Friday, December 31, 2010


Here's wishing a
to all the friends !!!!!


Laugh when happy,
Let tears roll down when sad
Just be, God's wish

Just be, God's wish
May you keep moving forward
Smooth and shining road

Smooth and shining road
May joy and peace welcome
At each turn

At each turn
Let there be fresh Sunrise
Joyous future

Joyous future
Let us look with excitement
Being here and now

Being here and now
My heart smiles and says


My resolution for the New Yeaar..... To Practice Happiness..
Join me, dears..

Love and regards,

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Buckle My Shoes..

Written for 3WW Prompts: Buckle, Evade, Wedge

I Buckle My Shoes..

I buckle my shoes
Vital to evade slipping
In a wedge of self- created
Pot-holes on the road
As mind wavers and
Keeps getting lost in forming
A haiku or a poem
Out of realities
Scattered all around
Eyes pick them up
And let them lurk somewhere
At the back of mind
Because it’s in those
Very special moments
While walking that I find the gift
Of imagination too unpacking
Itself at corners unseen
And unexplored
A blend of imagination
And reality then
Gives shape to verses
As I hurry to reach home
To put them on my ‘page’
And in those
Paced and hurried moments
It feels good to remember
That I seldom forget
To buckle my shoes

As I already told,
Vital to evade slipping
In a wedge of self- created
Pot-holes on the road….


A Haiku.....

Buckles under force
Evades ‘Right’, falls in a
Wrong is happy..


Saturday, December 25, 2010

"Sir, You Have to Stop Using Your Comb..."

Written for OSI : Comb & Haiku Heights: Charity
Thanks to Gautami Tripathi for OSI Prompt and Leo for Haiku Heights..

Good face, haggard looks
Hair crumpled, receives a
Act of charity?

For OSI Prompt: Comb..


Hey, what’s happening
Is age catching up with me
I wasn’t taken aback
When I found my hair slowly
Turning grey, I accepted
The changing look of the man
Smiling from other side
Of the mirror, and swirling
Strands of grey falling
Majestically on my forehead
Gave a nice feeling
As I would often find
Eyes, young and old stopping
For fraction of a millisecond
To look at the charming prey
Thanks to my comb, with its
Soft teeth, moving through
The curls and straights
Showing each shining wisp,
Resting place and helping me
Turn them around
To give a style, a few falling
Shyly on my brow…
No, I wasn’t worried of
A puff of soft Breeze or
Arrogance of wind
Putting my hair in disarray
For, my friend forever, my comb,
Would stay in my back pocket
A bit close to my wallet
Enjoying the warmth
Of whatever little currency
But then this was from
The days gone by
Just last week, my hairdresser
Looked at my locks, getting
Thinner and thinner
Week by week, and advised
“Sir, you have to stop using
Your comb and instead use
Clasps of fingers to hold them
Together, comb would
Take them away faster…”
Oh, I hadn’t noticed
But it was true, I had a hard
Look in the mirror
Who seldom hid the truth
Looks are important,
How does age matter, well
I am missing her
Since that last one week
Oh, my

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Christmas!


I find my lost smile
Smiling under my pillow
Aha, Santa laughs!


Aha, Santa laughs
And under my winged feet
Stars sparkle


Stars sparkle
Heart blooms like flower
Joy of Christmas


Joy of Christmas
Abundance of bliss
It’s sheer happiness..


It’s sheer happiness
I share happily here
With all friends


With all friends
I have a bond, beyond
This lovely space


This lovely space
Makes me celebrate Christmas ,
Ah, blessed me


Ah, blessed me
Here’s wishing everyone
“Happy Christmas!”


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Silence Tries..

Written for 3 WW : Object, Educate, Silence

'Don't educate me',
Ignorant objects and shouts
Yet, silence tries ..


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Slice Me Deep.....

Written for OSI Prompt... Stillness
And last haiku for Haiku Heights...'self'..

Slice Me Deep.....

Stillness of lake
Makes me think of her depth
I reflect on mine

I reflect on mine
But then where is it
Can’t even feel

Can’t even feel
Hey, cut my inner being
Throw sharp words

Throw sharp words
At unexpected hours
Slice me deep

Slice me deep
Each day by hurling hurts
Let it go deeper

Let it go deeper
Help me endure the pain
Feeling some depth

Feeling some depth
I want to quietly reach to
Meet a calmer me

Meet a calmer me
On the edge, being with
Stillness of lake…

Stillness of lake
Hugs my ‘calmer’ Self
, says
“Welcome, home!”


Winter's First Touch...

Winter has arrived in India...not with full flourish in our place.. but then...

Winter's first touch
Nose blows and turns red
Friends shun warmth..


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hi ... Haikus for Haiku My Heart

Hi ... Haikus for Haiku My Heart

The petals of rose
Gather in a huddle , say
good luck and open-up


Dew drops shine with joy

For whatever moments, know
Will merge with Sun


Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Written for 3WW...prompts: Utter, Lean, Dabble
And for Poetry Potluck..
And my 3rd entry for OSI : WIN
Poem in the form of a series of Haikus.... for Haiku My Heart

Enlightened Soul

Utter devotion
Dabbles in scriptures
Leans on faith

Leans on faith
Always waits to make efforts
Fruits keep eluding

Fruits keep eluding
Needs remain unfulfilled
Faith gets shaken

Faith gets shaken
Dabbles in unscrupulous
Leans on corrupt

Leans on corrupt
Falls in own eyes, hurt pride
Returns to faith

Returns to faith
New resolve makes to act
Fruits fall in lap

Fruits fall in lap
Starts sharing, receives more
Enlightened soul

Enlightened soul
Dabbles utterly in God’s work
Leans on nothing

Leans on nothing
Ah, it’s light all around
Love flows, wins..



