Monday, July 5, 2010

ROADS - 2 ( OSI Prompt)

Here's some more on 'ROADS'

Partings in the Curls

From up above the skies
Roads meandering through
The lush green fields
Look like partings in the curls
Spotlessly drawn by steady hands..

Back to my rustic rural surroundings
I find them mysteriously
Curling along in parts
Craving to meet each other
Vainly hiding zits on the face..


Where Halting Happens

Roads demand and command
That one must always look straight
But then it’s on the sides
Where halting happens
In this gap, often
Journeys take a new turn..


Which God?

Two roads
Which one to take
With life at stake
I got confused
Mind refused
To think
Any thing
So I prayed
‘Oh, God,
Which road?”
Called back
From the sky
“ Please specify,
Which God?”
( Repeated for OSI prompt)


  1. loved the imagination in first one and the depth of third one .. :)

  2. "
    From up above the skies
    Roads meandering through
    The lush green fields
    Look like partings in the curls
    Spotlessly drawn by steady hands.."

    I have seen this and enjoyed the view, well shared in your poem.

  3. A delightful look at roads of all types!

  4. Thanks for these. All kinds of roads. You life me up. Thanks.

  5. Roads in lush green fields & bin rustic surroundings -Very imaginative.

  6. Oh, thank you.. I am always tempted to give my all to any prompt..and that's why put these lines here.. Roads take us anywhere and do bring us back home from wherever we are.. lovely them.. thanks once again to all the lovely minds and hearts visiting this page..

  7. I am on one such road... and God in various forms and through various people is lightening my way. Thanks Sir for holding the lamp for me.

  8. Dear Ramesh,
    Good Evening!
    Roads,the narrow paths among the lush green paddy fields and in between ponds filled with water and the ducks swimming in the pond-my childhood memories in my Achan's [Father's]house!I hold them close to my heart.And from the balcony we enjoyed the roads between the fields.
    I loved the concept a lot,Ramesh!
    God,just one God,may be in many forms shows us the way!
    But Ramesh,we are often at crossroads without any signboards!:)
    Then I look up,but my eyes are mosit!
    Lovely lines,dost!Dhanyavad!
    Wishing you days filled with words,

  9. I like "Where Halting Happens", it says to me that there will always be different paths to take if we look closely enough

  10. Each poem is amazing and powerful in its own right. Amazing take on the prompt roads.

  11. Some technical problem with comments system.. a few have disappeared from here.. Google knows the problem and trying to fix it..let us all bear with it..

  12. nice 'take' on roads...loved all...

  13. like the amusing twist at the end of the last one.

    may your journeys be rich.