Saturday, October 9, 2010

Memories Roll Out Like a Film- OSI ll

For One Single Impression prompt: Lonely
Thanks to Harshadji for a very thoughtful prompt.. it made me write another one... here's my second contribution

Memories Roll Out Like a Film

Empty moments, these
Feeling lonely and pensive
With nothing else to do
I just push the button
Opening a window of my mind
And the memories roll out
Like a film on a screen…
I am standing in a corner
Feeling hurt trying to make out
What has hit me and why
Wondering when suddenly
I see myself happy and cheerful
Surrounded by allies and aliens
Applauding together, ah,
I have been recognized...
Lines of smile start appearing
On my face; but, then hey! I am crying
With tears rolling down
Cursing a rusty soul for having
Cut my wings and tied my feet
Ah, before the melancholy catches
Scene changes and I find myself flying
In the skies and chit-chatting
With the stars as Moon wishes me
A happier life in my own space
I am laughing and lo,
In a flash my face changes color
A saddened me is attending a funeral
Of my own dreams
But by the time flames of doubt
Burn my hopes, winds pick me up
And throw me in a stream
Where water reflects
Shining pebbles of newer
Colorful dreams,
Ah! As I am dripping with water
Enjoying a rain-dance, it rolls
And I find myself writhing in pain
An invisible knife of betrayal is stuck
In the soft layers of my heart
But then the pain doesn’t last
For in a second I am transported
To a different setting, where
I find myself receiving
The greatest gift ever
Of getting trusted as my ears
Listen to the pouring of
A wounded soul who finds herself
Unburdened as lines of her dry tears
Get transformed in to
Colorful stripes of a smiling rainbow
Hey, I am listening to a hint of clamor
Ah, the present has returned
Juggling with myriad moments
In its palms, jumping and laughing
All the film stops in a flash
As I come out of my reverie, realizing
That for every painful memory
There’s a far stronger
Joyous and a positive one too
Capable of pushing the sad and negative
Out of the system quickly
As it helps me to hold the present
In a happy tight hug; Luckier me...
As I wonder it could have been
Other way round too…
Hey did I tell you I was feeling lonely…


  1. Yes, visualization does make one feel better. Excellent work.

  2. Tons and tons of great images in here. It sometimes takes a bit of reflection to realize that we would never know the feelings of joy and happiness if we didn't have those sad painful memories for comparison. Nicely done.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  3. A most visual and visceral response to you lovely poem, Ramesh. :-) Well done ... Thank you.


  4. Yes, we have so many memories, and we never know which one we're going to remember in any given moment. And thank goodness for the joyful memories...beautifully put! I really enjoyed this.

  5. lovely play with words, ramesh. lonely yet hopeful... well done!

  6. loneliness transformed into beauty. Thank you for sharing your words

  7. Very cleaver.... lovely poem, very well done :)

  8. Having been to the funeral of dreams, I feel and share the loneliness with you. A beautiful and tender poem. Thank you.

  9. This is dreams put into words.. and they are called memories :)

  10. nice one!!!!!have a great time!!!

  11. These worda paint a thousand pictures. Thanks.

    Take care, Boonie

  12. I am so happy to get such wonderful comments from all of you friends.. it encourages and keeps me going.. thanks..

  13. Time to savour the sublime flavour of creative loneliness..may be by gazing through the window pane at the azure sky with sporadic whites..may be by cuddling with a cozy siesta..or lost into reveries that transcend the barrier of reality into a world of imagination and swirling thoughts..
    awesome piece
    Regards~ Sayandeep

  14. Emotionally very strong.. I enjoyed it.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
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