Wednesday, July 28, 2010

But Will Man Ever Understand... 3WW

This week's 3WW prompts are 'abuse, cramp & hatred'
quite a tough task but then it helped to write on a subject
close to one's heart..hope you will like it!

But Will Man Ever Understand...

"But then this is not the temple
Of your God,
Why are you so keen to go in?"
Alien tried to inject
A small dose of hatred
Perhaps to start with...
I did not listen, for I knew
Inside was a God who loved all
Why all didn't love him
The mystery always baffled me
As I moved on, the alien
without flinching an eye
Hurled an abuse
Oh, I let it fall to melt with
whatever environment
He came from
It wasn't his fault
He must have seen many others
Developing cramps
On reaching a temple
Belonging to a God ,
That they perceived as
Not belonging to them
It's all well and fine
Because God created Man
And true to its basic nature
Man repaid by creating
Many Gods,
Out of the One
Who understands where all
It's headed to..and therefore
Quietly watches from the skies
In the light of Sun, Moon and
The twinkiling stars
A shining earth
Where life dwells,
A life created out of love,
For love, by love
But will man ever understand..


Cramped Soul….

Using abuse
And the
For creating personal heavens
And then visiting Godly shrines
To comfort
A bruised & Cramped soul….
An inseparable part
Of humanity, perhaps
But will man ever understand..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Angels Live (T)here


In the dark starry nights of summer
I would lie down
Out in our garden at home
With eyes wide open gazing skies
Scared of the images my mind
Would draw out of the trees swaying
In the cool breeze, gently
Touching and caressing
My dreams, which hung from the skies…

My mother would softly
Kiss my forehead
And would ask me to
Look at Moon and with a glint
In her eyes tell me, that
Angels lived there
Who often descended on Earth
To take those people away
Whom they loved..

It was about the time
When Neil Armstrong
Had landed and walked on Moon
I would wonder
Did he meet many an angel

My mother would laugh and say,
“He might have landed
On the other side, far away
Hence might not have seen any..”

Then one day, the faceless angels

Quietly descended in my life
Before I could even feel the aroma
They took my mother away
For, she belonged there
It happened many years ago
Yet I continue to ask Moon
To show for once its other side
And I wonder, if Moon agrees to, then…

Will I find for myself

An un-touched, pure
Shining world of angels
Will fairies be dancing
In gay abandon on the streets
Or was it just a way
My mother conceived an idea
To make me take her exit
With courage and strength..

Is it that the angels are magnificent

Manifestations of kinder hearts
And purer spirits
And innocent minds
Whom we often meet
As we amble through the day
Perhaps unaware that
Someone, somewhere
Must be seeing us too as angels


Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Prelude to OSI prompt: Angel

This is prelude to Sunday.. do visit to meet many an angel here tomorrow...

A bundle of good thoughts
Suddenly got shining bright wings
Skies celebrated splashing a rainbow
Wow! Birth of an Angel......

Friday, July 23, 2010


To reach my goal, if I go on changing path
Would I ever know how did I reach?
Let me choose my path, to keep going ahead
And let my goal be, wherever do I reach...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Will Prefer to Call it ' Giving'

(Written for 3WW Prompt - Jump, Bait and Victim)

I Will Prefer to Call It 'Giving'

Having stayed
At the same place for years together
Perhaps, every one around came to know
About my strengths and weaknesses
And also about my propensity to get
Excited on getting any challenge
That would need my thoughts to
Take flights to the unknown
This knowledge often made
Men in power throw the bait
And I will find myself happily
Burning midnight oil
To help others get all the light
Yes, I often found myself in the shadows
Quietly enjoying, yet many
Termed it as being a victim of power
Well, it didn't affect much
I often found people made to
Over my head, but then
How could I regret
I had made my own clear choice
And I was being given my chances
To be creative constantly
Ah! this unquenchable thirst..
Which indeed kept me going
And made me happy...
Doesn’t the flower smile after blooming
And choose to spread fragrance all around
Knowing that it would be plucked
But then the fact that it bloomed
Like a flower, fulfilling the purpose
Of its existence
Appears to be enough for it
To retain its smile and cheerfulness..
A rough patch where I learnt to 'expect'
Saw me losing my smile
But that was an unbearable cost
For seeking so called illusive success
And now that one understands
The world a little better
One can weigh the pros and cons
And choose to ignore the
Being thrown, and refuse to
Become what some call a
Depending upon ones inner calling
And one can hold ones
Head so high, that the other would need
Atleast to do a pole-vault to jump over
No more kind of a cake walk
Anyways, let people sympathise
Yet, I won't call it being victimised
I will prefer to call it '

