Friday, May 31, 2013

There Were No Him, Her, Them...

First, A Haiku...

She breaks that big stone
into many small pebbles;
myth quietly dilutes

and now the Poem..for prompt Myth..
There Were No Him, Her, Them..
Many years went by
As I continued to blame
Him, her, them
For all that went haywire
But then you know
Myths have this peculiar destiny
They break quietly
I saw them breaking 
When I slipped and fell
Inside my own darkened depths
In some inexplainable moments
For the first time
I met myself and knew
There were no Him, her , them
It was all about 'Me..'
Oh, have I missed telling you, that
When myths break
The silent sound gives
Birth to light as
Darkness whithers away...

Written for

Sunday's One Single Impression: Myth
Saturday's Haiku Heights: Stone
Shared first with
Friday's Haiku My Heart..

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Was Indeed Successful..

Badge, Darken, Liability

I Was Indeed Successful..

Yes, I had earned it
My Award of Merit
And received a badge
In a glittering function
I was happy and
Celebrated too
At that time I didn't know
That I had been burdened
With a liability
As everyone around
Started noticing and expecting
From me a lot more, much more
Glint in eyes would
Turn into darkened faces
Such compelling transformation
Could happen due to one single
Powerful emotion - Envy...
Another kind of a badge
Which could only be felt
Yet spoke far louder, that
I was indeed successful...


A Haiku.

Darkened faces;
my badge of honour becomes
my liability


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Change: A Haiku..

Prompt: Change
Empty walls of mind;
I draw your smiling faces
for a happy change


Some coins shine there
on his little harder palm;
I give a smile

Friday, May 24, 2013

Healthy and Weak... Haiku

May 25 , 2013 Saturday

Written for Haiku Heights - Saturday, OSI - Sunday
Shared with Haiku My Heart -Friday
Prompt: Health..
Morning Sun's first rays
write happiness on her face;
her healthy breakfast
Prompt: Weak
Her healthy breakfast;
no more  weak appetite,
she loves sunrise dish

Haiku My Heart

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shadow - A Haiku..

May 23, 2013

Prompt: Betrayal

Shared with
Glorious sun shines,
and he looks for his shadow;
she is not around

Flames Leap On the Finishing Line..

Clever, Silky , Finish...

Flames Leap On the Finishing Line..

Ah, a clever ploy
of very sweet talks;
silky tone,
shining words,
a comforting web
of  deceit & lies
helps one win
shorter races of life;
when comes the last
flames leap
on the finishing line
as the web so well crafted 
dances in front of the eyes
and one  finds one's
soul entangled
in that very silky thread...
Ah, God listens to intentions
and not the words alone...


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dry Leaf Cracks

Written for OSI
Prompt: Flow..

Three Haiku...
 My thoughts flow
in rhythmic silence;
morning breeze
Morning breeze
makes her long hair flow;
dry leaf cracks
Dry leaf crack
she passes by, quiet;
my thoughts flow
 Shared with

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bridge Shines Afar : Haiku

Prompt : Egg / Bridge

Haiku One ( Egg)

Traffic chaos, that;
in the middle of bridge,
a hen lays her eggs

Haiku Two ( Bridge)

Ah, another turn
and I walk on singing life;
bridge shines afar


Shared with
Haiku My Heart..

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Awareness Can Happen In A Moment

Helpless;adjective: Unable to defend oneself or to act without help.
Trample;verb: Tread on or crush; treat with contempt; noun:
An act or the sound of trampling.
Vigilant;adjective: Keeping careful watch for possible danger of difficulties;
watchful, observant and attentive.
Awareness Can Happen In A Moment
Now I am alert and vigilant,
I am no more helpless
Will not let anyone trample
With my spirit any more
I am no more confused
Who would fail to see behind the
Thin wall of illusion..
Doesn't matter who you are
A master of deceit
Or a repenting seer
Because now it is not
What you think of me
But it is now
What I think of myself
Such a little shift 
and lo, how the years flew
I learnt that
Awarness can happen
In a moment
Or it may take eons
One needs to be always vigilant
For one doesn't know
How and where
Will the lesson spill..

Friday, May 10, 2013

And Stories All Spill...Haiku

Written for Haiku My Heart Friday 
& Haiku Heigts Saturday
One Single Impression Sunday..
Yesterday I was in an early morning flight to Chennai
on a window seat opening towards East..and I knew what awaited me....
Ah, special morning
as I float above the clouds;
glorious sun-rise
glorious sunrise;
rolls of  cotton clouds try to
hold sharper sun-beams
Hold sharper sunbeams;
a golden line quietly cuts
heaven from the Earth
Prompt: Story
And Stories All Spill.. 
Her bright masked face
does not tell  any stories;
wrinkles hide inside
Wrinkles hide inside;
a look at him, cracks apppear
and stories all spill..


Prompt: Rekindle

Morning Sun
rekindles my spirits;
I go on..

I go on;
life presents pleasant


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Some Men Do Speak Truth..

Prompt: Daredevil

A question hits me
why does only devil dare;
some men do speak truth

Some men do speak truth,
leading a lonely life;
dare-seers of a kind..


Breaking stones
under scortching sun;
daredevil she..



Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ah, It's So Difficult to Grow-up..

Written for
One Single Impression

Prompt: Feelings

Ah, It's So Difficult to Grow-up..
Your feelings are hurt
She didn’t give you her morning smile
Ah, now you remember
Hadn’t you stolen her smile?
By hurting her feelings
Comparing her with someone
From your past, last night…
Ah, it is so difficult to grow up..



Will the Things Change?

Oh, I fell and
My hand got hurt
You didn’t yell,
Didn’t bother
And that hurt my feelings
I have given you
So much power over me
Ah, now that I know it
Will the things change?


Friday, May 3, 2013

As I Stand Silent..

Haiku My Heart
As I Stand Silent..
Divine sound
awaken my soul;
in garden's corner;
wet rocks shine
Wet rocks shine
under summer's sun;
morning smiles
Morning smiles
as I stand silent;
divine sound


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Tribute and a Confession..

Penitent, Believe, Tribute..

A Tribute and a Confession

My tribute to those
who created language...
I believe
If he handn't known
the word 'Penitent'
He would never have
Learnt what exactly
Confession meant
and how did 'soul' feel
Lighter afterwards...
Wish he had also known
the meaning of being
A simpler word that
Some lives would still be smiling..


Happy to be back at 3WW...!!!!!