Monday, January 31, 2011

Words of Angels - Haiku

Today morning..I heard some lovely songs in my mind....and this haiku was born.. Hope you too will be able to .. yes, let us continue to practice happiness..

Words of angels
Float through fresh morning breeze
Wind -chimes catch and sing..


Saturday, January 29, 2011


Also entered for Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry


Long days, hectic schedules,
Endless hours of work

Absolute control of
Selfishness embellished by
A way of life, watching
Setting sun on the edge of city
Turned into a distant dream
Street lights would burn bright
To make my tired face shine
I would pass through

The looming shadows
Of large trees tickled by a polite wind
Swaying on my side of the road
And I would reach home,
Opening the door
She would force a smile
Yes acceptance of my routine
Had made life a lot easier
Children too didn’t expect me
To return early,
But then one day, she spilled her
Hidden expression of sadness
“Can’t we ever be gifted even one
Evening of togetherness,’
And the poet in me turned and said,
“Oh, dear, the evenings would be ours
Now only in the evening of our lives”;
But my answer gave rise
To a question – how could I be
So confident, what if….
God appeared to have heard
The silence of her eyes, and pulled
A few tricks out of His hat
Burning all my dreams baked
Under a Sun of illusions
Over the years

Lifted by the smoke that arose
I suddenly found myself
At a place where I am
Able to watch the day turning
In to a night, and
In those effervescent moments
She walks beside me
No, it doesn’t matter if hundreds
Of moving machines pass us
Honking and screaming
Togetherness fills our hearts with
Comfort and peace
I try to hold the evening
Strolling just a little ahead of us
Scattering the shining
Black beads of darkness
But then our hearts glow
With light, as we look up,
To see a happy Moon smile
Making us a lot happier
We thank God, for having
Played a splendid trick,
To gift us our evenings
Of peaceful togetherness
And we return home with starry eyes
Waiting for another evening
Hey! Won’t we find
A glorious sunrise on the way…


I think a Haiku Hides there in the poem:

Evening opens her hands ,
Throws beads of shining darkness
Turns in to bright night

Happy Moon Shines..

Written for Haiku Heights Prompt: Splendor
so my third entry in Haiku My Heart..

Happy Moon shines, She
Hides behind her expression
A veil of splendor...


Friday, January 28, 2011

A Happy Haiku , Friends

Colorful dreams
Hang in mind’s window, gleams
Rainbow of thoughts..


Hi Haiku for Haiku My Heart

Strong wind takes
His dream away, unripened
Fruit falls..


I find my shadow
Dancing ahead of me, oh,
Light is left behind


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yes, My Ego Needs To Be Served...

Written for 3WW Prompts: Janky, Conniption & Scooch

Yes, My Ego Needed To Be Served…

A mistake was about to happen
I wasn’t able to foresee
But he could and as usual
He expressed it, but how could he
I was in power and
He didn’t have any right to
Be wiser than me, so
In spite of his warning
I chose to use my veto and
Overlooked his wisdom
My misadventure resulted
In a janky situation
As the fears projected proved true
And I had a conniption fit
But wasn’t unduly worried
Since I had never forgiven
The lesser one for the mistakes
I had been doing to him
So once again he got blamed
And I, the powerful, relaxed
In the glory of my own conceit
What a perk for being in power
Nothing wrong, a normal way in which
The world moves on and the lesser ones
Can’t even scooch, prefer a status quo
For, a known devil is better always
Than an unknown one.. and so I thought
But then if he chose to move, I shuddered
For I knew, power also gets bestowed
On those who were strong enough
To take responsibility for their mistakes
And the talented always had the choice..
Yet I wasn’t bothered, for I knew
I would find someone else
Yes, my ego needed to be served constantly

( A poem where I placed myself on the opposite side to see life from another perspective..)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Quagmire, what's that?

My second entry for OSI: Quagmire

Font size
Quagmire, what's that
Step in if you know, tell me
I am in the flow..


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Becoming Good Was Not On His Agenda..

Thanks to Amity for the OSI prompt Quagmire..
and Leo for Haiku Heights Prompt Sin

Written for OSI : Quagmire & Haiku Heights : Sin

Angel is happy,
Never in a quagmire, like
Man, can’t choose sin..

For, angel knows
Being less than one's best
Too is a sin..

