Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cracks Began to Appear In My Reverie

Written for Haiku Heights Prompt: Mystic and OSI Prompt: Fancy

Eyes meet , smile stems
You envy and call it a fancy,
For me its mystic..

Written for OSI Prompt: Fancy

First a haiku..keeping with my own passion

Earth cuddles in
A blanket of clouds, Moon looks
On, fancies warmth…

Cracks Began to Appear In My Reverie

Deep inside him
Somewhere, lives a giver
But with a weak voice, who
Appears to be getting snubbed
By the surroundings…
Relationships get weaved
Offering threads of trust
But then others entangle
Yarns of selfishness
Not able to make the difference
Continues to be an
Arrogant child, with soft
Soul perhaps made of wax
That can melt on
A little hint of warmth
Which stays away
Failing to penetrate
The thick walls built around
By the sycophants
Yet, wants to explore skies
Of love and humility
But then wings of gold
May be heavier
For such a fanciful flight
Wish he could make it
At least once
Won’t mind lending him
Some wings of thoughts
Capable of taking him
To newer, happier skies
But will he ever ask…
May be not, doesn’t even know
For, it’s not him, but I
Who have been weaving
Such dreams for him
Without realizing, that
He has his own dreams
To follow, to pursue
And it took time but then
Cracks began to appear
In my reverie, and I have tried
And have quietly detached myself
To slip back into my own space
May God help me weave
My own happier dreams
Wings of thoughts will help me
Explore depths and heights
Of a shimmering new world
Yes, it has taken me eons to break
High walls of illusion
And take a leap..
Ah, finally I’m breathing freedom..
It’s not my fancy, it’s for real

Friday, October 29, 2010

Stars Play in Shimmering Light

Written for HAIKU MY HEART

Moon hides each fortnight
Stars craving to get their chance
Sparkle happily


Children, stars on earth,
Wait for the full Moon, play
In shimmering night


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fragile Tremors Rock

Written for 3WW
and Haiku My Heart

Mild tremors born out
Of rampant betrayals each day
Test my fragile heart


Fragile tremors rock
My sleep, Sun’s rampant knocks
On window work.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Poetry Pot Luck : Love & Romance

From one of my old posts.. specifically in respect of the theme , oh, how I wish to practice it all the time .. life would be so much more beautiful..

Letting 'love' to Be
That's love to me !


Dedicated to my wife of 28 years on Indian Festival of 'Karva Chauth..'
A fasting day that women particularly from North India celebrate seeking God's blessings for husband's longer life ... a tradition.. that still continues..

It's God's grace
That I see my reflection
In your face...

And pray that you
See yours in mine
Real and true

A beautiful life
In spite of me, thanks,
For being my wife..


Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Mole on a Dame’s Chin

Written for OSI Prompt : GraceHaiku Heights Prompt: Optimistic

Flowers Are Optimistic

Nature breathes grace;

Flowers are optimistic
Bloom happily..


A Mole on a Dame’s Chin
Beaming moon and sparkling stars
Singing butterflies, smiling flowers

A star studded unending sky
To explore, birds happily fly

A Cuckoo’s sweet morning song
Door bell’s melodious ding-dong

An earth full of sunlight
A rainbow’s delicious sight

Snow-clad high mountains
Whistling streams, flirty fountains

A little child’s cute smile
How the happy moments pile

A mole on a dame’s chin
A monkey’s naughty grin

Laughing and dancing trees
A cool and humming breeze

Ah, a solitary morning’s walk
When all the good things talk

Plenty of colorful toys
Life’s lovely little joys

Grace of God plentiful & abound
Feels so nice and good to be around

Enjoying such delicacies of life
Oh, it's so much fun to be alive

Let’s remember those who are not
And let them live in our thoughts..

Friday, October 22, 2010

Haiku My Heart

Colourful baloons
Melt with skies and vanish
Just like my dreams...


