Monday, October 25, 2010

Poetry Pot Luck : Love & Romance

From one of my old posts.. specifically in respect of the theme , oh, how I wish to practice it all the time .. life would be so much more beautiful..

Letting 'love' to Be
That's love to me !


Dedicated to my wife of 28 years on Indian Festival of 'Karva Chauth..'
A fasting day that women particularly from North India celebrate seeking God's blessings for husband's longer life ... a tradition.. that still continues..

It's God's grace
That I see my reflection
In your face...

And pray that you
See yours in mine
Real and true

A beautiful life
In spite of me, thanks,
For being my wife..



  1. a lovely compliment and confession!

  2. Lovely Haikus three
    Love and romance I can see
    True dedication :)

  3. Wow...very nice haikus...
    The first haiku is tooo good...Love it.. :)
    This is my second poem for Poetry Potluck.

  4. A beautiful, courtly poem. Gorgeous.

  5. Lovely, so beautifully written!=D

  6. Oh this is sweet...

    And I loved this-
    'Letting Love to be.
    Thats Love for me...'

    Reminds me of a post of mine which said- 'When I love YOU, I can Love them all. And when I love them all; I Love YOU all the more...'

  7. There is infinite happiness
    In person and nature.
    Need is to have that
    Attitude, that focusses
    On happiness, God's grace.
    Problem is that most of
    Inhabitants of earth are
    After the worries.

    Your poems, haikus, thoughts
    reflect positivity.

    Enjoyed reading it.

    My wife objected to 'In spite of me' in Karva Choth massage.
    I fully agree with you.

  8. Ha, Ha, Dr. Saab.. you had to agree.. we know..Thanks for your lovely comments..let us continue to practise happiness...

  9. the way you relate makes me feel about that someone in our life so true and beautiful.. amazing

  10. Compliment from heart.

    Beautiful poem.

  11. This is so beautiful! What a romantic man you are, you're wife if a lucky woman.

  12. Pyaara Dost,
    Good Morning!
    What more your lovely and wonderful wife can ask for n KARVA CHAUDH!
    These long years of love and care,
    Belongingness and concern,
    God's grace in each day,
    Wish you many more years of togetherness!
    Between,when did Chaand appear?

  13. Rameshji, that is sooo sweet.. and how lucky is your wife that her husband knows her value and appreciates her being!
    BTW, with due respect to tradition, no karwa chauth vrat has any hand in helping girls find good hubbies.. no sir!! It's all destiny.

  14. So Lovely!!Every word speaks of love and gratitude.

    It's always a joy to see a happy solid couple.A truly happy one shot!


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