Saturday, January 29, 2011


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Long days, hectic schedules,
Endless hours of work

Absolute control of
Selfishness embellished by
A way of life, watching
Setting sun on the edge of city
Turned into a distant dream
Street lights would burn bright
To make my tired face shine
I would pass through

The looming shadows
Of large trees tickled by a polite wind
Swaying on my side of the road
And I would reach home,
Opening the door
She would force a smile
Yes acceptance of my routine
Had made life a lot easier
Children too didn’t expect me
To return early,
But then one day, she spilled her
Hidden expression of sadness
“Can’t we ever be gifted even one
Evening of togetherness,’
And the poet in me turned and said,
“Oh, dear, the evenings would be ours
Now only in the evening of our lives”;
But my answer gave rise
To a question – how could I be
So confident, what if….
God appeared to have heard
The silence of her eyes, and pulled
A few tricks out of His hat
Burning all my dreams baked
Under a Sun of illusions
Over the years

Lifted by the smoke that arose
I suddenly found myself
At a place where I am
Able to watch the day turning
In to a night, and
In those effervescent moments
She walks beside me
No, it doesn’t matter if hundreds
Of moving machines pass us
Honking and screaming
Togetherness fills our hearts with
Comfort and peace
I try to hold the evening
Strolling just a little ahead of us
Scattering the shining
Black beads of darkness
But then our hearts glow
With light, as we look up,
To see a happy Moon smile
Making us a lot happier
We thank God, for having
Played a splendid trick,
To gift us our evenings
Of peaceful togetherness
And we return home with starry eyes
Waiting for another evening
Hey! Won’t we find
A glorious sunrise on the way…


I think a Haiku Hides there in the poem:

Evening opens her hands ,
Throws beads of shining darkness
Turns in to bright night


  1. Hey RS!! I see a bubbling starry eyed teenager in you here. Your words are so rhythmic and flowing.

    Your wife is a lucky lady that you made space to enjoy those evening walks and even thinking of the glorious sunrise walks. lol!! :)

  2. The long poem is great, though a little sad, but the haiku really captures the spirit of evening in a few words.

  3. Shining piece of writing... especially the hidden haiku. Nice.

  4. Pyaara Dost,
    Good Afternoon!
    Time and tide waits for none.
    Celebarte each and every moment of life;
    Let us dance with waves
    And sing with the cool breeze...
    Let the moon shine in the hearts of dear ones...
    So for that let us genuinely become interested in our loved ones.
    Joy of togetherness give us strength to face the challenges...
    Well expressed feelings,dost!
    Wishing you a beautiful evening of togetherness,

  5. the long poem is melancholic. there is so much longing there. maybe i'm wrong but that's how i do get the poem.

    and i absolutely adore the haiku :-)

  6. Oh yes, grab the moment when you can.
    Lovely words, as always.

  7. This is so dramatic a piece Ramesh!

    I love the narration you wrote, and afterall, that will culminate in an evening of togetherness and wishing for the dawn of a new morn!

    Haiku is very nice too!

  8. your wife is indeed lucky to spend those evenings with you. can see the teenager in your words, like Nanka says.. and your passion for haiku exudes here tooo. cheers!

  9. Wow! beautiful words...beautiful image

  10. Please visit your poem once again

  11. How hopeful, how wonderful to spend the day with your lines, ending up in such an evening.

    Please have a good new week.

    daily athens

  12. A wonderful rendition of a slice of life - wishing you thousands and thousands of evenings!

  13. if only all couples would make an effort to find the magic again, there won't be divorces and separations. your poem is an inspiration to everyone who is in a relationship. mundane things and routines should not prevent us from experiencing togetherness.

  14. Hey Ramesh Sood Ji please visit this site coz i am gifting u an award

  15. sweet and creative.
    enjoy your lovely life.

    Thanks for sharing.


  16. What a romantic poem. Certainly one of my favorites by you. I like how you are able to tell a compelling story through poetry.

  17. Hello Ramesh,

    May beautiful reflective and peaceful evenings adorn your life always.

    Nice take on the prompt.

  18. A romantic evening stretching till sunrise!

  19. Good one Ramesh! Very reflective of the times captured in wonderful detail!

  20. A poem within a poem, and such lovely imagery throughout...a melancholy piece, and beautiful life-capture...splendid work.

  21. How absolutely beautiful, Ramesh!! To be able to enjoy one another's company, even after so many years, is an achievement by itself!! A blessing too!! I guess happiness comes in little packages.. packages which can be opened in the most bizarre ways, and at the most bizarre times! And yet, when it is opened, nothing else matters... except the fact that the person you love is standing before you, and smiling that supremely special smile!

    Your poem made me a little teary eyed... it was just too lovely and love-filled, my friend!!

  22. nice. to be in the company of one you love captured that well...its a great pklace to be...

  23. How is it we need most the persons nearest our hearts, yet...We lose our sense of why time is important? Beautiful poem.

  24. I AM happy you directed me here. This is absolutely wonderful.

  25. It is so romantic and the feeling so fulfilling so complete....

    It is a beautiful gift to me sir...this hope... thanks a lot... so I may also have those moments when there would be just the three of us Baba, Ma n Me, chatting on a balcony on cane chairs, looking at a setting sun with coffee cups in hand and talking about completely unimportant but happy things....

    Thanks... it looks beautiful