Monday, December 13, 2010

Wounds Vanished , Bruises Got Erased..

Written for OSI and Poetry Potluck..

My passion as you know has been to examine human behaviour in all its true dimensions.. and it is this passion that made me write this poem here.. hope you will feel it..

Wounds Vanished , Bruises Got Erased

I finally reached the top
Or so I thought
Winning many a battle
With people and greater
Ones with my own self
Yes, I had used many a head
Like stepping stones
And reached great heights
Walking pretty tall
But then I found
Myself standing
On a pair of feet
Which were connected
To a soul-less body
Yes, I had left my soul
Behind somewhere,
For couldn’t tolerate
Her interventions
Whenever I bent a few
Rules of my own upbringing
I could clearly see the path
Treaded by me, and indeed
Stories of my deceit
Hung from the branches
Of trees.. I wondered
Had I really won..
Or was it that I was
Running after an illusion
And I had lost..perhaps..
In those moments of
Self -realistion, my soul
Which had lost its glow
Suddenly reappeared

With wounds vanished
And bruises erased ,
It quietly and smilingly
Merged with my body
Once again, I felt complete
I had been hitting her, yet,
In just one single moment
Of realization, she had
Become alive & embraced me
I wonder what would happen
If I lived each moment
With this pure realization
Yes, that would be happier
And I will be able
To stand on top of
My own newly gained height
And exclaim with joy
That would be heard only
By my own inner-self

“ Thank you, God , for letting me
Finally win by making me lose
At the hands of my soul."

( This poem is written by me based on one I penned in Hindi many years ago.. fitted in the theme of OSI, hence felt that I must share with my

Saturday, December 11, 2010

OSI : WIN HH: Life LOL: Fishy

Written for Haiku Heights prompt: Life and OSI prompt: WIN

Birds hop from tree to
Tree, greeting life, winning
Hearts for the day..


Heart and mind
Fight each other, heart wins,
Life celebrates..

Written for OSI Prompt: WIN & LOL : Fishy

Nothing Fishy Here..

Heart had pushed me
To put a poem, a long one
Mind resisted, I Contemplated,
Decided to make mind win..
So removed it..quietly
Sometimes, celebrations
Need to take a back seat
For the larger good,
In this case , for the good
Of the visitor, that's YOU..
Nothing fishy here please..


Dry Leaf Wonders...

I visited haiku-usa of Bill.. read lovely haikus.. and got inspired giving birth to this haiku that I left in his comments box...

Wisdom's dew
My feet and heart are soaked
Dry leaf wonders..


And when visited to make my 3rd entry for in HMH , got inpsired to write this:

Life moves on
Under sun, shade and shower
Mother's blessings..


Friday, December 10, 2010

HI.... Haikus for Haiku My Heart from my heart.....

Moon doesn’t shine
When its Sun’s time, respects
Hierarchy, really..


Deep sea waters
Rudderless boat dances
Yet to face storms..


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fears Unfair Judgement.....Haikus

Written for 3WW... judge, nightfall, safety

Birds judge approaching
Nightfall, return to warm
Safety of home trees..


Comes nightfall, snuggles
She in safety of four walls,
Fears unfair judgment


Saturday, December 4, 2010

And She Keeps Humming the Song of Hope...

Written for Haiku Heights & OSI

Prompts - HH: Faith , OSI: Freedom

Faith in nice and good
Makes a cuckoo sing love, and
Sky sprays freedom


And She Keeps Humming the Song of Hope...

Myriad flowers
Enjoying the morning breeze
Dancing to the tune
Of singing birds
Suddenly get distracted
As the sound of
Fluttering wings of
A butterfly fills the air
The tempted ones
Shout in one voice,
“ Hey, look at us
You have many a choice,’
Butterfly smiles
And with a twinkle
Responds,” Yes, that’s
What I cherish most..
My freedom of choice
Within the confines
Of God’s wish, hey,
Let me wait for the signal..”,
And she keeps humming
The song of hope
That’s when a sunbeam
Strikes her colourful wings
Moving a little away
She leaps on it
And skids down
To fall in the lap
Of a blooming pink rose,
Ah! Isn’t he happy with the gift..
The hopeful red-one
Feels rotten and envious, curses
Both of them silently,
Looks around, no,
None has heard his mind
In a flash, he realizes
He has an absolute freedom
…yes, freedom to think
Whatever thoughts..
Good or bad...or still worse
That’s when the Butterfly turns
Looks at him and
Silently admires, thinking
“May be tomorrow morning,’
And she prays for him..
Both have exercised
Their freedom of thought
In those moments
Based on their own evolvement
In nature’s beautiful embrace..
World will become more beautiful
When Butterfly will be
Able to influence and
Help flower come out of
Envious thoughts, tomorrow
Hopefully, shining sunbeam will
Lead her there, indeed..
The beautiful world of happier thoughts
Deserves to expand, effortlessly…


Friday, December 3, 2010

Children Skip in Colors...

Haiku specially written for Haiku My Heart.. prompted by the heart..

Children pluck rainbow
From the sky, make it a rope
And skip in colors..


