Saturday, January 22, 2011

Becoming Good Was Not On His Agenda..

Thanks to Amity for the OSI prompt Quagmire..
and Leo for Haiku Heights Prompt Sin

Written for OSI : Quagmire & Haiku Heights : Sin

Angel is happy,
Never in a quagmire, like
Man, can’t choose sin..

For, angel knows
Being less than one's best
Too is a sin..

Written for OSI Prompt : Quagmire

Becoming Good Was Not On His Agenda…

He couldn’t move forward
Stepping back would take him
To the point from where he started
A point that appeared to have
Hundreds of mirrors
Reflecting scars on his soul
Which only he could see
But for how long
He had feared that some others
May penetrate through
The mask he had weaved
With invisible thread
Of pretense and trickery
But then what lied ahead was
A quagmire of his own doings
Sticky ground will make
Him get stuck, getting out will
Depend upon his willingness
To hold on to some spotless
And shining spirits
But then how could he, no
It would be like
Transplanting a kinder heart
Limiting the heights he could
Otherwise reach
In a world that didn’t
Think in terms of
Write and wrong anymore
Becoming ‘good’
Was not on his agenda
But then he knew
Moving forward on this
Forbidden path, indeed
Will earn him respect
And he may get admired
By many a people
He was not even sure of meeting
But will the luxuries of life smile
No they may not, but then
One thing was certain
Taking a step forward may throw
Him in to a quagmire, again
But then he could choose wisely
So after serious contemplation
He took a step forward…

Time moved on, and
He realized,
Life may at many a turn throw one
Into a quagmire, yet
Along with many other
Magical and tempting entities,
The situation will also

Attract ‘Good’ to extend
A helping hand, it’s up to
The one to reach out and hold on...



  1. Along life’s journey, we find quagmires along the way. The more we try to avoid, the more they seem to be there, waiting for anyone to falter. But true to what you said in your poem, do something good that hopefully in doing so, will vindicate us from the mistakes and faults we may commit. For life is like that.

    Thanks for taking part in my prompt suggestion this week Ramesh… Have a great week ahead..

  2. We must always take that step, and hope to find what's right. That hope usually means we do.
    Great words.

  3. Pyaara Dost,
    Good Evening!
    Just now finished writing a post on the challenges of life and how to face them.So,I can relate so well.
    Thought provoking post,yaar.
    Good deeds,kind words and positive thinking with sincere prayers help one to live a meanigful life.
    Wishing you a lovely evening,

  4. the need of perfection...well said!

  5. Nice thoughts expressed throughout the poetic narration. Keep it up RS!!

  6. What I appreciate is the fact that all humans must face these quagmires... you showed how beautifully we can move beyond them...

  7. "For, angel knows
    Being less than one's best
    Too is a sin.. "

    That was simply beautiful Rameshji. Loved it!!
    Very meaningful takes on the prompt!!

  8. Once and for always , I want to tell you how much i admire your poetry ! It leaves me thinking every time i leave your blog .. Bravo :)

  9. aptly put.
    your poetry rocks.

    Greetings, Happy Sunday! Blessings…

    Friendship Awards, Enjoy!
    Thanks for the support, You Rock!

  10. Yes,Situation always attracts "good".
    Well said.

  11. Becoming the best we can be, a step at a time. Great.

  12. yes ramesh- i concur to what you wrote and anyway, life's like that and it takes alot of effort to defy the usual and expected. great write! here's my potluck for this week:

  13. From quagmire to quagmire! Nice read!

  14. One of my most appreciated words "quagmire" :)
    Happy potluck!

  15. oh yes, Rji.. being less than what u r is indeed a sin.. liked ur take.

    PS: u had forgotten to link it at HH :P so my visit was due.

    PPS: I'm finally following ur blog, so will try to be regular from now :)