Monday, December 13, 2010

Wounds Vanished , Bruises Got Erased..

Written for OSI and Poetry Potluck..

My passion as you know has been to examine human behaviour in all its true dimensions.. and it is this passion that made me write this poem here.. hope you will feel it..

Wounds Vanished , Bruises Got Erased

I finally reached the top
Or so I thought
Winning many a battle
With people and greater
Ones with my own self
Yes, I had used many a head
Like stepping stones
And reached great heights
Walking pretty tall
But then I found
Myself standing
On a pair of feet
Which were connected
To a soul-less body
Yes, I had left my soul
Behind somewhere,
For couldn’t tolerate
Her interventions
Whenever I bent a few
Rules of my own upbringing
I could clearly see the path
Treaded by me, and indeed
Stories of my deceit
Hung from the branches
Of trees.. I wondered
Had I really won..
Or was it that I was
Running after an illusion
And I had lost..perhaps..
In those moments of
Self -realistion, my soul
Which had lost its glow
Suddenly reappeared

With wounds vanished
And bruises erased ,
It quietly and smilingly
Merged with my body
Once again, I felt complete
I had been hitting her, yet,
In just one single moment
Of realization, she had
Become alive & embraced me
I wonder what would happen
If I lived each moment
With this pure realization
Yes, that would be happier
And I will be able
To stand on top of
My own newly gained height
And exclaim with joy
That would be heard only
By my own inner-self

“ Thank you, God , for letting me
Finally win by making me lose
At the hands of my soul."

( This poem is written by me based on one I penned in Hindi many years ago.. fitted in the theme of OSI, hence felt that I must share with my


  1. Nicely penned. we do tend to lose our way as we go...

  2. Ramesh,
    This is beautiful. We do get so distracted by "the world" that we often walk right over people, even those we cherish, in pursuit of a false dream...

    Your final stanza thanking God put the perfect finish on this work. Found you on Jingle today, glad I did!
    Peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore

  3. This is such a wonderful piece. We get so caught up with success and winning and society that we forget the things that are real and important. I'm so glad you decided to publish this longer poem too.

  4. The mirror had small flaws, but I seen my reflection.

  5. That was a highly inspired poem and written with great feelings and deep thinking!! Loved it RS!! Your are excelling all the way:)

  6. Very nice transition of the the soul less to the soul

  7. Your poetry is always so deep and heartfelt. Lovely take on this prompt. Touching words...

  8. What a wonderful tale you've woven in this pursuing goals and material things, sometimes we lose track of our own soul and the people that matter. You speak great truth in this. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Very a marking on an ancient stone...

    "Stories of my deceit
    Hung from the branches
    Of trees.. I wondered
    Had I really won.."

    Wonderful :)

  10. Thanks everyone for reading through.. not a light reading.. I know..Your encouragement will help in exploring more areas..

  11. Reads like an inner journey of spiritual self-discovery and adapting. Very nice work!

  12. strong piece...i once climbed that ladder..until i got off...and never felt better...