Sunday, July 31, 2011

Love and Its Not Being There..

First a Haiku here... for JPP..

A split of a second
Just a crack in the clouds, lo,
Sun peeps, and Earth smiles..


Love and Its Not Being There....

Love and its not being
There; hey, become love and be
Always there and here
Easier said than done
I know it is difficult
But then not
So very difficult too
I will just have to be,
Accepting everyone around
Without trying to find
My own reflection in them
Instead letting those all find
There reflection in me
Are you asking
What would happen
To me then, oh, I will become
Water, just flowing
Transparent and clear
All embracing
Indeed, that means ‘ Being Love’
But, it’s ‘Being in Love’
That makes one wonder
Now,  when I know this
Then why  don’t I become
A tall order that
How can I try to be God
No, I am born a human
With all feelings and emotions
So, a situation when
Love is not being there
Indeed makes me sad….
But then the fact
LOVE IS.. makes me happy..

By : RS : )

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Uncomfortable Confession...

Written for OSI : Uncomfortable
Haiku Heights   : Confession


Invading my space
And  telling me not to feel

You are so gracious
For at least not asking me
To pretend comfort..


Moon tries to see through thick clouds
Must be missing me..

Well that should make you
Happy, you are not alone
Who’s stung by conceit..


How can one answer
Uncomfortable question
“ Hey, do you like me?”

Answering is tough
Yes, but then asking like that
Indeed courageous..


“Hey, are you waiting
For a confession?” “No.” Still
Burdened forever..

By:  RS : )

Friday, July 29, 2011

Earth Collects Diamonds..

Friday's Haikus... for Rebecca's Haiku My Heart..

Moon is feeling sad
Can’t see Earth; ah, he wants clouds
To be transparent


Ah, transparent clouds,
Raindrops shine in moonlight; Earth
Collects diamonds..


How good it’s to be
Transparent; yes, why to hide
One's inner treasures..

By: RS   : )

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Her Grown-up Past Smiles..

Fumble , Glance, Banter..... 3WW.. prompts which indeed threw a challenge for a haiku..

She fumbles to glance
Banter appears familiar, ah,
Her grown-up past smiles


She fumbles again
Gets stuck, banter stops, present
Glances and wonders...


A harsh, angry glance
Past fumbles, no more banter
She moves with present

By RS  : )

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Needs and Liking

My second contribution for OSI ...Need..

Needs and Liking

Sun, Earth and Moon,
Like each other
And why not, they all meet each
Others’ needs
Sun gives and Earth and Moon
Respectfully receive and
Both are happy because
It’s their need
Sun also feels good
Unless someone is willing
To receive, it can’t get
The pleasure of giving
That’s how the world
Has been moving and shall
Do so forever, so natural..
What’s wrong, then
If I like a person more
Because he fulfils my needs
Compared to one
Who doesn't
And who can define needs
Don't they keep changing....

By   RS : ) 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dream of a New Moon Night...

Celebration Haikus
for  Haiku Heights 
shared with OSI
Haiku My Heart...

Dream of a New Moon Night

Ah, new Moon night, this
I know, Moon’s strolling somewhere
Amidst trees outside

Hey, I hear the sound
Of Moon’s footsteps, it’s slowly
Coming towards me..

Moon comes closer, I
Invite it home, prefers to
Sit under a tree

Tree glows with moonlight
Birds wake up, overwhelmed
Turn very chirpy

Flowers too come out
Of slumber, open eyelids
In honour of Moon

Butterflies join birds
In a happy, joyous dance
I find my feet tap

Hey, Moon becomes Sun
Knocks on my window, and lo,
Soft sound wakes me up

A New Moon dream to
Start a lovely Sunday, I
Hold the scene in mind

Wow, Mind turns into
A rainbow sheet of paper
Scene rains right words

And lo, here is born
A Poem of Haikus, join me
In Celebrations

How this space
Fulfils our need to say and share
No fear of Judgment..

Let us continue
To practice happiness, ah,
Touch wood and say, ‘Amen’!


Here, here, Three Cheers
on First Anniversary..

Thanks Leo .....and all the friends here...

RS : )

Friday, July 22, 2011

A Pair of Doves Sing...

Here's for all my firends at Haiku My Heart....and everywhere else..

Blooming flowers wave
Smoothly gliding in the sky
A pair of doves sing…

A pair of doves sing
Songs of love, and blissfully
I am here to hear

I am here to hear
Ah, the unseen sounds speak
Nature talks to me

Nature talks to me
And I close my eyes to touch
Soft texture of words

Soft texture of words
Feels good and my spirit soars,
To glide, sing and glide

To glide, sing and glide
It’s so very beautiful
Sheer happiness, that!!

