Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Flames Leap On the Finishing Line..

Clever, Silky , Finish...

Flames Leap On the Finishing Line..

Ah, a clever ploy
of very sweet talks;
silky tone,
shining words,
a comforting web
of  deceit & lies
helps one win
shorter races of life;
when comes the last
flames leap
on the finishing line
as the web so well crafted 
dances in front of the eyes
and one  finds one's
soul entangled
in that very silky thread...
Ah, God listens to intentions
and not the words alone...



  1. Oh yes. Intentions (and actions) always drown out the words.

  2. So true, intention hides behind the veil of words and painted also hides behind every action playing puppeteer... But then who can fool the Master??

  3. yes intentions should be listened to no one can fool God.

  4. Yes, one must beware of silky tones and sweet talk. It can be deceptive.

  5. Really beautiful and clever use of the three words

    Amazing poetry

  6. RS you are truly gifted. God listens to lntentions,
    and not the words alone
    are awesome and marvelous!