Saturday, May 28, 2011

Leopard’s Spots Can Be Changed….

Written for OSI Prompt : Manifest..

Leopard’s Spots Can Be Changed….

He was arrogant
Reactive, living with the mantra
‘I, Me and Myself’
Always felt insecure and
Victimized by others
And hence, blamed..
Never let my other self
Who have always been positive
Ever take control of moments
And then one day it happened
My negative self
Died in a blast
Ignited by my very own
Positive Self, who decided
Enough was enough
And took the extreme step
The explosion shattered
As pieces of my ego
Flew and fell all around
Myths got depleted
Doubts were killed
Arrogance melted
False pride evaporated
And this all happened
In my inner space
As the image of my positive self
Slowly merged with me,
Manifesting itself through
The shine in my eyes
Glow on my face
Springs in my feet, with
A change in the colour of
My skin, hey, who says
You can’t change
The spots of a Leopard….

This poem comes out of my experiences in a  Human MindSet Lab - Changing the Leopard's Spots.. conducted by dear friend  and noted trainer Dr. Aashiesh S. Tavkarr, Ph.d.,  Pune, India this week. A very interesting lab with fantastic interventions which help one to understand one's inner space and one's orientation too while offering solutions to create a positive attitude towards life and create a mindset that makes one responsible for one's choices..

RS : )

Friday, May 27, 2011

Miracles Happen.... for Haiku My Heart..

Dear Friends..

It's Friday.....the day a Happy Haiku should float through my thoughts spontaneously for Rebecca's 'Haiku My Heart...' but then God made me put through the following poem to pray for the health of my elder sister who is hospitalised for last five weeks now...join me...May she get well soon... and be back home...

Miracles Happen..

Pray for her dear Moon
You are nearer God, hey, my
Sister needs them all

Medicine along with
Prayers may heal, make a team
God and Doctor, please

Miracles happen
Let just one more miracle
Happen around us

She is strong, she will
Receive the energy and
Soon sit up straight

Pray for her dear Moon
May all the stars too join you
My friends join me here…

Thanks !!!!!!! Yes, miracle will happen..

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Welcome Back!

Written for 3 WW...   Grin , Jumble, Naked


Remove layers of
Jumbled lies, reveal naked
Truth, see if you can
Still grin..
If yes, shame on me
I trusted you, thinking
You were courageous..
If no, then fine
Mistakes do happen
We all know
To err is human
Welcome back,
See, how beautiful life is!!!


Expressing it in a HAIKU ........

Remove  layers of
Jumbled lies, see naked truth
Hey, will you still grin...

a Late Addition:


Hey, I am not able to grin
Smile has faded away
Spirit stands naked
Spots are visible
Some say , “ Hide somewhere
Don’t show your face”
There are others
Who tell, “It’s OK, we are
Human beings, why to seek
Perfection, little bit of sin
Can be taken in stride”,
My thoughts are jumbled
For I know one day I will
Have to return the soul
To God, pure and shining
Exactly the same when he had
Loaned it to me…
True, I now know
Work will have to begin
To remove the spots
One by one, I have the time
By my side, I hope
Now that God has made me aware
So God shall ensure
Look at Him, how he’s grinning…

BY:  RS :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Incoherent Words ........

Written for OSI .... and also Haiku Heights...

Well friends... some of you may  wonder from where did it come.. I am wondering too... it just happened...but then could it be a possibility... don't know.. I would love to hear from you... the title tells how I am using the prompt..

Incoherent Words Fell Here and There…

A life of togetherness
And he decided
What he hadn’t been able
To say to her ever
He would say in one breath
Could be his last one
A premonition that…
Life had had some
Digressions, unshared..
Yes, it was essential to
Unburden himself..
She was looking at him
As transparent tubes
Ran up & down his body
Trying to give life
Through piercing needles
She gave a smile
Having lost many a
Living moments
To his piercing words
Her eyes reflected sadness
But then he was ready
For the confession
Mustering all the courage
He said it all, confessing,
Seeking forgiveness
And eternal peace
In just one breath
Which proved to be his last..
Yet his face had an
Expression of salvation,
Deep satisfaction…
Years have gone by
She sits caught in
Her web of illusions
Still wondering
What did he try to say
In his last moments
She hadn’t understood
Even an iota of his ramblings
Incoherent words had
Just fallen here and there
How she wished to have
Caught a few of them….

And a haiku too…. For Haiku Heights & OSI

Solitude, a place
To seek silence or to ramble
God listens to both…

By-   RS : )

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friday Haiku My Heart...

