Monday, October 18, 2010

Knock Knock

Written for LOL Prompt: Knock Knock

Opportunity smiled

Knock, Knock
He opened the door
Opportunity smiled
Ah, he couldn’t
Wasn’t wearing his teeth


Watching in Mute Astonishment

King Rodent is furious,
Angry and mad
Who will bear his wrath
Lion stands trembling & wondering
Elephant is pale
Tiger sits with his head down
Deer and Rabbit
Humble spectators
Watching in mute
Astonishment, and then
Suddenly, out of the blue
Some noise from a distance
Then louder and louder
Nearer and nearer
It’s Knock - Knock, knock -knock
And lo! Rodent wakes up…



  1. Oh god Rameshji!! Who would this be?? Especially when opportunity came smiling...

    I pity that Lion and Tiger and that humble spectator bunny too. Was there no owl there?? ;) LOL :D Loved the Ratty's dream.

  2. LOL Rameshji!! :D
    Looks like an animal farm this time at LOL, where each one is hilarious!!

    I'm hosting LOL for sometime now, to give Leo a break. Do keep coming back with more LOL's for us. You are hilarious!! :D

  3. Anu's comments picked up from email. Thanks Anu..


    pyara dost,

    Good Evening!
    Opportunity doesn't knock again unless one is too lucky.
    Thoughtprovoking lines and humorous. Wishing you a lovely evening. Sasneham,


    I am so happy that you have been here on my page.. it emboldens.. as you know.

  4. LOL, thanks for the smiles!!!