Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wings of Happier Thoughts...

Written for 3WW Prompts: Willingly, Taint, Plausible

Wings of Happier Thoughts...

He looked down to see
His reflection in the water
No, nothing could be seen on his face
No invisible spots which would otherwise
Be visible to the eyes of soul,
And his soul confirmed the truth
Through his own eyes
That he couldn’t be termed
A clean spirit whose burden
He had carried willingly over the years…

Still some impurities in human form
Had been busy spreading false propaganda
Which he had failed to understand
As he could never find a plausible reason
Except perhaps for one… could it be…
That some ‘powers’ craved to see
His spirit getting broken in to
Hundreds of shining pieces, oh,
How they wanted each piece
To turn in to a trophy to be proudly
Displayed in the dark corners
Of their own inner spaces
Where their egos dwelled…

But they failed, for he didn’t fight
In spite of their provocations
And quietly withdrew from the
Created in his mind
, his spirit cheered..
In those moments of light
Fluttering newly grown
Wings of happier thoughts
Descending back to his world of reality
He looked down to see
His reflection in the water..


  1. 'wings of happier thoughts' - I like that! Your longer poems really create some wonderful characters..Jae :)

  2. We raise our selves when we rise above such things.
    Great words.

  3. Beautiful words decorate your poem.Nice

  4. really lovely poem this week. Always a pleasure to stop by. I do so like the ending.

  5. Overcoming the worse in one's self to see the better emerge...I love that :)

  6. I enjoyed the thrust of this poem. even though I do not uphold your philosophy of " rising above" a situation and maintaining dignity.

    I think this is a clever propaganda political tool designed to keep the vulnerable in their place and the oppressors in power.
    Any student of history can give you numerous examples to validate this point of view.OK except for Ghandi who is the exception rather than the rule.

  7. a beautiful reflection, I liked reading and relating to it sometimes I could sometimes can't.. somethings are still to be achieved

  8. This poem provided great imagery like "Vikram and Veetal" :) I see it as a tussle between the good and the evil.

  9. as others have said, such a wonderful ending ... great poem!

  10. You are invited to join POW next Wednesday. Hope to see you there.

  11. Loved this... You've used the random words cleverly and such a powerful price... the speaker's introspective journey and the lovely ending. Enjoyed it very much!

  12. This happens quite a lot in real life with disastrous results. But I am glad your protagonist won and grew 'wings of happiness' :)

    Nice use of prompt words.