Rain bows in respect

In spite of grey , Sun shines
Happy and cheerful


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Good Habit, Bad Habit

3WW Prompts: Revival , Demise, Effort

Happy demise of
Bad habits, revival won’t
Need any effort..


Sad demise of a
Good habit, revival needs

tremendous efforts…


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shining Options Hid Somewhere In the Darkness of Minds..

OSI Prompt: Meld

Thanks to Patti of Creative Cottage Dreamer for such a challenging prompt. What to choose.. and I decided to let it flow what with life unfolding with almost a proverbial speed of a thought.. well Patti, hope I have done justice..

Haikus for OSI and Haiku Heights follow the poem .. do have a look

Shining Options Hid
Somewhere in the Darkness of Minds

Oh, how I wanted to be
Woven like a thread
In the cultural fiber of the place
Where I chose to dwell
But, whenever I tried to
I was pulled by some weak-hued
And that made me always wonder
Did my presence affect their sheen
Persistence being my forte
I chose a mantra -
-To address only the ‘Good’
In people, shunning the ‘Bad’ -
With the hope that my effort
Would make only the ‘Good’ shine
But then I didn’t know
That I had always been like
A thread that dangled out
Right there, yes, feeling connected
Yet vulnerable to getting snipped
And that happened as I found it
Finally after almost eons
The thread got entangled with
Some sharp proverbial thorns
Ah, to try looking at the causes
I know those and yet don’t know
Getting untwined meant
Breaking away, like a nail
Plucked from a finger, but why..
Why should the nail feel the pain
And body be indifferent, or perhaps..
As all the shining options
Hid somewhere in the darkness
Of minds who could choose to appear
Enlightened, illumined and bright
I was left with no other
Alternative but to accept the truth
That stays and needs
To be lived, truthfully
Finally learning a big lesson..
Nurturing a cactus with
Purest of waters would not change
Basic nature of a cactus, ever eager
To pinch on any attempt to hug it
Bound by its nature, of course,
Provides solace to those, who
Respect it by maintaining distance
And let it breathe all its
Thorny yet green glory..
Had I tried to trespass, don’t know
Yet I move forward with hopes of
Melding with the newer world
Pray that I should be lucky
And the weaver up there knits me
Strong and tight this one third time
As life in its true essence moves on..


And also a Haiku ..

On new moon nights
Moon melds with the stars, tries
To know them better


For OSI and Haiku Heights

The soldier swiftly
Melds with snow and shrubs
Survival Instinct..


For Haiku Heights

Beggared child, runs ,
Beats the beast for loaf of bread
Lives on instinct

Friday, November 26, 2010

HI ...Haikus for HMH

On his off day, Moon
Visits earth, finds himself in
My Haikus, wonders..


A mad Butterfly
Rests on rose’s shadow; love
Finds it Colorful..


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Hiku for 3ww


Panderer ignores
Advancing age; she shuffles
Through sheets of dark past..


Saturday, November 20, 2010

An Apprentice in God’s Workshop of Life….

Haiku My Heart: Stranger

Stranger at home
Removes star studded mask,
Lo! Moon stands smiling..

OSI Prompt : Apprentice

An Apprentice in God’s
Workshop of Life….

Oh, how I wish God had made me
Undergo apprentices’ training
In the Sigh-tech trade of ‘Living’
Before my birth
Helping me become a crafts-man
Sculpting my own life
And shaping lives of others too
Instead, he sent me
Directly, without inputs and
Commanded that I be placed
For on-the-job training
And that has continued unabated

With Moments acting as
Qualified instructors
Directing my learning
Helping me shape my days
Get filled with quality, passing
Inspection by strangers
Welding relationships
With electrodes of trust & love
Grinding some rough edges
Developed out of envy & jealous
Filling the cracks of doubt
Refining perceptions
Manufacturing dreams
Reworking on defective thoughts
And I know, I shall always
Remain an
In God’s workshop of life
On Earth , perhaps , a new role
As a craftsman,
Lies somewhere beyond

But then I am hopeful
Of passing through the tests
In the realms of the present..


No more strangers, both
Heart and mind choose to be
Soul's Apprentices


Stars happpily enroll
In Moon's dream factory to learn
Shining and smiling..

Friday, November 19, 2010

Seventeen Syllables...for HMH

Written for Haiku My Heart

Haiku my heart, beats
In seventeen syllables
Skips bigger sighs..


Sun from another world
Finds Moon small as football, kicks,
Breaks foot, goes back..


A tiny rosebud
Opens up, scared, waiting
Fingers stay still..

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Delighted Breeze, Happy Butterfly

Hi....Hiakus for 3WW prompts:
Clutch, Happy , Delight

Birds sing, delighted
Breeze tries to clutch flowers,
Happily fails ..


Clutch the moment,
Happy butterfly chats with
A delighted leaf..


Monday, November 15, 2010

Haikus for Potluck..

Written for Poetry Potluck Theme.. Mood, Feelings, Emotions..

Twice a month
Moon goes, rumors fill the sky
Stars say, “His mood”..


Himalayas feel
Humble and bow before man’s
Height of foolishness


Some places it rains
In others doesn’t, Earth feels
Bad, Man wonders..


Feet feel stones
Sensations knock at Mind’s Door
Mind is elsewhere

Saturday, November 13, 2010

First Anniversary of My Blog...