Written for OSI Prompt : Quagmire

Becoming Good Was Not On His Agenda…

He couldn’t move forward
Stepping back would take him
To the point from where he started
A point that appeared to have
Hundreds of mirrors
Reflecting scars on his soul
Which only he could see
But for how long
He had feared that some others
May penetrate through
The mask he had weaved
With invisible thread
Of pretense and trickery
But then what lied ahead was
A quagmire of his own doings
Sticky ground will make
Him get stuck, getting out will
Depend upon his willingness
To hold on to some spotless
And shining spirits
But then how could he, no
It would be like
Transplanting a kinder heart
Limiting the heights he could
Otherwise reach
In a world that didn’t
Think in terms of
Write and wrong anymore
Becoming ‘good’
Was not on his agenda
But then he knew
Moving forward on this
Forbidden path, indeed
Will earn him respect
And he may get admired
By many a people
He was not even sure of meeting
But will the luxuries of life smile
No they may not, but then
One thing was certain
Taking a step forward may throw
Him in to a quagmire, again
But then he could choose wisely
So after serious contemplation
He took a step forward…

Time moved on, and
He realized,
Life may at many a turn throw one
Into a quagmire, yet
Along with many other
Magical and tempting entities,
The situation will also

Attract ‘Good’ to extend
A helping hand, it’s up to
The one to reach out and hold on...


Friday, January 21, 2011

Hi...Haikus... for Haiku My Heart

It feels good to also be able to show in few words.. Haiku encourages..

Face is clouded
Yet moon reflects
In her eyes..


Crop stands
Shine in
Sweat on his brow..

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Now That I Have Woken Up..

Ah, got late but then here I to be part of 3WW

Written for 3WW Wednesday
Prompts: Surreal, Descent, Kill

Now That I Have Woken Up..

Caught in surreal
Inevitable descent,
When dreams Kill

It’s good thing about
I can dream anew
And create a clearer
Image of a laughing
World around
Ascending again
To a happier unmasked reality
I know I will sleep well,
Now that I have woken up..

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Carnival of Thoughts..

A big thank you to Rigel Ordinario of My Dreams Up Close for OSI Prompt.. and Meghana of Megzone for Haiku Heights Prompt.

Written for OSI: Carnival and Haiku Heights: Insomnia
and also shared with Haiku My Heart

Carnival of stars
I and Moon watch , at the end
Day comes dancing..


Carnival of Thoughts

Colours rain
Music floats, smiles bloom and
I watch from sidelines

I watch from sidelines
As the procession moves on
Dancing trees flank

Dancing trees flank
Clouds from above too cheer
Birds join carnival

Birds join carnival
Fluttering wings Of joy,
Flowers are happy

Flowers are happy
As butterflies seek to catch
Notes of music

Notes of music
Fingers move on strings, Tap
Keys in harmony

Keys in harmony
Procession picks up pace
I‘m pushed aside

I‘m pushed aside
Eyes shut themselves, I watch
Carnival of thoughts

Carnival of thoughts
No more on sidelines
I become music

I become music
My universe dances in verse
Hold me, God!

Hold me, God!
I bathe in ecstasy
Ah! Colours rain..

Hope you enjoyed the carnival as much as I did.. thanks for being here..

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dry Flower Smiles

For Haiku My Heart..

Dry Flower Smiles

Eyes shed tears
Dry flower smiles, for him
It’s hint of water ..

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hadn’t He Become A Tear !

Written for 3WW prompts: Yelp, Moist, Harmless

Hadn’t He Become A Tear !

He stood there
On the other side of road
That led to my life
Couldn’t cross
With such traffic of
Opposite thoughts
I waved, a harmless gesture
In spite of his years of yelping
And my resolution to
Shun him at all costs,
But he didn’t care, before
I could react,
He was suddenly
Lifted by waves
Of pride, as after
A couple of moments,
I found him hanging
Like a stale fruit
On a tree of arrogance
That bent with weight, oh,
His soul was pretty heavy
Carrying loads of scars
What else could it be
Before I could wink
He had fallen in my eyes
I rolled him out
Hadn’t he become a tear
And a puff of strong wind
Wiped him off my face
With moistened eyes
I looked beyond
The curtain of illusions
That hung nervously
On the rusty window of
My dilapidated mind
Who didn’t have a mesh
Not even a mesh weaved
With the rope of hope
I could see his skeleton
Bleeding with laughter
At exactly the same place
Where he had been
On the other side
Making mockery
Of my attempts
To banish his entry
In to my world, however
I finally realized, that
Acceptance would be
The only way to
Dilute his presence..


