Wednesday, February 13, 2013

She Is Now Weaving Happier Dreams..

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Morbid , Rampage , Cumbersome

She Is Now Weaving Happier Dreams.

A merciless rampage
stemmed from a cumbersome
process of thoughts
jumping from head to head
avoiding hearts
had left behind a
morbid scene with
his dreams bleeding
huddled together
in the corner of her heart..
And in some unenexplainable
moment she saw herself
smiling in one of those
bleeding dreams
He was not there, not
in that dream...and lo!
the picture changed..
a simple process
took that smiling thought
to turn the morbid
into pleasant,  and
hey, who's thinking
of the rampage
inflicted by some twisted
thoughts through a
cumbersome process
It took just a moment
for her mind to 
to change the picture..
Smiling she is now
weaving happier dreams...


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  1. It is upto one what dreams to weave.

    Nicely narrated.

  2. The thoughts of the mind flit from morbid to merry in seconds...Loved the weaving of happier dreams.

  3. It took just a moment
    for her mind to
    to change the picture..
    Smiling she is now
    weaving happier dreams...

    I really like the way this ended. It is so true, to, that we can change our mood by changing the way we perceive things.

  4. I'm happy to read your words again Rameshji.. I loved the way you ended :) Thanks for this treat :)

    Someone is Special

  5. I loved this poem Ramesh ... a beautiful idea to 'weave happier dreams,' ... we all have a choice to create our own reality ... to not bow down to the shadows in others, but to remain true to ourselves and weave happier lives for ourselves. A smile is sometimes all you need to lift your spirits (or those of someone else) and view yourself and the world in a positive way.