Happy Earth, receives
Rains and feels warmth of skies
Moon sees & hopes


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Moon’s Reflection Shimmers Shyly

Haikus for 3WW Prompts: Effect, Immense, Shimmer
Also placed for Haiku My Heart

Immense effect
Of a full Moon, wet shingles
Shimmer like stars


Immense misty effect
gilds the lake, Moon’s reflection
Shimmers shyly


Immense effect
Of comments from friends, happy
Haikus shimmer


Added on Friday, the 22nd October, 2010
specially for Haiku My Heart

Happy Earth, receives
Rains and feels warmth of skies
Moon sees & hopes

Monday, October 18, 2010

Knock Knock

Written for LOL Prompt: Knock Knock

Opportunity smiled

Knock, Knock
He opened the door
Opportunity smiled
Ah, he couldn’t
Wasn’t wearing his teeth


Watching in Mute Astonishment

King Rodent is furious,
Angry and mad
Who will bear his wrath
Lion stands trembling & wondering
Elephant is pale
Tiger sits with his head down
Deer and Rabbit
Humble spectators
Watching in mute
Astonishment, and then
Suddenly, out of the blue
Some noise from a distance
Then louder and louder
Nearer and nearer
It’s Knock - Knock, knock -knock
And lo! Rodent wakes up…


Mountains Don’t Envy

Written for Poetry Potluck Theme Seven Sins..

Vanishing greens
Urban affluence wants space
Man’s greed

Lightning strikes
Wipes out man’s deadly sins
Angry God..

Nature’s resources
Turn in to sources of damage
Man’s lust for power

Desert exemplify
Sun’s wrath, green piece of land
Seeks blessings

Mountains don’t envy
So, let rivers happily flow
Earth offers thanks..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Trophies On the Shelf Sat Smiling

For Haiku Heights Prompt: Serene

Quiet and serene
Lake wears a soft and cozy mask
Depths hold desires..


Written for OSI Prompt: Champion


Sun arises, sunrays run
One touching my face first wins,
Champion beams..


Trophies On the Shelf Sat Smiling

Ah, the ball had just had
A whispering brush with
The edge of the Table
None could notice, accept the one
Who stood to lose by telling truth;
So he didn’t and
Amidst applause and smiling faces
Became a Champion
Conscience stood in shame
In a corner of his inner space
Feeling sad and hurt,
Her shouts drowned in the frenzy
None cared, the world moved on
Appreciating the Champion,
Who had learnt a big lesson
Achievement was important
Not the means, and he went on and on..
Years later, in the evening of his life
As he sat looking at the album
The trophy glittered
Along with him, but
He was still able to trace the fake
And unreal in his shining face
The sound of a whispering brush
Turned in to a deafening noise
As he closed the album
Tossed it away and returned
To the present, where the trophies
On the shelf sat smiling
Obsessed with their Champion
Oblivious of the truth
Who quietly sat cringed
Under the cover of the tallest one…

Friday, October 15, 2010

Red Rose Calls Out

Haiku for Haiku My Heart
Inspired by White Butterfly posted by Rebecca..

Red rose calls out
white butterfly shuns, happy
with her freedom..

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Winds Hiss In Dark, East Glows Like Gold

Haikus Written for
Haiku My Heart
3WW : Hiss, Ridicule and Absolve
For Haiku My Heart:

Heart skips a beat
As sound of doorbell crackles
Hopefully, its hope..


Stars murmur stops
Tired Moon waves a goodbye
East glows like gold

Also for 3WW :

Winds hiss in dark
Trees ridicule yet absolve
Moon for rare absence


A hiss from Moon,
Stars feel ridiculous ,
Earth absolves..


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Memories Roll Out Like a Film- OSI ll

For One Single Impression prompt: Lonely
Thanks to Harshadji for a very thoughtful prompt.. it made me write another one... here's my second contribution

