Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thoughts on OSI Prompt - Trembling

The tiny rosebud
Opened up, a bit unsure,
Waiting fingers stayed still..


" Welcome breeze!"
Exclaim fresh leaves
But the dry cry, trembling
"No please, no please."
( From my book A Little More Than ordinary)


A mild tremor
And the skyscraper stood trembling
Despite a deep foundation
Yet, far deeper are the wounds
Of mother earth , who
Expresses anguish, occasionally
Only if man could empathise
For the sake of his own prolongation..


Whenever I wrote
He trembled with fear
For, he thought
He will have to lend an ear..
And I too
Never showed mercy
While narrating
My spontaneous poetry...



  1. thank you for such a lovely read!

  2. Poetry that is true need not worry about mercy!

  3. each poem is wonderful. I have felt the way the last poem suggests!

  4. Four frames of fantastic wordplay. u captured that essence of tremble in all Mr.Sood :) i liked the second one best of all.

  5. Hi all,

    I am so happy to find you visiting me and inspiring with your comments..I agree with you Sandy and hence have been able to continue writing..

    Thanks friends..

  6. What a lesson in perspective in the second poem. Brilliant.

  7. another fantastic tremble poem...:)

    keep writing Ramesh, not many have that kind of gift!

  8. Thanks Mojo and inpire..yes I will keep writing..

  9. These were good, I loved the first one.
    The last one was quite funny, however we don't tremble at the thought of your poetry! :)