Saturday, July 17, 2010

OSI Prompt 125: Preponderance

Preponderance of Positives

Moving on with the inner strength
Gained over years of contemplation
Charting newer, unexplored paths
I found my beautiful world of thoughts,
And the journey through troughs and peaks
Saw a novice’s dream getting fulfilled
As I published my maiden book
‘A Little More Than Ordinary”
And sought acknowledgement
From the one who had shown me
The path very many years ago
But acknowledgement didn’t come alone
It came along with the contrasting twins
Masked Appreciation and Critical Judgment ..

No, English didn’t suit me and I needed to
Write in my own mother tongue
Preponderance was exercised
Once again, at the first opportunity
Nothing appeared to have changed
In spite of distance of years in between
Superiority looked straight in my face
Was it flaunting of wisdom as a matter of right
That perhaps had been bestowed
Respecting intelligence
During those days of innocence
Or were those my own complexes
That made me unnecessarily read
Even that what was not really intended..

But then I had to take it in my stride
Because it’s pretty natural that
A view from top of the mountain
Will make even the tallest tree look small
And I was no more than a little sapling
Vainly struggling to grow
Under a large tree all these years
Destiny had taken away my mother
And uprooting me , essential for my story,
Had transplanted me far away from my hometown
Where my mother-tongue stayed confined
To the environs inside my own four walls
And then to be expected to write
In my own mother tongue
But then perhaps it was to happen.....

With one more push from
Another place, unexpected and unseen
Finally I expressed in the language
That I had internalized perhaps
In my infantile days,
Hopefully meeting expectations partially
Because I had used English script
Picking up fond memories of my ‘Childhood’
Who had walked along throughout
Holding my finger, often resting quietly
In the warmer corners of my heart,
And I have never been able to
Let it go…for without it, I know
I couldn’t have grown-up..
And this wonderful companionship
Has resulted in preponderance of positives
Over negatives, keeping me as I said
Most of the time, in a happier state of mind..

My Prayer

Thank You God ,
For giving me wings to fly
Help me to keep
My feet on Earth..

Friday, July 16, 2010


For me a bird may mean just a flight
And you may perceive it as joy and freedom
If we understand and accept just this difference
What a lovely relationship it would become!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

3 Words Wednesday - Two Poems


Oh, the large old tree
Silently watched
The vulgar display of power
As the demonic soul ripped apart
A noble one to feed its
Forever unfulfilled hunger
Of self- gratification
And when the tree couldn’t hold on
To the burden of violent vision
It shared the same with the
Gusty ferocious wind
Who accepted and didn’t mind
To carry the crude feeling along
But then moving through the day
Slowly wind found itself diluting
Into a cool gentle breeze
And the intensity of the acrid feeling
After coming in contact with
The humility and gentleness of breeze
And its affinity with loving elements
Of nature, also quietly assuaged
As the breeze slowly returned
To the tree, which swayed
In quiet understanding
Praising the frail breeze for kindness
And the wind for the guts and strength..



The talent had got another hit so very hard
"Hey, dear, dear, don't take it to the heart,"
In a gentle whisper the wiseone said,
" It's yet another karmic debt repaid
so don't feel bad , instead thank God
Keep on moving on life's struggling road
Those who are blinded by power and fallacies
Of unreal pleasures in the world of fantacies
Mercilessly busy in vulgar displays
Of conceited conduct will never praise
For in spite of knowing that you are wanted
They will continue to take you for granted
So either be one of them or don't expect
Doing your part offering all the respect
Trust God and let it not come as a surprise
Talent shall always have to pay the price"
And I was thinking when all this I heard
Difficult it may be moving ahead in this world
Yet talent must persist without any pretense
For it shall certainly emerge glorious in the end...


Saturday, July 10, 2010

OSI Prompt 124 : OVERT

Overtly Sensitive

Opportunity made
Provoking me to go for worldly success
Oh, happier me failed to pick them up...
But then it’s alright, isn’t it?