Memories Roll Out Like a Film

Empty moments, these
Feeling lonely and pensive
With nothing else to do
I just push the button
Opening a window of my mind
And the memories roll out
Like a film on a screen…
I am standing in a corner
Feeling hurt trying to make out
What has hit me and why
Wondering when suddenly
I see myself happy and cheerful
Surrounded by allies and aliens
Applauding together, ah,
I have been recognized...
Lines of smile start appearing
On my face; but, then hey! I am crying
With tears rolling down
Cursing a rusty soul for having
Cut my wings and tied my feet
Ah, before the melancholy catches
Scene changes and I find myself flying
In the skies and chit-chatting
With the stars as Moon wishes me
A happier life in my own space
I am laughing and lo,
In a flash my face changes color
A saddened me is attending a funeral
Of my own dreams
But by the time flames of doubt
Burn my hopes, winds pick me up
And throw me in a stream
Where water reflects
Shining pebbles of newer
Colorful dreams,
Ah! As I am dripping with water
Enjoying a rain-dance, it rolls
And I find myself writhing in pain
An invisible knife of betrayal is stuck
In the soft layers of my heart
But then the pain doesn’t last
For in a second I am transported
To a different setting, where
I find myself receiving
The greatest gift ever
Of getting trusted as my ears
Listen to the pouring of
A wounded soul who finds herself
Unburdened as lines of her dry tears
Get transformed in to
Colorful stripes of a smiling rainbow
Hey, I am listening to a hint of clamor
Ah, the present has returned
Juggling with myriad moments
In its palms, jumping and laughing
All the film stops in a flash
As I come out of my reverie, realizing
That for every painful memory
There’s a far stronger
Joyous and a positive one too
Capable of pushing the sad and negative
Out of the system quickly
As it helps me to hold the present
In a happy tight hug; Luckier me...
As I wonder it could have been
Other way round too…
Hey did I tell you I was feeling lonely…

Smiles Grow on Stones

Entry for Haiku Heights prompt: Blemish

Scars on Moon's face
Nature's blemish turns a boon
Saves from ill will...

For One Single Impression prompt: Lonely
Thanks to Harshadji for a very thoughtful prompt.. it makes one contemplate a lot.. here's my humble attempt , a cluster of haikus....

Smiles Grow on Stones

Storm kills flowers; Sad
Butterfly dreams of new; and
Doesn’t feel lonely

Far deep in the sky
A lonely star fades away;
Many more appear

Happy Moon shines
Amidst stars; sends smiles to
Lonely Earth

A step forward
Heart lights on the palm
Loneliness vanishes

Friendship with
Loneliness; books on shelf
Tap feet and sing

Lonely hearts
Beam with delight; a handshake
Tells all with feel

Millions of fireflies
Descend on dark lonely lane
Smiles grow on stones

Friday, October 8, 2010

For Haiku My Heart

In absence of Moon
Stars play hide & seek; Happy
Earth takes a turn


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moon Shines , Earth Hides

Haiku Written for 3WW Prompts: Sheen, Hint, Lust
Also for Haiku My Heart

Extra sheen hints lust
In eyes of stars, Moon shines
Without bother


Extra sheen hints lust
In eyes of stars, Earth hides
Behind clouds

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Flew With A Cloud....

Written for
Haiku Heights prompt: Rejoice
Haiku also entred for Haiku My Heart...
Prompt : Try

Jealous Stars Rejoice..

Jealous stars rejoice
At his failure, Moon tries to
Shine in the day..


I Flew With A Cloud....

For endless nights
I had been trying to
Befriend Moon
But every time it took
A step forward
Stars held it tight
In their thoughts
Far deeper in
An unknown place
Somewhere between
Heart and mind..

And whenever I thought
I would fly with a cloud
Sun peeped through
Melting my dream
In its blazing fire
My effort to hold winds
With my hands to
Try and take a flight
Always got blocked
As high walls of doubt
Would arise from nowhere

Whenever I wished to
Have a chit-chat
With colorful flowers
Suddenly butterflies
Would come flying
Out of their hide
Seeking their first right
On smiling flowers, and
I will find myself quietly
Withdrawing and surrendering
To lengthening shadows

But then I didn’t stop trying
For that was my calling
With efforts I succeeded
In befriending Moon
Who gives light to my soul
I flew with a cloud too

That rained on a weeping desert
Making my heart bloom
And now when I talk to flowers
Butterflies sing love songs
Ah! What a happier life, this!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Elephant and Ant : LOL Prompt Sharp

Written for:

Elephant had sharp eyes
On edge of sugar bowl , he could see the ant
But Ant's were much sharper
In one go she could see a full elephant