Hello Friends,

Clock struck 12 midnight and date in India shifted to November 14, 2010 and A LITTLE MORE THAN ORDINARY got ready to celebrate its First Annivesary..
Lucky that the anniversary fell on the day eagerly awaited i.e. Sunday, the OSI and Haiku Heights Day.. This space has become kind of a sacred space for me which so many angels visit to see, feel, think, share, tell, smile, laugh, stare, touch leaving behind aroma of their presence.. which emboldens me to keep going.. I reiterate..the thoughts spread here may be taking birth in my heart but belong not to me alone..I keep spilling the flow and God takes care of providing some shape or meaning.. for me its a kind of meditation and I just find myself lost in another world which is very know it because I have met you people too often there.. well.. pushed by a friend, I untwined myself from the threads of reluctance that had tied me after publishing my maiden book under the same title in 2002 for restricted circulation..and this web-page was born..which is being nurtured by your love..WITH THANKS TO MY FRIEND VIKAS, WHO PUSHED ME..AND TO YOU ALL WHO HAVE BEEN GIVING THEIR VALUABLE COMMENTS , I place my humble contributions for OSI and Haiku Heights..

OSI: Echoes & Haiku Heights: Silk

Echoes of childhood
Stem from a silky moon
Untold stories shine

For OSI Prompt : Echoes

I Shout Out Happiness..

Echoes stemming from future..
Is it some mistake here
Often one talks about
Echoes stemming from past
But then for me it had to be different..
Past had been vast,
With webs created out
Of myriad happenings..
Some wonderful, some wounded
A few happy & joyful,
Others holding perpetual pain
Having passed through
Friendly alleys, forbidden
Streets and stranger roads
One feels comfortable
Traversing the past
For one is aware, knows
What truly lies there
And, welcomes any
From those familiar corners
But then, whenever
Present is a bit discomforting,
Irritating like a dangling
Button on my shirt
I prefer to envision a
Lot more beautiful life
Slowly emerging from
My own dreams,
Getting skillfully carved
By an unseen future
Where I often visit, and
Standing erect
On the highest point
Of my own depths
I shout out happiness..
Echoes make my
Inner space vibrate
Heart skips a beat or few
In excitement, mind
As always a little doubtful
Tries to stay focused
On sounds from the past
But those quietly sink
As echoes stemming from
A Happier future
Start weaving their magic
Present beyond any doubts
Feels good and happy
Pretty soothing & comfortable,
Exactly the way one feels in
A nicely buttoned up old shirt
Warm and soft to the skin,
While walking on a wintry street
Soul singing in tune
Resonating perfectly with magical
Echoes stemming from future….


Thank You Haikus..

I started this page on November 14, 2009

Today, November 13, 2010, I have completed one this beautiful space.

Tomorrow will be the Anniversary date when you will hear the ECHOes of my silent poems..

Thank You Haikus

Thank you, time one year
For flowing through my fingers
Poems show my heart..


Poems show my heart
And good hearts stop by to see,
To feel, Thank you!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Written for Haiku My Heart

Rocks Laugh...

Moon quietly watches
Layers of waves move with
Full fury, rocks laugh


Raindrop Hopes..

Raindrop hopes
Being a part of the ocean
Lo! Falls in her eye..


Tongue Slips..

Mind and tongue
Funny friends, tongue slips

When mind falters


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tranquility of the Mind Too Deserves a Chance

Written for Three Words Wednesday Prompt: Treasure, Gesture, Immediate

Tranquility of the Mind Too
Deserves a Chance

Somehow patience
Had slipped under my nose
Couldn’t grasp her
In my nerves
Which had, of late
Loosened up a bit
Every gesture showed
Restlessness in my mind
That always wanted
Things to happen
Immediately, lest
The moments too slipped
And I would often
Look at some others
In absolute awe
As they would move
Through each moment
Calmly and quietly
Cherishing every puff of wind
Listening to the music of
Each breath, letting
Sunbeams slowly
Kiss their faces , their ears
Picking up the sound of
Each magical footstep
While ambling through
The well-preserved
Treasures of wonderful
Memories from
A tranquil past
And deep contemplation
Made me realize that the real
Respectful gesture would be
To follow such gems
Of patience with
Immediate effect
To let the treasure house
Of my memories too
Become silent and serene
and for that I knew,
I would have to
Be quieter in the NOW
It is true that
It’s the restlessness of
An enquiring mind
That gives birth to Poems
For this space
But then tranquility
Of the mind too
Deserves a chance
Perhaps poems may come
Dressed in better garb
Glowing in the light
Of profounder meaning


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Monument, Building, Landmark Haikus

Haikus..Written for Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry


Taj, the monument
Of love, loves Moon; shines
Under moon light



A high-rise building
Stands tall, bows to Man's
Height of intellect...



On Moon's surface
Man's land-mark achievement
Foot-print to follow..


An Eternity Hides in a Moment of Silence

Written for One Single Impression Prompt: Pause

Haiku first :)

Earth thinks of taking
a pause, Moon pushes, Sun pulls
and She continues..

