Sunday, July 31, 2011

Love and Its Not Being There..

First a Haiku here... for JPP..

A split of a second
Just a crack in the clouds, lo,
Sun peeps, and Earth smiles..


Love and Its Not Being There....

Love and its not being
There; hey, become love and be
Always there and here
Easier said than done
I know it is difficult
But then not
So very difficult too
I will just have to be,
Accepting everyone around
Without trying to find
My own reflection in them
Instead letting those all find
There reflection in me
Are you asking
What would happen
To me then, oh, I will become
Water, just flowing
Transparent and clear
All embracing
Indeed, that means ‘ Being Love’
But, it’s ‘Being in Love’
That makes one wonder
Now,  when I know this
Then why  don’t I become
A tall order that
How can I try to be God
No, I am born a human
With all feelings and emotions
So, a situation when
Love is not being there
Indeed makes me sad….
But then the fact
LOVE IS.. makes me happy..

By : RS : )


  1. could you imagine a world without love? things would not get discovered. poems would not be written, people would not care for anything.
    i shudder at the mere thought.
    so the way you ended this really just gripped me. :)


  2. nice haiku...

    and love is what makes the world go round....~

  3. Be love and love to be .. just you !!
    loved the poem ,, been trying to be so and though its a difficult path , some rewards are beautiful ..

  4. An absolutely brilliant write! We are all one and filled with the love of the Creator. A beautiful message! Thank you!

  5. Wonderfully said! The last line is awesome, and so very true!

  6. love makes you happy.

    love makes all happy.

    thanks for writing one for us.

    Happy Potluck!