Thanks, Rebecca... these are my small cups of Tea.. hope you will enjoy them along with all other friends...  You are a blessing ... : ))

 RS : )

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh, That Makes Me Shudder…3WW

Written for 3 WW... Jiggle, Early, Quality..

Oh, That Makes Me Shudder…

His mind jiggles in a flash
Never lets a difficulty touch
Alert pair of eyes
Keeps a watch all around
Rises early, walks, meditates
Stays in touch with nature
Cherishes being with the
Butterflies, flowers,
Chirping birds, dancing trees.
Loves to listen to
Rustling sounds of leaves
Melody of winds
Can’t ever miss a chance
Of playing with Moon
And the stars
Dares to hold sunbeams
Directly on his face
Combines so well
Pride and humility
Ah, what a quality of life
The man lives happily
In my inner space somewhere
Yet I know he is nowhere
Sometimes shows himself
In my cravings and hopes
How I want to be like him
It makes me wonder –
Is he the ‘other’ me
My opposite …..
Oh, That makes me shudder..


And here's a  Haiku... has to be.. difficult prompts.. but then could create one.. hope you see me jiggling too..

I jiggle early
Prick of needle doesn’t feel
Quality work , that!

Comments make me add here as a clarification... I was just mentioning about the competence of a Sister in a hospital... But then needle has this feel about getting connected with something negative..
By: RS : )

Saturday, July 16, 2011

There will be a new sunrise..

Haiku for Haiku Hrights... and OSI

Phantoms of envy
Weave strings of doubt, tying mind
In the rot of knots. …

Poem for OSI : Phantom...

There will be a new sunrise..

Oh, it had been intense
Betrayed by his own
Shunned by masks around
Wondering about life
He was sitting alone
At home, with
Everything gone
Dreams had often danced
Around him but
Where were they hiding
In those moments
Of turmoil
Without any hope
For a tomorrow,
Footfalls of moments
Got heavier with voices
Screaming in his mind
Oh, all this was unbearable
Pain took its toll,
He blacked out, and when
Opened his eyes,
It was a new sunrise
Light pierced through
The window, and he too
Suddenly felt light
What a realization
In spite of all the turmoil
He had passed through
A day and it had
Turned out to be
Just one simple truth
Sunrise meant that
Night had passed
Phantoms of fear and doubts
Dissolved themselves
In the light of
New awareness for
Their own salvation
It was indeed
A matter of living one day
Everyday… and that’s
From where he
Made a new beginning
Day by the day
Years have gone by
Whenever pain is intense
One thing keeps him going
He will have to just
Open his eyes
There will be a new sunrise..
And sometimes he wonders
If eyes too betray
And he laughs..
Then nothing would matter…

RS : )

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Haikus for Haiku My Heart..

With all its ups and  downs, joys and just moves on... good or bad..doesn't matter... darkest of nights pass ...sun rises.. again...

A breezy morning
Pleasant and joyous, I hug
A tree to thank God….


"I burn to  give you
Light," says Sun; Earth responds by
Quietly receiving..

- RS : )

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Take the Option..

Written for 3WW...  Indecision, Option , Fate

I Take the Option..

Indecision ?

No, I never
Get stuck up
Whenever on cross roads
I choose
I decide
I take the option
Of leaving it to fate, and
I move forward.…

RS : )

Do have a look and bless my previous post too which has been 300th.. post.. thanks!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Three Hundredth Post...


Thanks to all... OSI, Haiku Heights,
Haiku My Heart, 3WW
Jingle Poetry Potluck...and all others who have
 inspired and encouraged...

First a Haiku to celebrate with OSI... prompt 'Respect '

Wow, good to see you
Blessing my three hundredth, hey,
My respect and thanks..

And a  Verse for OSI

I talk good of you
Oh, that could be my tact
I think good of you
That means I truly respect..

Now the Poem

World May Never See Another Epic..

Winds respected and carried with them
Myriad tales of travelers told by trees
And words spread slowly
Turning them into intriguing stories

Stories then got quietly whispered
In many of more than willing ears
Discerning minds with their imaginations
Kept on adding narration over the years

Years saw them getting transformed into
Epics of thousands and thousands of pages
Embellished by discerning souls on the way  
Original authors from among ancient sages

Sages who spent years and years
Evolving into wisdom’s glowing rays
Spreading light, blessing humanity
One can’t find them around today

Today’s winds also don’t carry any tales
For none shares with trees things specific
It’s indeed a matter of grave concern
That world may never see another Epic..