An Eternity Hides in a Moment
of Silence

The flower, anticipating
Something interesting, slowly
Began to unfold
A rainbow coloured
Butterfly, fluttering her wings
Circled around it,
Paused and with a twinkle
Went away, perhaps
Following her intuition
That one pause
Might have changed
Her life forever..
Along with flower’s
And I wonder

Hasn't my life too been
Changing the same way
Every day…each moment
Sometimes because
I am able to take a pause
And other times for
Failing to do so

And then a thought troubles
Yet helps to understand
How an eternity hides itself
Just in a moment of silence
One needs to only contemplate

If after millions of years
Earth decides to take a pause…
Ramifications would be abound
Yet what worries
The thinker in me is not that

World may go topsy tervy,
But what would happen
To the words shimmering here
Will they all fall and hang
In some darkened space

I am feeling scared
May God let me take a pause
And help me shun exploring darkness

In the gap , I may find light..…

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Diwali's Happy Feast of Haikus..

A very Happy Diwali to all the happy hearts visiting this page today.. ‘Diwali’ is India’s Festival of Lights which falls on New Moon’s night..

Here are my Diwali Haikus..

Moon hides to cherish
Beauty of shining Earth, on
Festival of lights

Festival of lights
Arrays of candles burn bright
Inner space glows..

Inner space glows
Kind words, happy greetings
Festival of lights

Festival of lights
Firecrackers burst, deafening

Added for Haiku Heights Prompt: Clasp

Celebrations clasp
In my fingers, sparkler
Lits my face and soul

Cheers and smiles
..all the forever...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010



First a Haiku:

Stars glitter on Earth
Festival of lights smile
Joy explodes


Enlightened Souls All ...

On every morning of
Festival of Lights
We choose to spend the day
In absolute Happiness
Without anyone trying to
Digress from the spirit
That the celebrations call for
And we succeed every time
Each time, wondering..

And enlightened souls all
Treat each new morning
The same way, everyday
Life becomes a festival
Punctuated by little burdens
Of day to day responsibilities
But the tranquil state of mind
Stays, as God happily becomes
A mute witness
Confident of His special creations
May He find you too among those!

- Ramesh sood

( a poem dedicated to enlightened ones


Khushiyon kii aadat daalen..

Aayiye iis Diwali mein
Dil Milayen hum
Aaj sach muuch kii
iik Diwali manayen hum

Pyar kii Phul Jhariyan se
dil roshan kar lein
Aatmaon par pade andhere
door bhagaye hum..

Khushiyon kii aadat daalen..
Sada Muskurayen hum..

Live a Life of a Mortal : 3WW

Written for 3WW: Kernel, Wield , Abrupt

Adding a Haiku , wasn't able to create one instantly..

Hides like a kernel
Desire to wield power, dreams
End abruptly

Live a Life of a Mortal

Hidden like a kernel
Deep inside somewhere
In the darkened spaces
Lies the secret of
The greatest weakness
Of the man,
Perceived as strength
A burning desire to
Attain and wield power
Over the weak
A pretty tempting choice
For, it gives a feel
of immortality…
Ah, to reach there
And then struggle
To find the kernel

Of such a need
In those darkened alleys
Without a glimmer
of fake light
No, I wasn’t hopeful
Whole heartedly accepted
That it was better to
Live a life of a mortal
So took the easier path
Abruptly ended
The futile quest..

And now I often wonder
Doesn’t power also lie
In not trying to be powerful..

Monday, November 1, 2010

Eyes Splashed with Colours of Joy and Peace

Written for Poetry Potluck Theme: Halloween

Eyes Splashed with Colours of
Joy and Peace

Boundaries between
The worlds blur
Distance vanishes,
With your world so near
Just take a step forward,
Move in again to our world
Form? Take any form or shape
I will recognise, for I know
The colour
Of your soul, my Mother..
Even if I keep painting it
With myriad colours of love
To let it sparkle in any season
So what? I know..
And Mother, even if
For some moments
I miss out on remembering
The latest colour with which
I might have painted your soul,
Won’t I, in an instant, pick up
The aroma of millions
Of fragrant flowers , cuddled
Among whom God must have
Let your pious soul rest..
So Mother, don’t bother
Just step in.. we’ll meet
We will chat for hours
This Diwali, hey, let it become
Brighter with your presence
Mother, dear don’t wait..
Hey, what’s this God
I smell the aroma, wow!
My eyes are splashed with
Colours of peace and joy
Yes, now I remember
That was the colour with
Which I painted her soul
Hey, Mother, you are around,
Aren’t you, bless me as
I start a new life, in a new place
You will be comfortable
In my world of thoughts
My God, Mother, God's wish this,
Just turn, and see Father smiling
He too has just stepped in
Oh, I am so happy
To see you together
And believe me others
Are seeing reflection
Of you both on my face..
I’m so happy to be in the moments
When the distance between
Our worlds gets blurred…

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cracks Began to Appear In My Reverie

Written for Haiku Heights Prompt: Mystic and OSI Prompt: Fancy

Eyes meet , smile stems
You envy and call it a fancy,
For me its mystic..

