Sunday, May 30, 2010


Letting 'love' to be
That’s love to me!


Where does a rainbow come from
And where does it go
I am purely in love with it
So not really bothered to know….
( Repeated for the OSI Prompt - from my book A little More Than Ordinary)



Love is a feeling much more than
All its expressions
Scattered around
A mere thought of the beloved
Triggers an explosion of energy
Reverberating the very core
Making heart throb
In excitement…
Then the swift thuds of footsteps
And the sight of approaching
Silhouette of the beloved against
Fading light of the Moon
Makes the body tremble resonating
With the effervescent moments
Awaiting ravenously
For the world to quietly vanish

As soul quivers to feel free
In those beautiful moments
God decides to be the mute witness….


  1. An excellent, passionate take on love. Enjoyed that.

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier, and your generous comment.
    Loved your take on the prompt, you highlight the essence and thrill of true love.

  3. Beautiful Thought


  4. Uplifting words on love...I could feel the emotion of it behind your words! Lovely.

  5. great thoughts. we should definitely let love be.

  6. Great last line, Ramesh..."In those beautiful moments God decides to be the mute witness…."

    Ahhhh, love!


  7. Beautiful thoughts on love. Thank you.

  8. Dear Ramesh,
    Good Morning!
    Beautiful and lovely lines on Love;really very touching!
    The expression is cool but pictures are missing!
    Wishing you a lovely day ahead,

  9. You truly captured the feeling of someone in love..:)

    Even just seeing the strands of her hair or trying to comb her from a sea people you could find her without a doubt and that suddenly gives you that pitter-patter thump of heart!

    Very passionate, reallY!

    Btw, thanks for your constant presence in my blogs! I really appreciate it!

  10. "Letting 'love' to be
    That’s love to me!"

    Indeed. Only one in love can let love be....

    Very passionate third part.


  11. Letting love to be....oh...I love that!

  12. An inspiration from your words:
    Love is love and much more to me. Love is a person's identity. Love has it ways and it's types but love in all way's and all type's knows no boundaries and is still undefined.

  13. Thankyou everyone.. each one of you is so inspiring.. you know I was pushed to start this page by a well wisher, a youngster in Novemeber 2009, before that this world was unknown to me.. and it is the inspiration I received from all of you who take time to read and bless these writings that I have started discovering myself.. and also started making a humble contribution in the efforts to expand this beautiful world of thoughts..which gives the most wonderful gift of getting understood by the discerning and lovely gratitude to all of you and a lot of respect.. let us stay together here..God bless!

  14. letting love be ~ how wise, if we make room it may appear.
    Your last poem is a wonderful tale of love as well.

  15. Thoughts about love and that special person can trigger many emotions. Your poem expresses it very well.

  16. Beautiful! :) Enjoyed reading it. :)
    I liked the last two lines the most. :)

    Best wishes. :)

  17. I dare say I have what it takes to comment on such a great piece of creation. What makes me wonder is that after all these years of life , of bitterness, of betrayals, of failures and heartbreaks you are still able to retain this soft, sweet, intoxicating memory of love. While we decide never to look in the direction of love after the first man betrays us.... we do sometimes try to make it work even after that...but if we still fail.... we don't dare again. And look at you.. can you share the secret? How can you love love so much after it shatters you like this... takes away everything that you live by and leaves behind a dark hole to gape at.... how... ?

  18. Dear Ramesh, I love your line of thought. Your writing is always amazing, lovely read. Keep writing :) :)
    Short Poems

  19. "Letting 'love' to be
    That’s love to me!"....true n pure...loved it!

  20. "Letting 'love' to be....

    God alone as the mute witness...."

    Love... so pure & passionate....
    Very well expressed.

  21. I am so happy to see everyone liking the post on love.. I love your comments.. And Rashmi, to answer you.. life has to move on.. good thing about past is that it doesn't last.. and present can be so much better.. bitterness, betrayals, failures and heartbreaks will never stop but then neither will stop occurance of events and moments of happiness, joy and ecstasy.. they would run parallel and that's what life is all about.. let us focus more on happiness and all.. that's what.. innerself needs to be strong.. and that happens by walking through fire.. smilingly..God bless you!

  22. Thanks a lot... pardon my calling you Ramesh "uncle". I will certainly try to implement it in practice.
    Regards :)

  23. Forgot to add, I have posted a poem " I wanted it to be over.... " which was written in some such times.... I would like you grace it with your visit.... my intention is there in my comment :)

  24. These are great!! Thank you for sharing your sentiments!

  25. lovely reflections on the beloved and the sanctity of breath that two souls share.

  26. Thanks a lot, Patti and Gabrielle.. lets continue to meet this world of thoughts..

  27. Ramesh my friend, Isn't love Grand even when it walks away from you. Love your words on Love. Thank you.

  28. Amazing reflections on love. Thanks so much for sharing and posting with Potluck!!

  29. This is wonderful, Ramesh Ji.
    Thanks for referring to this post in your comment. Much appreciate that!

    You're right indeed. We all need to be aware of the true meaning which you've described here so very beautifully!