Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Woman of New Age..

My 296th Post ( Corrected)

Written for 3WW..... Prompts:  Heat , Nasty,  Cease

First a Haiku...

Let nasty heat cease
Earth, pull a cloud for me too
Moon yearns for the shade..

A Woman of New Age...

Very nasty looks, those
And a soft sound of whistle
She was upset, and angry
Chose to confront
And a heated argument ensued
Rogue won’t listen
Didn’t accept that
Mesmerized with
Her flawless confidence
In those moments
He couldn’t lift his eyes
As they got stuck
On her face, didn’t accept
That it was cheap
In a flash her hand moved
Slapping him on the face
Movements around ceased
Time stood still
But then world looked
In awe, she had moved forward
Fearless and strong
A woman of new age…
End of Scene II
Hey tell me
Will she fall in love
With the same rogue
And transform him...


By:  RS: )


  1. this are both wonderful.Good for her that she put him in his place and transformed him.

  2. love the haiku. considering haiku is very few words fitting in 3 prompt words is achievement. good one there.

    the woman of new age seems forced, i like the interrogative ending. it makes me wonder and ponder.

  3. When things work, the Earth and the Moon work together to fad shade..maybe rogues are best left in the shadows..Jae ;)

  4. I can relate to the first. The second reminds me of a scene I saw on the beach today. I marvel that people who seem to be in love can know so little about each other--and that we never learn but repeat our history.

  5. Fabulous haiku and I love the drama in the poem, great job

  6. love both! haiku flows beautifully

  7. Oh my goodness, what a tale! Will she learn that there is no transforming another?