Written for OSI Prompt: Fancy

First a haiku..keeping with my own passion

Earth cuddles in
A blanket of clouds, Moon looks
On, fancies warmth…

Cracks Began to Appear In My Reverie

Deep inside him
Somewhere, lives a giver
But with a weak voice, who
Appears to be getting snubbed
By the surroundings…
Relationships get weaved
Offering threads of trust
But then others entangle
Yarns of selfishness
Not able to make the difference
Continues to be an
Arrogant child, with soft
Soul perhaps made of wax
That can melt on
A little hint of warmth
Which stays away
Failing to penetrate
The thick walls built around
By the sycophants
Yet, wants to explore skies
Of love and humility
But then wings of gold
May be heavier
For such a fanciful flight
Wish he could make it
At least once
Won’t mind lending him
Some wings of thoughts
Capable of taking him
To newer, happier skies
But will he ever ask…
May be not, doesn’t even know
For, it’s not him, but I
Who have been weaving
Such dreams for him
Without realizing, that
He has his own dreams
To follow, to pursue
And it took time but then
Cracks began to appear
In my reverie, and I have tried
And have quietly detached myself
To slip back into my own space
May God help me weave
My own happier dreams
Wings of thoughts will help me
Explore depths and heights
Of a shimmering new world
Yes, it has taken me eons to break
High walls of illusion
And take a leap..
Ah, finally I’m breathing freedom..
It’s not my fancy, it’s for real

Friday, October 29, 2010

Stars Play in Shimmering Light

Written for HAIKU MY HEART

Moon hides each fortnight
Stars craving to get their chance
Sparkle happily


Children, stars on earth,
Wait for the full Moon, play
In shimmering night


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fragile Tremors Rock

Written for 3WW
and Haiku My Heart

Mild tremors born out
Of rampant betrayals each day
Test my fragile heart


Fragile tremors rock
My sleep, Sun’s rampant knocks
On window work.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Poetry Pot Luck : Love & Romance

From one of my old posts.. specifically in respect of the theme , oh, how I wish to practice it all the time .. life would be so much more beautiful..

Letting 'love' to Be
That's love to me !


Dedicated to my wife of 28 years on Indian Festival of 'Karva Chauth..'
A fasting day that women particularly from North India celebrate seeking God's blessings for husband's longer life ... a tradition.. that still continues..

It's God's grace
That I see my reflection
In your face...

And pray that you
See yours in mine
Real and true

A beautiful life
In spite of me, thanks,
For being my wife..


Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Mole on a Dame’s Chin

Written for OSI Prompt : GraceHaiku Heights Prompt: Optimistic

Flowers Are Optimistic

Nature breathes grace;

Flowers are optimistic
Bloom happily..


A Mole on a Dame’s Chin
Beaming moon and sparkling stars
Singing butterflies, smiling flowers

A star studded unending sky
To explore, birds happily fly

A Cuckoo’s sweet morning song
Door bell’s melodious ding-dong

An earth full of sunlight
A rainbow’s delicious sight

Snow-clad high mountains
Whistling streams, flirty fountains

A little child’s cute smile
How the happy moments pile

A mole on a dame’s chin
A monkey’s naughty grin

Laughing and dancing trees
A cool and humming breeze

Ah, a solitary morning’s walk
When all the good things talk

Plenty of colorful toys
Life’s lovely little joys

Grace of God plentiful & abound
Feels so nice and good to be around

Enjoying such delicacies of life
Oh, it's so much fun to be alive

Let’s remember those who are not
And let them live in our thoughts..

Friday, October 22, 2010

Haiku My Heart

Colourful baloons
Melt with skies and vanish
Just like my dreams...


Happy Earth, receives
Rains and feels warmth of skies
Moon sees & hopes


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Moon’s Reflection Shimmers Shyly

Haikus for 3WW Prompts: Effect, Immense, Shimmer
Also placed for Haiku My Heart

Immense effect
Of a full Moon, wet shingles
Shimmer like stars


Immense misty effect
gilds the lake, Moon’s reflection
Shimmers shyly


Immense effect
Of comments from friends, happy
Haikus shimmer


Added on Friday, the 22nd October, 2010
specially for Haiku My Heart

Happy Earth, receives
Rains and feels warmth of skies
Moon sees & hopes

Monday, October 18, 2010

Knock Knock

Written for LOL Prompt: Knock Knock

Opportunity smiled

Knock, Knock
He opened the door
Opportunity smiled
Ah, he couldn’t
Wasn’t wearing his teeth


Watching in Mute Astonishment

King Rodent is furious,
Angry and mad
Who will bear his wrath
Lion stands trembling & wondering
Elephant is pale
Tiger sits with his head down
Deer and Rabbit
Humble spectators
Watching in mute
Astonishment, and then
Suddenly, out of the blue
Some noise from a distance
Then louder and louder
Nearer and nearer
It’s Knock - Knock, knock -knock
And lo! Rodent wakes up…


Mountains Don’t Envy

Written for Poetry Potluck Theme Seven Sins..

Vanishing greens
Urban affluence wants space
Man’s greed

Lightning strikes
Wipes out man’s deadly sins
Angry God..

Nature’s resources
Turn in to sources of damage
Man’s lust for power

Desert exemplify
Sun’s wrath, green piece of land
Seeks blessings

Mountains don’t envy
So, let rivers happily flow
Earth offers thanks..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Trophies On the Shelf Sat Smiling

For Haiku Heights Prompt: Serene

Quiet and serene
Lake wears a soft and cozy mask
Depths hold desires..


Written for OSI Prompt: Champion


Sun arises, sunrays run
One touching my face first wins,
Champion beams..


Trophies On the Shelf Sat Smiling

Ah, the ball had just had
A whispering brush with
The edge of the Table
None could notice, accept the one
Who stood to lose by telling truth;
So he didn’t and
Amidst applause and smiling faces
Became a Champion
Conscience stood in shame
In a corner of his inner space
Feeling sad and hurt,
Her shouts drowned in the frenzy
None cared, the world moved on
Appreciating the Champion,
Who had learnt a big lesson
Achievement was important
Not the means, and he went on and on..
Years later, in the evening of his life
As he sat looking at the album
The trophy glittered
Along with him, but
He was still able to trace the fake
And unreal in his shining face
The sound of a whispering brush
Turned in to a deafening noise
As he closed the album
Tossed it away and returned
To the present, where the trophies
On the shelf sat smiling
Obsessed with their Champion
Oblivious of the truth
Who quietly sat cringed
Under the cover of the tallest one…

Friday, October 15, 2010

Red Rose Calls Out

Haiku for Haiku My Heart
Inspired by White Butterfly posted by Rebecca..

