Sunday, January 2, 2011

Butterflies Pass through Rainbow

Well thanks for this opportunity for learning.. but I will restrict myself to 17 syllables at this stage and try to improve with time.. here's a series of haikus talking about haiku.. Hope you will enjoy..

Splash of colors
On wings, butterflies pass
through rainbow

I count syllables
Fits, yes it’s a haiku
I pick a picture

Haiku says to me
“Why show picture by my side,
What will then I show…”

I sit dumbfounded
My finger keys on ‘delete’
Picture emerges

Picture looks good
And glows without colors
I can choose them

My turn to steal
From a tattered rainbow
I take Red and Yellow

Sound of flutter
Butterfly becomes alive, ah,
Flower sings, heart laughs

Power of haiku
It shows so clearly, and
I choose beauty..


And the one inspired by the picture there..

Riding a cloud
Moon comes closer,

A happy night..


  1. A virtual smorgasbord of haiku, Ramesh! Nicely done!

  2. The pictures expressed are very impressive and all in much color too!!

  3. Beautiful haikus Ramesh!
    Love your writing :)

  4. Wonderful. They were fun to read.

  5. Wow! Loved them all, but of course the butterflies one spoke to me the most.

  6. What a great variety of haiku. Enjoyed reading them all.

  7. What a lovely not only ran with the prompts and the haiku form, but took the discussion and haiku'd it. Wonderful series of poems leading to the prompt response - a colorful delight.

  8. Its always fun to read you!! really nice!! :)

  9. Amazing...
    It was fun reading the haikus...
    They really do present a beautiful picture themselves... :)

  10. A beautiful haiku. Thanks for sharing the process!

  11. gone thru few of ur posts here...nicely peened poems, Sir...congrats & Regards

  12. Butterflies sure have a wonderful way of breathing life into us.. don't they?!
    Your Haiku were lovely, Ramesh... so very refreshing to the soul!

  13. You did a wonderful job of creating pictures with the haikus themselves. I like the use of wordplay. Nicely done my friend. I enjoyed seeing the process you went through here.

  14. ramesh, you have a clever and bright mind. yes, you paint with words and your humor shines through too.
    you seem to have found a perfect home and pleasure in word crafting.
    thanks for being here.

  15. I'm chasing butterflies in my mind!!
    What a wonderful haiku!! Thank you! Cathy

  16. You got me excited. I thought you might actually post a picture, and I wondered why you would, as you write without the photographs. You didn't disappoint. Your haiku in series painted a beautiful image in my mind. Thanks for that.


  17. A fascinating combination of haikus.

    Have a nice day, Boonie

  18. this haiku about haiku made me smile, Ramesh. It made my love this powerful little piece of art even more.
    Thanks for the inspiration and the lesson.

  19. Ah the inner dialog, the intellectual challenge of letting a form shape your thoughts.

  20. Delightful haikus... Always a pleasure to read!

  21. the wonder of contemplation... it is a beautiful journey you speak of finding this peace to write of...

  22. Again you delight us with an entire story written in haiku verse. Always a pleasure to visit here.

  23. The power of haiku is awe-inspiring, as is this work. Exemplary stuff.

  24. hello Ramesh,

    my first visit here and I like it very much. I will return to drink from your fountain again.

    What you say about yourself appeals to me.