Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Needs and Liking

My second contribution for OSI ...Need..

Needs and Liking

Sun, Earth and Moon,
Like each other
And why not, they all meet each
Others’ needs
Sun gives and Earth and Moon
Respectfully receive and
Both are happy because
It’s their need
Sun also feels good
Unless someone is willing
To receive, it can’t get
The pleasure of giving
That’s how the world
Has been moving and shall
Do so forever, so natural..
What’s wrong, then
If I like a person more
Because he fulfils my needs
Compared to one
Who doesn't
And who can define needs
Don't they keep changing....

By   RS : ) 


  1. Hello Ramesh, this was an interesting and very cleverly written poem. Love it:)

    Best wishes


  2. Enjoyed your take on the prompt. I especially like the following lines
    "Unless someone is willing
    To receive, it can’t get
    The pleasure of giving"

  3. Yes. Needs do keep changing.

    Loved this.

  4. every particle of the cosmos derives energy from anothe. Its that force that keeps them on.. The sun, the earth, the stars and moons.
    scientists have called it gravity, thinkers call it 'th universal energy'

    yes we can call them needs. For the energy has to move on.
    keep transforming and manifesting itself in each particle of the cosmos.
    an them one day it collides into a genius and miracles happen:)

    loved your theme and expression of this post sir

  5. Very cleverly worded RS!!... and I liked the way you proved your point at the end :)

  6. Accept my respect sir... it feels so nice to be back here... in this beautiful world.....

    Very honest and beautiful write up sir... yes...what's the harm if I like someone who likes me back... that's my need