Millions of overt invitations
To follow the herd
Headed for illusive heavens
Ignorant me let my dreams lead…
But then it’s alright, isn’t it?

Every hit on humanity
Leaves feelings of hurt
People have branded me
Overtly Sensitive'
But then it’s alright, isn’t it?

Overt facial expression of happiness
And an unconcealed bubbling enthusiasm
Invite continual wrath from
A lot of less than ordinaries
But then it’s alright, isn’t it?

Temptations abound
What with overt behavior
Heart & mind keep fighting
No compromises, God wins
But then, it’s alright, isn’t it?

Happy & sensitive
Ignorant dreamer, overtly enthusiastic
Yet accepted by
Cuddling parts of my heart
Oh, that's indeed alright, isn’t it?

Rip Me Apart

Do criticise , condemn or rip me apart
I want to
Understand myself some more
It will make me t
hink new, afresh
Isn’t that what t
he friends are for?

( Hope you will do it without showing any mercy)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Creating Happier Memories... ( 3 WW )

Written for Three words wednesday:
Acrid, Bane and Tepid

Creating Happier Memories...

Some bad memories
Had decided to stay
And kept hurting me
I distinctly remember
It was a starry chilling night
With my feelings getting frozen
I thought to have some warmth
And quietly collected all those
Bad memories in an empty corner of
My otherwise overfull mind
And burnt them
Oh, ignorant I, couldn’t imagine
That the acrid stench
Emanating from the simmering ashes
Would become the bane
Of otherwise a happier life
Years of soothing balm
Of love and care
Has made the impact of leftovers
Pretty tepid
Which I wish to preserve forever
So that I can then
The delicious taste,
Of the happier memories
A lot more, yes,

The memories being created by
My family of loving angels....

Monday, July 5, 2010

ROADS - 2 ( OSI Prompt)

Here's some more on 'ROADS'

Partings in the Curls

From up above the skies
Roads meandering through
The lush green fields
Look like partings in the curls
Spotlessly drawn by steady hands..

Back to my rustic rural surroundings
I find them mysteriously
Curling along in parts
Craving to meet each other
Vainly hiding zits on the face..


Where Halting Happens

Roads demand and command
That one must always look straight
But then it’s on the sides
Where halting happens
In this gap, often
Journeys take a new turn..


Which God?

Two roads
Which one to take
With life at stake
I got confused
Mind refused
To think
Any thing
So I prayed
‘Oh, God,
Which road?”
Called back
From the sky
“ Please specify,
Which God?”
( Repeated for OSI prompt)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

OSI Prompt 123 : Roads

Every Road Turns Rough..

Having ambled long enough through
The rough road of life
One is tempted to share and talk
About the tribulations and trials
One faced on the way
With those embarking on the journey
Hoping of helping them
Make it smooth & beautiful
Without realizing that the man has created
Newer smoother shining roads
Different than the older ones
To reach faster and perhaps, richer
And those are the roads
Which beckon and succeed
In attracting novice & young
One then wonders,
What about reaching purer and stronger..
Burning in the fire of circumstances,
So as to glow..
Facing storms arising out of
Betrayal & jealousies, so as to grow..
But then, the arguments, “So what it’s OK
Who is worried about strength?
Money can always handle things..
And are you talking about
Inner spiritual strength..
For God’s sake,
Let spirit remain a distant stranger…
For some more time please..”
And one shrinks back quietly
Into one’s own inner world..
With a resolve to constantly
Keeping oneself rejuvenated
For one understands,
One may be needed
Because somewhere at a distance
Every road tends to turn rough

Yet one prays it doesn't..


Friday, July 2, 2010


( Written for Three Words Wednesday)

Even if the relationships are Hassle-free
One works hard to make them stronger
Injecting the wealth of love & trust
One keeps them alive a lot longer

Yet over time these lovely relationships
Have this uncanny propensity to regress,
The one who begins as a strength,

Slowly turns into weakness...

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Glass breaks
Steel doesn’t
Yet glittering evening prefers glasses.


Following saints,
Worshipping Gods,
Still remaining in love with one’s own self!


Hey, be a diamond

But do not glitter
Stones scattered around will get annoyed..