Friday, July 22, 2011

A Pair of Doves Sing...

Here's for all my firends at Haiku My Heart....and everywhere else..

Blooming flowers wave
Smoothly gliding in the sky
A pair of doves sing…

A pair of doves sing
Songs of love, and blissfully
I am here to hear

I am here to hear
Ah, the unseen sounds speak
Nature talks to me

Nature talks to me
And I close my eyes to touch
Soft texture of words

Soft texture of words
Feels good and my spirit soars,
To glide, sing and glide

To glide, sing and glide
It’s so very beautiful
Sheer happiness, that!!

Thanks, Rebecca... these are my small cups of Tea.. hope you will enjoy them along with all other friends...  You are a blessing ... : ))

 RS : )


  1. My dear Ramesh,
    These are words of sheer beauty! blooming flowers, doves singing songs of love, and the soft texture of words. Your haikus take my breath away! One glides softly into the next like a sweet song. Beautiful! You make everyone's spirit soar. So nice to have a cup of tea with you.

  2. dearest Ramesh
    Just now learning to listen to the words of those sweet songs.

  3. I have come to sip at your cup. Now, my cup runneth over. Each one better and better, like drumbeats.


  4. Lovely - love the last line.

    Anna :o]

  5. dear ramesh,
    i feel as though you have transported us all to a peace filled garden. thank you for each delicious sip.
    you are so very beautiful!

  6. I always know your post will be a unique one that encourages me to open up. I like how the last line of each haiku becomes the first line of the next.

  7. I can hear this beautiful emblem of peace cooing and soaring high with your message of bliss and happiness RS!! as usual in your smooth and delightful style :)

  8. Beautiful haikus crafting a wonderful poem. I liked the repetition of lines.

  9. what precious entry.

    you rock.


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