Saturday, December 4, 2010

And She Keeps Humming the Song of Hope...

Written for Haiku Heights & OSI

Prompts - HH: Faith , OSI: Freedom

Faith in nice and good
Makes a cuckoo sing love, and
Sky sprays freedom


And She Keeps Humming the Song of Hope...

Myriad flowers
Enjoying the morning breeze
Dancing to the tune
Of singing birds
Suddenly get distracted
As the sound of
Fluttering wings of
A butterfly fills the air
The tempted ones
Shout in one voice,
“ Hey, look at us
You have many a choice,’
Butterfly smiles
And with a twinkle
Responds,” Yes, that’s
What I cherish most..
My freedom of choice
Within the confines
Of God’s wish, hey,
Let me wait for the signal..”,
And she keeps humming
The song of hope
That’s when a sunbeam
Strikes her colourful wings
Moving a little away
She leaps on it
And skids down
To fall in the lap
Of a blooming pink rose,
Ah! Isn’t he happy with the gift..
The hopeful red-one
Feels rotten and envious, curses
Both of them silently,
Looks around, no,
None has heard his mind
In a flash, he realizes
He has an absolute freedom
…yes, freedom to think
Whatever thoughts..
Good or bad...or still worse
That’s when the Butterfly turns
Looks at him and
Silently admires, thinking
“May be tomorrow morning,’
And she prays for him..
Both have exercised
Their freedom of thought
In those moments
Based on their own evolvement
In nature’s beautiful embrace..
World will become more beautiful
When Butterfly will be
Able to influence and
Help flower come out of
Envious thoughts, tomorrow
Hopefully, shining sunbeam will
Lead her there, indeed..
The beautiful world of happier thoughts
Deserves to expand, effortlessly…



  1. what a beautiful poem-story Ramesh...the beauty of nature spoken out, the flowers, the butterflies, yes, even them have feelings of wanting to be free, speaking like humans feel, and think like humans would have thought of...what a freedom they wish for...

    i felt like the butterfly, i felt like the flower, like the birds...really, I did...there is parallelism in my existence as with their existence in this world.

    i loved this poem!

  2. ah, the prayer of a butterfly, so lovely.

  3. "The beautiful world of happier thoughts
    Deserves to expand, effortlessly…"

    Yes. Excellent piece.

  4. Pyaara Dost,
    Good Afternoon!
    What a coincidence!I wrote a post on flowers,butterflies,birds and love!
    And here you've written a wonderful poem on the same subject!cool!
    I really enjoyed your beautiful poem,dost!
    Amazing verses!Sunday's creation!Wow!
    Wishing you a lovely day ahead,

  5. Wonderful...
    I loved the haiku..

    and the poem is sooo good..
    "As the sound of
    Fluttering wings of
    A butterfly fills the air"
    these lines are awesome :)

  6. Beautiful words and happy thoughts too!! You really are a great nature lover Rameshji!! Both the haiku and the poem do justice.

  7. A beautiful flow of thoughts in your poetic story!

  8. Each one is so lovingly penned. Thanks for your view into faith and freedom.

  9. I love butterflies, and every time I see one I think to myself, "How can people see this miraculous creature and not believe in God?" They are truly miracles on earth, and for me I guess you could say they are "faith with wings". Your words were so beautiful and uplifting.

  10. happier thoughts that you are giving us...thanks for that!

  11. Sounds all like music in my ears
    flowers butterflies and love ....
    Did you now that our country is called flowercountry ;-)

    Nice to meet you Ramesh
    and thank you very much for your visit :-)

    Have a wonderful evening
    Anya :)

  12. So beautiful! I love the imagery you create--sliding down a sunbeam. Very nice story.


  13. This is a stunningly beautiful poem -- as is the Children Skip in colors.

    I'm so grateful you dropped into my place so i could skip over here and find color for my world!

    Blessings -- I'll be back.

    Louise G

  14. Nice imagery of nature reflecting hope..

  15. good posting ramesh! here's mine-

  16. Thanks a lot every one for your nice words.. a special welcome to Anya..

  17. That's a lovely parable you have narrated here, Ramesh.. we have a so much to learn from both, the sweet butterfly and the poor envious flower..
    I must congratulate you on your fine imagery which you have so beautifully translated into words.. superb work!

  18. Sky sprays freedom..

    lovely imagery,
    enjoy this line.....

    Thanks for sharing your poetry talent with potluck poetry.


  19. lovely, a song of hope is a beautiful song to hum.

  20. This really soars..just lifts my spirit!

  21. Great poem indeed.I love the haiku too..
    These lines got stuck in my senses...
    "World will become more beautiful
    When Butterfly will be
    Able to influence and
    Help flower come out of
    Envious thoughts, tomorrow"

    So very true..Cheers to freedom..freedom of soul..:)
    Regards~ Sayandeep

  22. lovely words and beautiful images flowing within the poem =D~~~and indeed the sky sprays freedom =D

    I am especially liking the last two lines and yes it should be!

    The beautiful world of happier thoughts
    Deserves to expand, effortlessly…

  23. A beautiful conversation born of imagination … had a sort of magical quality -- enjoyed the read, Ramesh.

  24. Butterflies have a very special meaning for me, they were my mom's signature in all things. Now she is close by when one flits close to me...I loved reading your beautiful poem. Again, she is close by in your words.

  25. Your haikus are as delightful as wonderful are your long poetry (though a bit too long for me ;))
    but i like them still !

  26. You have me thinking about what we do with our freedom and why.

  27. That was lovely Ramesh. Well written...

  28. What a beautiful poem RameshJi.. Great Haiku too.. I enjoyed reading it...

    --Someone is Special--

  29. Well Rameshji, a kind suggestion...

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    Reasons not all the open Id ppl and many website owners can comment.. This will make you to get less comments..

    --Someone is Special--

  30. oh yeah, Rji.. that freedom sounds wonderful.. and the song as well..!

    lovely haiku again..

  31. amazing haiku on faith and wonderful, lyrical poem on hope. simply wonderful!

  32. Rameshji... Dashboard -> Settings 0> Comments -> Who Can comment? change it to anyone, that will help you to get more comments, reason people who have open ID can comment too..

    --Someone is Special--

  33. What a beautiful poem and story of the gift of freedom- a pleasure to read! Have a wonderful week~~