Red rose calls out
white butterfly shuns, happy
with her freedom..

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Winds Hiss In Dark, East Glows Like Gold

Haikus Written for
Haiku My Heart
3WW : Hiss, Ridicule and Absolve
For Haiku My Heart:

Heart skips a beat
As sound of doorbell crackles
Hopefully, its hope..


Stars murmur stops
Tired Moon waves a goodbye
East glows like gold

Also for 3WW :

Winds hiss in dark
Trees ridicule yet absolve
Moon for rare absence


A hiss from Moon,
Stars feel ridiculous ,
Earth absolves..


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Memories Roll Out Like a Film- OSI ll

For One Single Impression prompt: Lonely
Thanks to Harshadji for a very thoughtful prompt.. it made me write another one... here's my second contribution

Memories Roll Out Like a Film

Empty moments, these
Feeling lonely and pensive
With nothing else to do
I just push the button
Opening a window of my mind
And the memories roll out
Like a film on a screen…
I am standing in a corner
Feeling hurt trying to make out
What has hit me and why
Wondering when suddenly
I see myself happy and cheerful
Surrounded by allies and aliens
Applauding together, ah,
I have been recognized...
Lines of smile start appearing
On my face; but, then hey! I am crying
With tears rolling down
Cursing a rusty soul for having
Cut my wings and tied my feet
Ah, before the melancholy catches
Scene changes and I find myself flying
In the skies and chit-chatting
With the stars as Moon wishes me
A happier life in my own space
I am laughing and lo,
In a flash my face changes color
A saddened me is attending a funeral
Of my own dreams
But by the time flames of doubt
Burn my hopes, winds pick me up
And throw me in a stream
Where water reflects
Shining pebbles of newer
Colorful dreams,
Ah! As I am dripping with water
Enjoying a rain-dance, it rolls
And I find myself writhing in pain
An invisible knife of betrayal is stuck
In the soft layers of my heart
But then the pain doesn’t last
For in a second I am transported
To a different setting, where
I find myself receiving
The greatest gift ever
Of getting trusted as my ears
Listen to the pouring of
A wounded soul who finds herself
Unburdened as lines of her dry tears
Get transformed in to
Colorful stripes of a smiling rainbow
Hey, I am listening to a hint of clamor
Ah, the present has returned
Juggling with myriad moments
In its palms, jumping and laughing
All the film stops in a flash
As I come out of my reverie, realizing
That for every painful memory
There’s a far stronger
Joyous and a positive one too
Capable of pushing the sad and negative
Out of the system quickly
As it helps me to hold the present
In a happy tight hug; Luckier me...
As I wonder it could have been
Other way round too…
Hey did I tell you I was feeling lonely…

Smiles Grow on Stones

Entry for Haiku Heights prompt: Blemish

Scars on Moon's face
Nature's blemish turns a boon
Saves from ill will...

For One Single Impression prompt: Lonely
Thanks to Harshadji for a very thoughtful prompt.. it makes one contemplate a lot.. here's my humble attempt , a cluster of haikus....

Smiles Grow on Stones

Storm kills flowers; Sad
Butterfly dreams of new; and
Doesn’t feel lonely

Far deep in the sky
A lonely star fades away;
Many more appear

Happy Moon shines
Amidst stars; sends smiles to
Lonely Earth

A step forward
Heart lights on the palm
Loneliness vanishes

Friendship with
Loneliness; books on shelf
Tap feet and sing

Lonely hearts
Beam with delight; a handshake
Tells all with feel

Millions of fireflies
Descend on dark lonely lane
Smiles grow on stones

Friday, October 8, 2010

For Haiku My Heart

In absence of Moon
Stars play hide & seek; Happy
Earth takes a turn


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moon Shines , Earth Hides

Haiku Written for 3WW Prompts: Sheen, Hint, Lust
Also for Haiku My Heart

Extra sheen hints lust
In eyes of stars, Moon shines
Without bother


Extra sheen hints lust
In eyes of stars, Earth hides
Behind clouds

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Flew With A Cloud....

Written for
Haiku Heights prompt: Rejoice
Haiku also entred for Haiku My Heart...
Prompt : Try

Jealous Stars Rejoice..

Jealous stars rejoice
At his failure, Moon tries to
Shine in the day..


I Flew With A Cloud....

For endless nights
I had been trying to
Befriend Moon
But every time it took
A step forward
Stars held it tight
In their thoughts
Far deeper in
An unknown place
Somewhere between
Heart and mind..

