Sunday, July 25, 2010

Angels Live (T)here


In the dark starry nights of summer
I would lie down
Out in our garden at home
With eyes wide open gazing skies
Scared of the images my mind
Would draw out of the trees swaying
In the cool breeze, gently
Touching and caressing
My dreams, which hung from the skies…

My mother would softly
Kiss my forehead
And would ask me to
Look at Moon and with a glint
In her eyes tell me, that
Angels lived there
Who often descended on Earth
To take those people away
Whom they loved..

It was about the time
When Neil Armstrong
Had landed and walked on Moon
I would wonder
Did he meet many an angel

My mother would laugh and say,
“He might have landed
On the other side, far away
Hence might not have seen any..”

Then one day, the faceless angels

Quietly descended in my life
Before I could even feel the aroma
They took my mother away
For, she belonged there
It happened many years ago
Yet I continue to ask Moon
To show for once its other side
And I wonder, if Moon agrees to, then…

Will I find for myself

An un-touched, pure
Shining world of angels
Will fairies be dancing
In gay abandon on the streets
Or was it just a way
My mother conceived an idea
To make me take her exit
With courage and strength..

Is it that the angels are magnificent

Manifestations of kinder hearts
And purer spirits
And innocent minds
Whom we often meet
As we amble through the day
Perhaps unaware that
Someone, somewhere
Must be seeing us too as angels



  1. This was beautiful. Whether real or imagined, we need them at times.

  2. Yes, We are all capable of living like angels.

    Beautiful flow of words.

  3. beautiful, lovely angelic thoughts of this poem of yours...

    that angel helped you go through the untimely demise of your mom...

    that angel may always be beside us to show how could we really can be...

    and yes, we can also be angels to other people but is not aware of it...

    thanks for sharing your beautiful yet laced with innocent thoughts!

    good morning!

  4. There is much to learn. And much to love. Very nice poem.

  5. lovely... when my mother talks to me about angels I simply say I have one in the form of you :)

  6. Ah! Thanks to you, all the angels, blessing this page..

  7. Ramesh, your beautifully written Angels live
    here/there is a remarkable tribute to your
    Mother, and the special way all Mothers love.

  8. Pyaara Dost,
    Good Morning!
    This cool morning before it started raining,
    I was in the balcony when it was not yet dawn.
    And it was a real surprise,my friend,
    I saw the one fourth of the full moon behind grey clouds!
    I was surprised and my heart skipped a beat,
    My Angel was looking at me from far away!
    I can relate so well to your thoughts,
    And I love your Mother who is so Angelic,
    Your parents can always be proud of them,
    For giving birth to such a wonderful son,
    Whose heart is filled with love and compassion.
    And I thank you for inspiring the readers,
    To be angels on this earth.
    You are kind and considerate,
    And that is why my eyes are moist now,
    To be lucky to come across you,
    In this world of blgosphere!
    Beautifully penned poem and I felt each and every word.
    I pay respects and love to your Amma.
    Wishing you a bright and beautiful day ahead,

  9. i think angels do live here and there ... thank you for sharing this.


  10. Very nice Rameshji. Loved it, especially the first two stanzas.

  11. :D Amazing words and feelings, a soothing wave of angelic scenery coming alive^^~ Wonderful piece of poem! Thank for sharing:D

  12. It's beautiful! the idea as well as the flow is amazing!

  13. if you see the wonder of a fairy tale.
    you can face the future, even if you fail.
    I believe in 'angels'. something good in every thing I see....

    God sends an 'angel' to us, to fix us.
    To make us know how much He loves us.:)
    nice post Sir.

  14. Aren’t we all indeed
    Capable of such virtuous acts..
    Yes, we are !

    definitely we are...thank you for such a wonderful penning!

  15. I wept at your children take their parents ideas to heart!
    This will stay with me always.
    Your format was inspiring too!
    Thank-you my friend...your mother would be proud ;-)

  16. Nice work


    Luke @ WordSalad

  17. confident and cool piece...
    masterful job on this one..

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    Happy Monday!
    Support us by visiting a few poets near your entry.

  19. A topic very close to my heart...thanks so much for writing this stunning and beautiful poem. Much love xx

  20. Nicely said and held on to your childlike dreams... thanks for sharing...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay