Saturday, May 28, 2011

Leopard’s Spots Can Be Changed….

Written for OSI Prompt : Manifest..

Leopard’s Spots Can Be Changed….

He was arrogant
Reactive, living with the mantra
‘I, Me and Myself’
Always felt insecure and
Victimized by others
And hence, blamed..
Never let my other self
Who have always been positive
Ever take control of moments
And then one day it happened
My negative self
Died in a blast
Ignited by my very own
Positive Self, who decided
Enough was enough
And took the extreme step
The explosion shattered
As pieces of my ego
Flew and fell all around
Myths got depleted
Doubts were killed
Arrogance melted
False pride evaporated
And this all happened
In my inner space
As the image of my positive self
Slowly merged with me,
Manifesting itself through
The shine in my eyes
Glow on my face
Springs in my feet, with
A change in the colour of
My skin, hey, who says
You can’t change
The spots of a Leopard….

This poem comes out of my experiences in a  Human MindSet Lab - Changing the Leopard's Spots.. conducted by dear friend  and noted trainer Dr. Aashiesh S. Tavkarr, Ph.d.,  Pune, India this week. A very interesting lab with fantastic interventions which help one to understand one's inner space and one's orientation too while offering solutions to create a positive attitude towards life and create a mindset that makes one responsible for one's choices..

RS : )


  1. It's very tempting to reach the state... when one's negative self gets killed in a blast... it would be like a dream come true ... like the secret key to a content self ...

    And the poem is beautiful as always sir


  2. Really well written...I think we'd all like to shed the negative parts of ourselves and sometimes, all we need to know that it's not permanent and we can actually change. We do have a choice.

  3. Wonderful.
    It takes continuous efforts to remain positive(sadhana). Keep it up.

  4. I agree with what's already been said.
    If we don't keep it in check, negativity has a way of creeping up on us and impacting those around us.

    Very nicely done, Ramesh.

  5. Ah, that negativity must always be conquered. Great words.

  6. Your words almost describe what happened to me in feb or march of this year. I call it a melt down. I was so emotionally negative, My mind exploded. Then my soul took over and showed me the light. Now I see the world with different eyes. I have been trying to put this into words for a while. You have done it. I am honored by your light. May you shine on my friend.
    Sending a big hug from across the world.
    E :)

  7. It must be a wonderful region to be, where alike is possible. Thank you very much for this much needed escape. Please have a good new week.

    daily athens

  8. I like this, Ramesh.
    Seems most all of us have changed our 'spots' a few times.

  9. Thank-you for this inspirational write. I'm still trying to change spots. : )

  10. Beautiful transformational poem! Gives me hope for self, very inspiring

  11. I like this, Ramesh.Creative and inspiring poem!

    Take care
    Marinela x

    Bullying Poems

  12. Fantastic! Love the images and positivity you project with this.

  13. we need to work continuously to remain positive.
    Nicely done.

  14. This is very inspiring Ramesh! I also like your verses...turning to be positive from being negative and making yourself much better than the past through this beautiful mind space of yours!

    btw, i am back blogging but on a wordpress some problem with my blogspot!

    please find time to visit me here:

    have a nice day!

  15. Visiting again. I must say I like it, the well-worded telling of a positive change of self.


  16. I loved the positivity the poem exudes, also the picture it conjures up of the explosion which reinstates the positive self. Wonderful!

  17. Hi Ramesh,

    happy Sunday to you!

  18. Hello Mr Ramesh,
    Indeed a beautiful poem. I am anticipating your consent to share this poem link on Dr Tavkarr's Facebook Page.

  19. Hello Mr Ramesh,
    Indeed a beautiful poem. I am anticipating your consent to share this poem link on Dr Tavkarr's Facebook Page.