And whenever I thought
I would fly with a cloud
Sun peeped through
Melting my dream
In its blazing fire
My effort to hold winds
With my hands to
Try and take a flight
Always got blocked
As high walls of doubt
Would arise from nowhere

Whenever I wished to
Have a chit-chat
With colorful flowers
Suddenly butterflies
Would come flying
Out of their hide
Seeking their first right
On smiling flowers, and
I will find myself quietly
Withdrawing and surrendering
To lengthening shadows

But then I didn’t stop trying
For that was my calling
With efforts I succeeded
In befriending Moon
Who gives light to my soul
I flew with a cloud too

That rained on a weeping desert
Making my heart bloom
And now when I talk to flowers
Butterflies sing love songs
Ah! What a happier life, this!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Elephant and Ant : LOL Prompt Sharp

Written for:

Elephant had sharp eyes
On edge of sugar bowl , he could see the ant
But Ant's were much sharper
In one go she could see a full elephant

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Joyous Stars Arrive..

Written for Haiku My Heart

Happy Earth Invites;
And sliding down a Rainbow
Joyous stars arrive..


Colourful stripes
Of cut rainbow, sway in sky
Teased by winds..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Elephant & Ant... ( contd.)

Written for LOL Prompt : Age

And the Tale Continues..

Elephant & Ant...

Before marrying Auntie Ant
Our dear hero Elephant

Had fallen for a (FR) Female- Rat
Oh, don’t ask how could be that

Shocked to see the monolith
FR thought it really fit

To talk before taking the bait
So happily agreed for a date

Settling for a cup of tea together
Looking charming in a blue sweater

She wondered how he could be so huge
Elephant oblivious was pretty enthused

Then directing on his face her gaze
She asked him, ‘Hey, what’s your age?”

Elephant blushed and said, ‘Oh dear,
This December, I will be one year

‘Shouldn’t be asking, that’s true
But hey, tell me, how old are you?”

“Me, too,” she gathered courage to tell,
“But right from birth not keeping well.”

Little awkward, she glanced here and there
But Elephant was already looking elsewhere

Up above on edge of Sugar Bowl so high
Moving swiftly, an Ant had caught his eye…

Rest as you know is history….......

An Imminent Rain of Happiness

Written for 3WW Prompts:
Imminent, Engulf, Tamper

An Imminent Rain of Happiness

Hey, doesn’t matter if
In moments of weakness
A guiltless mind gets stronger
And an overconfident you
Tamper with truth,
One thing is certain
Webs of doubt will engulf
Your shining soul, slowly
But surely leading to an
Imminent fall of self –esteem
How long will you
Camouflage the fear in heart
With a smile on face
Ah, how will you get your
Eyes on your side
Who would reflect the pain
Of a heart, that prefers to
Listen to thin yet clear
Voice of soul, well
Finally, mind will have to
Shake hands with heart
To help soul shine
With light engulfing
Your whole being…
Resulting in an
Imminent rain of happiness

With you letting the truth
Reveal itself in all its glory

May God help man
Refrain from tampering truth ever
Let no moments weaken His
Greatest creation..


Monday, September 27, 2010

A Monument of Broken Dreams

Before the main title here's a haiku, written for Haiku Heights Prompt: Sacred ( 2)

Sun, the only one
Without a darker side, God's
Sacred creation..

Written for OSI Prompt Monument(2)

A Monument of Broken Dreams

Now that I turn in to
A monument of broken dreams
Stand beside me & smile
As you will get clicked
To become a raving news
Overnight, let people find us
Smiling together at least once,
You for obvious reason
Of standing in front of camera
As the architect of the
And I for having
Finally become something
Of note, to be written about...

The only thing I felt good about such a monument is that it
would never get a chance to be called ancient ever, for its life is too short
as new dreams would be plucked from the skies of imagination..

I have added this inspired by what Harshadji mentioned in his comment..


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Am I A Monument?

Awaiting all my friends to get connected here and now..

For OSI & Haiku Heights

A sacred monument
Of a naughtier childhood
Scar smiles on my face


Am I A Monument?

A gift of connectedness
With God, from God
As I would often find
In some vacant moments
The invisible string,
That tied us together
Would quietly tremble
A sure signal, for me, that
‘Twas time for thoughts
To flow like water, and
I would sit with a paper & pen
Ready to scribble
Just like I am doing it now
For string had just trembled
Thoughts are entering my heart
I am remembering..Yes..

A friend last Saturday
Expressed…hey, you’ve talent
You need to be discovered
And I wondered…
By whom and for what reasons...
Am I a monument?
Or a hidden piece of art
Or a remnant of an edifice from past
Or a grave of a princess
Or a temple quietly sleeping
Under the layers of ochre
Or an idol of a deity rusting
Somewhere in the forgotten hills
Or a mysterious path
Leading to the unknown
Or a life enhancing green species

One takes almost a century
Yet fails to discover one-self
And then expecting to be
Discovered by the world…
But then who is in a hurry
When we know that
We all are indestructible spirits
Destined to stay around forever
In whatever form..
Now that I understand this
Does it mean I have discovered
Some portion of me…
Isn’t discovering ‘self’ the purpose
Of the journey...on which
We all have already embarked upon
In our own chosen disguises…

Doesn’t then coming and sharing
On this page, makes it
A lot easier and comfortable
What with all the expressions
Getting transformed collectively into
Which might for future generations
Turn in to a monument dedicated
To Continuous Self-discovery…
Hey….flow is getting affected
Ah, I find the string slowing down….
…..About to stop trembling
……..Am I losing connection for now..
And flow …of …..thoug……hts..
Y……………e…………………..s. ......

Friends.. don't you think that Prompts act as a boundary-less confinement..for the hearts and minds to think and create.. Thanks to OSI..I could become a part of this beautiful world..

One single Impression
Monument of self discovery, ah,
To rise in its depths