Sunday, October 17, 2010

Trophies On the Shelf Sat Smiling

For Haiku Heights Prompt: Serene

Quiet and serene
Lake wears a soft and cozy mask
Depths hold desires..


Written for OSI Prompt: Champion


Sun arises, sunrays run
One touching my face first wins,
Champion beams..


Trophies On the Shelf Sat Smiling

Ah, the ball had just had
A whispering brush with
The edge of the Table
None could notice, accept the one
Who stood to lose by telling truth;
So he didn’t and
Amidst applause and smiling faces
Became a Champion
Conscience stood in shame
In a corner of his inner space
Feeling sad and hurt,
Her shouts drowned in the frenzy
None cared, the world moved on
Appreciating the Champion,
Who had learnt a big lesson
Achievement was important
Not the means, and he went on and on..
Years later, in the evening of his life
As he sat looking at the album
The trophy glittered
Along with him, but
He was still able to trace the fake
And unreal in his shining face
The sound of a whispering brush
Turned in to a deafening noise
As he closed the album
Tossed it away and returned
To the present, where the trophies
On the shelf sat smiling
Obsessed with their Champion
Oblivious of the truth
Who quietly sat cringed
Under the cover of the tallest one…


  1. "Depths hold desires.."

    Deep indeed. Excellent piece.

  2. An excellent collection, especially the last.

  3. I like that.. that haiku is serene and deep for sure! :)

    Good to see you regularly at Haiku Heights, R'ji.. you're wonderful! :D

  4. Deep, serene, and lovely haiku! Your poetry is all wonderful.

  5. Enjoyed all of these because they each gave me cause to pause and think.

    Mine's here.

  6. Loved the Haiku on Champion. Real champion beams...

  7. After a long time I'm back, Rameshji. Lovely to be reading you again. :)

  8. Your last poem was so powerful...expressed in such a simple way, yet it had such an impact. I also loved your second poem, where you described the sunrays in a race to reach your face. Lovely!

  9. Both the haikus are really deep and powerful...
    loved reading each line of this post.. :)

  10. I love the idea of depth holding desire in the serenity haiku :)
    Its perfect!

  11. These surely will remain for a long time in my mind, for sure whenever looking into a refleting surface.
    Great thoughts you do call your own.

    Please have a good new week.

    daily athens

  12. Awesome collection of work! =)


  13. These are all great poems. I love your last one and the contrast of a true champion with one who earns it through deceit. Very nice.


  14. All three are beautiful and well written!

  15. Very enjoyable. Thanks.

    All the best, Boonie

  16. All are wonderful. I do love the line from the haiku "depth holds desires..." Oh yes they do!

  17. Deep words so well crafted my friend x

  18. i love the serenity of your 'ku'..:-)

    and that champion poem? i like the thoughts of it!