Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rip Me Apart

Do criticise , condemn or rip me apart
I want to
Understand myself some more
It will make me t
hink new, afresh
Isn’t that what t
he friends are for?

( Hope you will do it without showing any mercy)


  1. Dear Dost,
    Give somemore time,some more posts,
    Trying to know you better,
    I don't think,I will have to rip you apart,
    I believe in soft,tender,loving words!:)
    Listen and observe your surroundings and people.The people who can't get along with us help us to understand us better.I am always grateful to you!
    Enjoy Fifa finals......

  2. Thanks Anu, brilliant words these - The people who can't get along with us help us to understand us better.. what a lovely and simple lesson this!

    Harshadji, as ever you have been so inspiring..lets keep on meeting here in this space..

  3. I don't know why, but i can say this to you, i feel the same.. Very well penned :)

  4. How can I rip you apart.. your words inspire me..
    You are a genuine human being with a simple life. Some traits that you have and you say I want them to make them mine.
    A torch bearer in the world of words.. keep going, keep writing.
    With Love and Care,