From where did this come, don’t know..
That’s the price perhaps the poetic heart has to pay
owning whatever flows from the pools of imagination and creativity…

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Where Am I ?

Thanks to Geraldine for OSI's 150th Prompt : Abundnace

It took me to unknown somewhere..

Where Am I ?

I sit,
Senses shut, God
Keeps distance…

I do
With humility
God smiles

I receive
With gratitude
God is near

I give
With generosity
God touches

I live
Just being
God dwells in me..

My breathe
Is Prayer, God and I
Become one…

Knowing brings
Joy and happiness
In abundance..

I flow,
World dissolves
Where am I?


Celestial Abundance

For Haiku heights prompt: Celestial

Colorful birds form
Flying rainbows, celestial
Bodies look in awe

For Haiku Heights: Celestial and OSI: Abundance

Spread around
Celestial abundance, and
A happy part I..

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hi....Haikus for HMH

Written for Haiku My Heart : January 07,2010 Friday

Here's an attempt to keep the syllables less than seventeen..

Deep dark
Lines on face,
Time speaks..


First step
Footprint lives In
Mother’s heart


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wings of Happier Thoughts...

Written for 3WW Prompts: Willingly, Taint, Plausible

Wings of Happier Thoughts...

He looked down to see
His reflection in the water
No, nothing could be seen on his face
No invisible spots which would otherwise
Be visible to the eyes of soul,
And his soul confirmed the truth
Through his own eyes
That he couldn’t be termed
A clean spirit whose burden
He had carried willingly over the years…

Still some impurities in human form
Had been busy spreading false propaganda
Which he had failed to understand
As he could never find a plausible reason
Except perhaps for one… could it be…
That some ‘powers’ craved to see
His spirit getting broken in to
Hundreds of shining pieces, oh,
How they wanted each piece
To turn in to a trophy to be proudly
Displayed in the dark corners
Of their own inner spaces
Where their egos dwelled…

But they failed, for he didn’t fight
In spite of their provocations
And quietly withdrew from the
Created in his mind
, his spirit cheered..
In those moments of light
Fluttering newly grown
Wings of happier thoughts
Descending back to his world of reality
He looked down to see
His reflection in the water..

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Butterflies Pass through Rainbow

Well thanks for this opportunity for learning.. but I will restrict myself to 17 syllables at this stage and try to improve with time.. here's a series of haikus talking about haiku.. Hope you will enjoy..

Splash of colors
On wings, butterflies pass
through rainbow

I count syllables
Fits, yes it’s a haiku
I pick a picture

Haiku says to me
“Why show picture by my side,
What will then I show…”

I sit dumbfounded
My finger keys on ‘delete’
Picture emerges

Picture looks good
And glows without colors
I can choose them

My turn to steal
From a tattered rainbow
I take Red and Yellow

Sound of flutter
Butterfly becomes alive, ah,
Flower sings, heart laughs

Power of haiku
It shows so clearly, and
I choose beauty..


And the one inspired by the picture there..

Riding a cloud
Moon comes closer,

A happy night..

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Heart Gets Wings..

For Haiku Heights: Beginning

Alarm screams,
I get up for morning walk
A good beginning..

Written for OSI Prompt: Calmed and Haiku Heights: Beginning

Calm, quiet and serene
Beginning of a new day
A Happy Sunrise

Written for OSI Prompt: Calmed

My Heart Gets Wings

Sun rises, and I…
I hold the moment
In my mind’s eye
Then sit with my eyes closed
Focus on my breathe
Slowly a beam of light
Glimmers and glows
From deep inside
My heart gets wings
I find myself flying
Piercing skies
And then gliding and then
Sitting on a branch
Of a tree opposite
To where I sit, yes,
I can see myself
Calmed and composed
Oblivious to the world around
And then deep silence
Engulfs my being slowly..
and slowly… and then…
I open my eyes
Sun has come up
Many moments appear
To have gone by…
I rub my hands
And massage my face
Becoming fully alive
I welcome the day
A bundle of thoughts
Is trying to get disentangled
Which dissolves, as
An unseen power
Presents itself and
It’s calm and quiet
Very pure and serene
But then where was I
In those moments
Which passed by
In between closing and
Opening of my eyes
I wonder and it’s this
Wonderment that
Makes my days beautiful
As each moment floats
In a flow, it’s bliss
And I wait for another Sunrise...