Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Haikus for Haiku My Heart..

With all its ups and  downs, joys and just moves on... good or bad..doesn't matter... darkest of nights pass ...sun rises.. again...

A breezy morning
Pleasant and joyous, I hug
A tree to thank God….


"I burn to  give you
Light," says Sun; Earth responds by
Quietly receiving..

- RS : )


  1. Pleasant and joyous...the way I aim to address everything in life! Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Yes, its so true... Life goes on.
    Neither the tough days stay nor the good ones.
    All we need patience, persistence and a strong believe in that almighty GOD during hardships and a thankful heart during the time of boon...!

    A sunrise after every dark night is a law of nature.. :)

  3. haiku my heart could never be complete without you ramesh!
    thank you for your bright and joyous light!

  4. Beautiful my friend. I also wrote about hugging trees this Haiku My Heart day. The story of the great mystery and cycle of life, night into day and how round and round life goes. It is all there in these few words of yours. Delightful.


  5. I promise I will look up to the sky today and see the sun shine...