Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Heart Gets Wings..

For Haiku Heights: Beginning

Alarm screams,
I get up for morning walk
A good beginning..

Written for OSI Prompt: Calmed and Haiku Heights: Beginning

Calm, quiet and serene
Beginning of a new day
A Happy Sunrise

Written for OSI Prompt: Calmed

My Heart Gets Wings

Sun rises, and I…
I hold the moment
In my mind’s eye
Then sit with my eyes closed
Focus on my breathe
Slowly a beam of light
Glimmers and glows
From deep inside
My heart gets wings
I find myself flying
Piercing skies
And then gliding and then
Sitting on a branch
Of a tree opposite
To where I sit, yes,
I can see myself
Calmed and composed
Oblivious to the world around
And then deep silence
Engulfs my being slowly..
and slowly… and then…
I open my eyes
Sun has come up
Many moments appear
To have gone by…
I rub my hands
And massage my face
Becoming fully alive
I welcome the day
A bundle of thoughts
Is trying to get disentangled
Which dissolves, as
An unseen power
Presents itself and
It’s calm and quiet
Very pure and serene
But then where was I
In those moments
Which passed by
In between closing and
Opening of my eyes
I wonder and it’s this
Wonderment that
Makes my days beautiful
As each moment floats
In a flow, it’s bliss
And I wait for another Sunrise...


  1. wow...that is just so beautiful...filled my heart with so much calmness and serenity...very well done ramesh ji..

  2. Great haikus and sentiments Happy New Year :O)

  3. Definitely a calming poem. Excellent.

  4. i liked the first haiku very much. :)

    HNY. :)

  5. I envy your ability to close your eyes and let your thoughts mind is usually too cluttered to let that happen. I loved your calming poems!

  6. Pyaara Dost,
    Wish You A Wonderful and Happy New Year!
    I reached today and back to work from tomorrow.
    Beautiful and inspiring lines,dost!
    I think you do yoga.You have lot of peace and happiness.....
    Nanda taught me to observe nature and enjoy silence...........
    The morning hours are simply amazing.....
    Wishing you a wonderful evening......

  7. Wonderful imagery RS!! ....and you are deep into yoga and meditation I can see!! This has given you inner peace and calm :)

  8. Wish you a very Happy New Year Sir... and this is a wonderful post, a welcomed sunrise.

  9. One came close to be able to 'hear your sunlight'.

    Please have a good new week.

    daily athens

  10. There is nothing finer than a happy sunrise! Nice post...

  11. yes, this place of wonder and light refreshing to one's soul...a beautiful post filled with a rising sun and the beauty of living moments at a time...

  12. I always enjoy morning walks.
    that's a lovely beginning of each day.

    Happy 2011.
    love your creativity here.

  13. Truly calming my friend!

  14. Nice haikus, but I just love the longer poem. It really is an amazing mystery where one goes during that meditative journey. Beautiful!



    Ramesh, I believe your poet has become addicted to sunrises. Well done!

  16. Well I will be remembering those tomorrow as I have to get up early again to go back to school! Those were just beautiful!! Happy New Year to you and your family- may it be the BEST yet!

  17. Wonderful thoughts to start this new year!!

  18. loved the Haiku for calmed but My Heart gets Wings was absolutely wonderful! HNY!

  19. Hate the morning alarm :( on a nice cold day. Love my evening walks but mornings are calm of course.

  20. Nice take on calmed Ramesh.

    Could identify....

    Happy New Year.

  21. @ Rameshji...I liked the simplicity of both the haikus and the way they were interlinked in concept, with one another. And I enjoyed the poetry thoroughly! Cheers!

  22. Enjoyed the calmness of your haikus and poems.

  23. lovely...haikus and your poem both are wonderful

  24. The haikus are awesome..a new beginning.. :)
    And "My Heart Gets Wings" is simply superb...

  25. calming peice .... Meditation sounds excellent-- Ive always wanted to try it but I fear my mind would never shut down. Very nice read. :)