Epic is a careful recording of journeys
Of lives undertaken by a few souls blessed
Wonder if one records one’s own life
With all ups & downs, could it be an Epic, yes..

Yes, but for that let one first win one’s own mind
And become as responsible as ancient kings
As brave as soldiers who conquered the evil
Then only the tales will be carried by winds…


Haiku for Haiku Heights  .. prompt : Infatuation

 Childhood in my heart,
Ah,  magical moments of

RS : )

Be around ..let us keep connected...
Practising Happiness..

Threads of Rain... Haiku.

Ah, threads of  rain fall,
Weaving patterns that dissolve,
Make way for the new..  

RS  : )   


Thanks to Leo... .I have corrected the dashboard too which showed the posts as 299 instead of 297.. There were two posts as 'draft' which were recorded...

I appreciate Leo's advice and alertness... oh, he knew for he had reveiwed my page for Jingle's poetry too.. Well here is one:

To err is human,
to accept , a little more
Than ordinary!

What do you say?

Well friends.. sorry ..for the lapse.. this becomes 298th...

RS : )

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hi... Haikus.. for Haiku My Heart..

It's Friday... for Rebecca's Haiku My Heart.. and I wondered... what would I write.. sat.. and it happened... of late God appears to be smiling and sending lessons... in a different way... lessons which are already there, available through great saints.. but we slip on the way.. happy I am that God guides to keep on   returning to them... well a haikued poem..

MY 297 TH POST... ( I have edited this.. had put as 299th..)

Like a bird, I fly
In search for food, God smiles, for,
He knows my hunger..


A puddle of rain water
I glide down , sit on the edge
Watching myself, ah!


The other me pokes
Enough of "I , Me and Myself "
Sky calls and I fly...


Ah, wind is soothing
I feel lighter, lesson hangs
Let it not fall, hey..


I hold the lesson
Fluttering my wings, I merge
With my inner self


Life turns beautiful
Happy within, now I don't
Need any mirror..


RS : )

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Woman of New Age..

My 296th Post ( Corrected)

Written for 3WW..... Prompts:  Heat , Nasty,  Cease

First a Haiku...

Let nasty heat cease
Earth, pull a cloud for me too
Moon yearns for the shade..

A Woman of New Age...

Very nasty looks, those
And a soft sound of whistle
She was upset, and angry
Chose to confront
And a heated argument ensued
Rogue won’t listen
Didn’t accept that
Mesmerized with
Her flawless confidence
In those moments
He couldn’t lift his eyes
As they got stuck
On her face, didn’t accept
That it was cheap
In a flash her hand moved
Slapping him on the face
Movements around ceased
Time stood still
But then world looked
In awe, she had moved forward
Fearless and strong
A woman of new age…
End of Scene II
Hey tell me
Will she fall in love
With the same rogue
And transform him...


By:  RS: )

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Flaw & Crater.. for HH and OSI and for JPP

This is my 295th Post (Correcterd) as per the Dashboard...  well the countdown begins.. for 300th...

First,  a Haiku for Haiku Heights...  Flaw.. 

Flawless act, a swish
Of jealous, he wipes out
My painting of trust

And a Poem for OSI Prompt : Crater..

Drawings of Illusions

As regret flowers
In the heart,
Craters of doubt
Appear in mind
But then slowly light
Begins to emerge
From the depths
And I clearly
See the truth shining
I have been seeing  myself
Based on what I think
But people see me
Based on what I do
Ah, what a gap that 
A wide crater, perhaps..
Can I reduce it…yes,
For that I need to wipe out
Drawings of Illusions
Depicting myself, that
I have drawn
Deep inside on the walls
Of my  own mind
Perhaps on those blank walls
Will emerge a picture
Of a truer me,
Free from doubts and regrets
Am I talking about
Utopia turning into reality..


For Jingle's Poetry Potluck..

Mask fell ,
Oh, in that one instant
Friendship died..

After a few days
As ill luck would have it
God took another away

For me it was same
Alas, I had lost
Both the friends..

By: RS 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Rain and Haikus... for Haiku My Heart..

It's Friday and here are my Haikus... for Rebecca's Haiku My Heart.. 

A dry leaf dances
Moist wind sprinkles cool
Ah, rains are around..

I catch a cloud, and
Fold it to make a pillow
Ah, it soaks my tears…

Trees take a full bath
Dancing in rain, wind and Sun
Dry them up, leafs shine…

By RS  : )