Saturday, July 3, 2010

OSI Prompt 123 : Roads

Every Road Turns Rough..

Having ambled long enough through
The rough road of life
One is tempted to share and talk
About the tribulations and trials
One faced on the way
With those embarking on the journey
Hoping of helping them
Make it smooth & beautiful
Without realizing that the man has created
Newer smoother shining roads
Different than the older ones
To reach faster and perhaps, richer
And those are the roads
Which beckon and succeed
In attracting novice & young
One then wonders,
What about reaching purer and stronger..
Burning in the fire of circumstances,
So as to glow..
Facing storms arising out of
Betrayal & jealousies, so as to grow..
But then, the arguments, “So what it’s OK
Who is worried about strength?
Money can always handle things..
And are you talking about
Inner spiritual strength..
For God’s sake,
Let spirit remain a distant stranger…
For some more time please..”
And one shrinks back quietly
Into one’s own inner world..
With a resolve to constantly
Keeping oneself rejuvenated
For one understands,
One may be needed
Because somewhere at a distance
Every road tends to turn rough

Yet one prays it doesn't..



  1. what a wonderful piece of writeup.. refreshing, rejuvenating. Rough roads help in making smooth drivers.

  2. Inspiring poem, well done.

    "One then wonders,
    What about reaching purer and stronger.."

  3. Roads well travelled.
    Nicely done.

  4. Ups & down ... life put in words that touch.

  5. Some may believe that money buys an easy journey, but sadly money has a habit of slipping away! And then what wealth is left but the spirit!

  6. Only the determined and the strong go through the rough roads with ease

  7. Life can indeed be smooth at times, and rough at times. To be on that journey, hoping for continual improvement and enlightenment is our challenge. Nicely crafted.

  8. A beautiful description of the journey! Thank you.

  9. I find it really fulfilling after having trekked so many roads, we would finally realized that the best road we should travel is one that leads us to God...

    Nice work Ramesh...this poem means so much!

    I had a hard time thinking of what to write about this prompt but finally wrote a simple take on it!

  10. too many roads...too many choices and times to grow...true words!!

  11. Wow! You really had a lot to say about this prompt as well. All of your poems were excellent and all were very thought provoking as well. I think I enjoyed this one the most.

  12. Thanks to everyone of the lovely minds and hearts who visited here and who will.. Road of life is so beautiful.. only we need to keep moving demands nothing else.. just one step forward one time..

  13. Beautifully and very realistically expressed Ramesh.

    May this year bring you peace and contentment.

  14. the rich travels faster because they travel on a different plane- sort of a different wavelength as compared to ordinary people.. you did a great job ramesh..:)

  15. Thanks for the lovely participation, Happy Tuesday!

    Potluck Week 17 Treat/Awards 4 You, Enjoy!

  16. Truly said, Ramesh.. we try to ignore the matter of the spirit so frequently, with the hope that it tends to itself in some magical way.. little do we realize that the more we ignore it, the more further we go away from ourselves!
    A very inspiring and beautiful piece, my friend...
    May this wonderful journey of life bring you peace and love and joy..
    Best Regards!