It's Friday, here are my  Haikus for Rebecca's.... Haiku My Heart..

My darker shadow
Scares me, how I wish to
Become transparent....


Oh, famished  me
I see a round piece of loaf
Shine in the night skies..

Now a bit of joy and happiness....

A puff of  steam rises
Carrying  aroma of hot tea
Happy morning breaths...

RS   :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Damp Roads of Heart... 3WW

Written for 3WW... Incensed, Damp, Skid

A Haiku this time too....

Don't get incensed
One skids on damp roads of  heart
Yes, tears make them so..  

RS : )

Saturday, May 14, 2011

OSI & Haiku Heights : An Exhibition...

Written for Haiku Heights:  Heal  and  OSI: Exhibition

A heart is hosting
An exhibition of wounds
Healers not allowed..

Written for OSI Prompt… Exhibition…

In Search of a Spotless Soul

An exhibition
Of life on Earth; I am searching
For a spotless soul

For a spotless soul
Search had to be outside me
Mirror tells me that

Mirror tells me that
I can see the shadow of spots
In my shining eyes

In my shining eyes
Yes, isn’t that from where
Soul reveals itself…

Soul reveals itself
I will find a spotless one
In a child’s big eyes..

In a child's big eyes
Time keeps splashing darkness and
Shining soul picks spots..


A Moon Haiku..... has to be..yes..

An exhibition
Of shining stars in the sky
What's Moon doing there...

RS : )

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Moon Brandishes Smiles

Written for 3WW.... Brandish, Manage, Forbid

Moon Brandishes Smiles

Moon brandishes smiles
Sun forbids Earth and commands,
“Manage your feelings”.

Mesmerized Earth
Obeys and maintains distance
Holds temptations well…

A happy Sun gives
All the energy and light
Yet Moon keeps trying..

And the world goes on
Oblivious to the game
Between all the three …

By ...RS : )

Saturday, May 7, 2011

An Expression of Love - for OSI..

Written for One Single Impression Prompt: Love  followed by
Haiku Heights prompt : Poison

An Expression of Love....

When I was small …

A stray wounded Puppy
Was being tended by a little boy
On the corner of a street
Watching them, I was told
That was love…

An old man dejected &neglected
Sat on a bench in the park, crying
His grandson jumped into his lap
And quietly wiped his tears
I could understand that was love

One day, went out to play
Got very late
Annoyed and a worried Mom
Held me from my collar & slapped
In her eyes, I saw love..

Then I grew up....

Two youngsters
Sitting on a bike holding each other
Sped away to a lonely place
I wondered and someone clarified
They were in love..

A married couple came home tired
Slumped in chairs, argued, debated
And then agreed to go out
For a nice dinner to a fast food joint
That was expression of love

Oh, she wasn’t well
Little son of hers cleaned the house
Daughter cooked with her little hands
And husband? He obliged by accepting
Acceptance was also a face of love..

But then for me, when now I realise

Love is a feeling
Much more than
Its expressions scattered around
A mere thought of the beloved
Makes the space around vibrant
And the presence
Makes the world vanish…


Haiku for Haiku Heights prompt Poison...and OSI... 

It kills slowly when
Love turns in to obsession
A sweet poison, that..

ByRS  : )

Friday, May 6, 2011

I Live by Moments..


Wall calendar smiles
Thinks I count days, doesn’t know
I live by moments

I live by moments
Gathering them in my heart
Joyous stays on top..

Joyous stays on top
Spills on a little hint of smile
That adorns your bright face..

by: RS

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Don't You Find the Tinge Tasty..

Written for 3WW... Prompts: Thin , Grace, Jitter..

Throwing heavy words
At drop of the hat
Ah, how often I would
Make you jittery
But then isn't it happening
With lesser frequency
Now that I have learnt
Saying all that I want to
By cutting my thoughts
In some thin slices
Well, it helps, you see
I  save energy
By telling in few words
And you generate it 
By receiving them
With so much grace
I receive the energy too
When you call them Haikus....

I do it here ..all the above thoughts sliced  in to thin pieces..

Jittery thoughts these
I slice them all thin; don't you
Find the tinge tasty..

By:  RS  : )

Monday, May 2, 2011

Moon's Fear..

Written for Jingle's Poetry Potluck.....

Earth looks tempting
Yet Moon stays hung in the sky
Fearing Sun's wrath


Ah, butterflies shed
All inhibitions , courting
with morning flowers..


By: RS  : )