shall continue
To Practice Happiness
Join me, won’t you!

Well, let’s start
For this awhile
Just smile..
Wow, that’s how!
Look at you

Shining & smiling
Glowing and gleaming
How beautiful
Practicing happiness
A happier you
Yes, and a happier me..
God bless!


  1. May this happiness remain forever with U forever.

    Good thought. thanks.

  2. It makes me happy, everytime I read something from you.

  3. "To Practice Happiness
    Join me, won’t you!"
    Amazing lines,I love your poetry!

  4. I agree and share with your happiness...thanks !

  5. Thank you Harshadji, Rajat, Marinela and Sandra...for Practicing Happiness..let us infect the world with Happiness..

  6. Hi,
    Its me again :P
    I just read your poem on my page and i thought it was very clever! Thank you for always visiting my page and i think that your poem is wise lines of pure beauty! Thank you for everything!
    Marinela! x

  7. Hello Ramesh:)

    Yes, I agree.All of us want to be happy in this life.We spend money to buy happiness. But happiness always eludes us.

    As you have pointed out, happiness lies within ourselves and the first step is to SMILE. A smile not only makes us happy but also others who are near us.

    Wish you all the best:)

  8. Thank you, Marinela.. you know it's only that I try to learn different types of poetry from you and that's what I try to use while writing my my comment .. well, I shall always read you..God bless!

    Thanks Sandy, yes, lets continue to practice happiness.. it will be fun. I read a couple of your sites yesterday but couldn't make out how to express myself there.. hope you will guide..

    And Joseph thanks for visiting me..and for your comment. Keep visiting..

  9. Congrates on 50th post! :)
    Hope happiness remain forever in ur life. :)
    I liked poems with optimistic approach very much.

  10. practicing happiness? yes, I think that's what we all trying to do

    happy 50th post!