Thursday, February 28, 2013

Joy Unlimited

Written for
Rebecca's Haiku My Heart - Friday
Leo's Haiku Heights - Saturday
(Prompt: Breeze)
  Sandy's & Andree's OSI - Sunday..
Prompt: Unlimited

Joy  Unlimited
Joy  unlimited;
morning breeze carries songs
from a fading night…

From a fading night
emerges a glowing dawn;
sunbeams dance on dew

Sunbeams dance on dew;
happy rose opens  its heart,
her touch picks fragrance

 Her touch picks fragrance;
delighted she inhales joy,
eyes gleam and face glows

Eyes gleam and face glows,
she is one with the moment;
Joy unlimited  

Friday, February 22, 2013

Monday Comes Laughing..

Written for

Rebecca's Haiku My Heart - Friday
(Picking up last line from Rebecca's cascading haiku
to start my haiku cascade here..)
Leo's Haiku Heights - Saturday
Andree and Sandy's OSI - Sunday..
Monday Comes Laughing
Marry each moment,
give birth to joy, happiness;
stars shimmer in sky
Stars shimmer in sky;
Moon plays hide and seek behind
bunch of floating clouds
Bunch of floating clouds
move along with happy winds,
her golden strands sway
Her golden strands sway;
a cup of tea in his hands
and she takes a sip
And she takes a sip
Saturday and Sunday pass,
Monday comes laughing
Monday comes laughing;
time keeps ticking, hey, let me
marry each moment... 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Love Compromises

My 700th Post..
One Single Impression : Embroidery
and for :
Haiku My Heart

Love Compromises
She embroiders
my initials on  my shirt;
  her love radiates

Her love radiates
making my tea also sweet;
No sugar add-ons

No sugar add-ons;
she allows me cookies as
love compromises

Love compromises
by giving more, seeking less;
a happier life, that

A happier life, that
When  I read or write haiku ,
she embroiders..
My heartfelt thanks to all my friends
everywhere who have appreciated
and have been visiting this page to read
and encourage me..
and to HER..

Friday, February 15, 2013

Hold Your Naughty Thoughts

My 699th Post
Written for
Haiku My Heart..
Haiku Heights: Sugar..
Hold Your Naughty Thoughts
I let the sugar
crystals slip through my fingers;
spoon stays there in plate 
spoon stays there in plate
moments later she finds some
shining on my lips..
Shining on my lips;
no, nothing happens I say
hold your naughty thoughts...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

She Is Now Weaving Happier Dreams..

Written for

Morbid , Rampage , Cumbersome

She Is Now Weaving Happier Dreams.

A merciless rampage
stemmed from a cumbersome
process of thoughts
jumping from head to head
avoiding hearts
had left behind a
morbid scene with
his dreams bleeding
huddled together
in the corner of her heart..
And in some unenexplainable
moment she saw herself
smiling in one of those
bleeding dreams
He was not there, not
in that dream...and lo!
the picture changed..
a simple process
took that smiling thought
to turn the morbid
into pleasant,  and
hey, who's thinking
of the rampage
inflicted by some twisted
thoughts through a
cumbersome process
It took just a moment
for her mind to 
to change the picture..
Smiling she is now
weaving happier dreams...


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Friday, February 8, 2013

Heart Pumps Happiness..

Written for
Haiku Heights - Saturday: Red
Shared with
One single Impression -Sunday:   Heart
Haiku My Heart - Friday
Prompt : Red
Heart Pumps Happiness

My favourite colour 
red meanders through my body;
heart pumps happiness

Heart pumps happiness;
I look towards her window,
she too adorns red
She too adorns red
and I quietly follow suit;
dangerous for some

Dangerous for some;
red sky is so delightful
I fly and just merge..


I fly and just merge;
her blush reflects on her face
my favourite colour..
Haiku My Heart

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

He Cut Her Wings...

My 695th Post

Written for

Embarrass, Backfire, Taste

His ideas, born
in her mind,
never backfired..
no embarrassments
He never tasted failure
'cos that was left
for her to taste,
stingy and bitter
if ever it happened
because of  her ideas
born in his mind..
But then she flew,
he cut her wings  ...


Friday, February 1, 2013

She Paints Joy..

My 695th Post

Added for
One Single Impression -Sunday
prompt: Charisma\

Written for
Haiku Heights - Saturday
prompt: Pride
shared with
Haiku My Heart - Friday
( Thanks to MMT for guiding me there..)



Her one smile,
 thousands of Suns shine;

I look in mirror,
she smiles back 


She Paints Joy..
She takes pride
in her work with soul;
glow in eyes
Glow in eyes
and smile on her face;
she paints joy
She paints joy;
happy colours drip,
on my palm
On my palm
I let her dreams dance;
she is quiet
She is quiet
unfazed, stronger;
glow in eyes
Glow in eyes;
in her work with soul,
she takes pride..