Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hadn’t He Become A Tear !

Written for 3WW prompts: Yelp, Moist, Harmless

Hadn’t He Become A Tear !

He stood there
On the other side of road
That led to my life
Couldn’t cross
With such traffic of
Opposite thoughts
I waved, a harmless gesture
In spite of his years of yelping
And my resolution to
Shun him at all costs,
But he didn’t care, before
I could react,
He was suddenly
Lifted by waves
Of pride, as after
A couple of moments,
I found him hanging
Like a stale fruit
On a tree of arrogance
That bent with weight, oh,
His soul was pretty heavy
Carrying loads of scars
What else could it be
Before I could wink
He had fallen in my eyes
I rolled him out
Hadn’t he become a tear
And a puff of strong wind
Wiped him off my face
With moistened eyes
I looked beyond
The curtain of illusions
That hung nervously
On the rusty window of
My dilapidated mind
Who didn’t have a mesh
Not even a mesh weaved
With the rope of hope
I could see his skeleton
Bleeding with laughter
At exactly the same place
Where he had been
On the other side
Making mockery
Of my attempts
To banish his entry
In to my world, however
I finally realized, that
Acceptance would be
The only way to
Dilute his presence..


From where did this come, don’t know..
That’s the price perhaps the poetic heart has to pay
owning whatever flows from the pools of imagination and creativity…


  1. Powerful words with a philosophical ending. Very true.

  2. As beautiful as your poem used be ..nice

  3. I liked this so much I had to read it over again ... so wonderfully wise and so wonderfully written!

  4. Beautiful, very sharp and pungent too!! enjoyed the imagery created and the ending was especially very good as was the realization.

  5. This is a very powerful piece. I loved the line, " a tree of arrogance..." as well as how you found the words to bring about your conclusion.

  6. The title is just wonderful Ramesh - I love the way you ran with it and all the confusion built and built and eventually came to a stop - perhaps not a happy one, but as the others say, a wise one..Jae

  7. Pyaara Dost,
    Good Morning!
    I am really aurprised the way you pass on the strong messages through your verses!
    One has to read the poem again to understand the stuff!
    good going and keep rocking!
    Wishing you a Happy Day ahead,

  8. I, too, read twice. I gained more meaning the second time, as I let your words sink in.

  9. Agreed,I read twice but because I loved it so much that I had to re read it.
    Specially loved the last line.
    Ramesh,I am sorry as I couldn't reply on the idea that I had put forward of being in the same city.
    First it was CAT and then an accident.
    Hope to meet u soon.


  10. Absolutely loved the curtain of illusions. Superb.

  11. I thought the capture of metaphor to be superb. You seem to have used it specifically to remind the reader that you are indeed throughout writing in metaphor and that I as reader cannot take the street too seriously lest my brain seize up trying to call up some realistic place. This is one time when English as a second language actually works in your favor, allowing the metaphor to fly freely. Very capable and competent work.

  12. Beautiful!
    You are the Ravi Shankar of words.


  13. Love the philosophical edge to this one... Nice metaphors, nice images.

  14. I am really amazed by your innate ability to translate the uniquest of ideas into poems, Ramesh!! This was simply beautiful! Some real soul searching going on here... this was super reflective! And so very felt too!

    It was my HONOR to read this wonderful poem...really!

  15. I have read your earlier work-WOW!
    I dare not attempt any kind of comment - I do not feel qualifed to do so. I envy your skill with words, and can only humbly bow to the MASTER!

  16. Quite a story. It set off all kinds of emotional triggers.

    I enjoyed.

    I looked beyond
    The curtain of illusions
    That hung nervously
    On the rusty window of
    My dilapidated mind

  17. I like how the stream of consciousness works so well with the ending. Nicely done.

  18. "Acceptance would be
    The only way to
    Dilute his presence.."

    It is like reading a secret that can only be realized with acceptance.

    I loved this so much. Thank you!

  19. I have read great poets narrating and conveying their ideas through this medium- poem. And this one is no less. A story is being told in poetic phrase. Touchy, thoughtful..

  20. Ramesh, no one could have written this poem better....


  21. I especially enjoyed the poem's ending, diluting his presence with acceptance. Well done.

  22. Beautiful... wish instead of a waves of pride, he had got a boat of realization then may be the end would not have been a soul heavy with loads of scars, rather a soul light, luminescent with the glow of peace

    Beautiful story, touche


  23. I am trying to avoid reading it a second time (right away, anyway), not because I didn't like it, but because I want to keep the first experience undiluted... Fresh... I can still feel the waves of it.

    Beautifully scary and strong. Focusing on how anger and distaste turn into a tear that is washed away.

    Thank you for sharing!

  24. I truly feel that almost all that I wanted to say has been written just above in comments. Beautiful, strong and powerful prose. Each line have it's own deep meaning to define life & effect of things. The influence has been so precise that it simply couples the emotions & thoughts together sinking, floating, flying simultaneously! As you said, you have no idea from where did these lines come, yet don't know why..I have a I suspect in this impacting prose 'I' & 'He' are same person! Are they same? Let me not describe how..& let the poet do the justice & all talking..I'm curious to know! :)
    Thankyou for tagging me!! Love the post as always but this was sure different & powerful!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  25. i agree with everything that was said above by so many/ this is a very powerful poem and one that makes me think deeply about the subject. I especially liked the lines
    "Hadn’t he become a tear
    And a puff of strong wind
    Wiped him off my face"
    because I have felt that some times when I have been affronted and felt badly about it.

  26. Besides your poetic spirit Ramesh the most wonderful thing is your ability to weave a story that allows everyone to project their own onto the loom.

  27. I read it more than twice and could understand a bit of it..

    The words are too sharp and while reading I could imagine every single word and line :)

  28. Beautifully written a very deep thought which is there in everyone's heart.....Awesome !