Friday, December 10, 2010

HI.... Haikus for Haiku My Heart from my heart.....

Moon doesn’t shine
When its Sun’s time, respects
Hierarchy, really..


Deep sea waters
Rudderless boat dances
Yet to face storms..



  1. simply nature..

    a rudderless boat will it be able to survive storm

  2. I believe thew sun may trump the moon in size, but as one is The Grandfather and the other The Grandmother, maybe they coexist as we, as humans should.
    Some boats turn up to the wabes in a storm, hence, being rudderless is okay.
    At least these things are what your words make me think of today.


  3. you have painted complete images with your words today ramesh.
    thank you for your themes of soothing.

  4. I enjoyed the droll bit of humor you served up regarding the dominance, in turn, of sun and moon.

  5. An aimlessly drifting boat in the middle of nowhere is a risky proposition as a potential danger is lurking and existing is a possibility.

    Both Sun God and Moon Goddess have their own time and space and respect each other, just as a man should respect the woman.

    This is all in my opinion!!

  6. You really are a words master Ramesh, you play with them so beautifully. Love your writing :)
    Take care x