Saturday, July 16, 2011

There will be a new sunrise..

Haiku for Haiku Hrights... and OSI

Phantoms of envy
Weave strings of doubt, tying mind
In the rot of knots. …

Poem for OSI : Phantom...

There will be a new sunrise..

Oh, it had been intense
Betrayed by his own
Shunned by masks around
Wondering about life
He was sitting alone
At home, with
Everything gone
Dreams had often danced
Around him but
Where were they hiding
In those moments
Of turmoil
Without any hope
For a tomorrow,
Footfalls of moments
Got heavier with voices
Screaming in his mind
Oh, all this was unbearable
Pain took its toll,
He blacked out, and when
Opened his eyes,
It was a new sunrise
Light pierced through
The window, and he too
Suddenly felt light
What a realization
In spite of all the turmoil
He had passed through
A day and it had
Turned out to be
Just one simple truth
Sunrise meant that
Night had passed
Phantoms of fear and doubts
Dissolved themselves
In the light of
New awareness for
Their own salvation
It was indeed
A matter of living one day
Everyday… and that’s
From where he
Made a new beginning
Day by the day
Years have gone by
Whenever pain is intense
One thing keeps him going
He will have to just
Open his eyes
There will be a new sunrise..
And sometimes he wonders
If eyes too betray
And he laughs..
Then nothing would matter…

RS : )


  1. Envy does seem to have that effect, Rameshji. I often wonder why that is. Nice internal rhyme of sorts, in the last line of the haiku too!

    And with your free verse, I just loved the way you got it from hard torturous night to a new beginning next day. The passage could be imagined nicely! :) Loved both.

  2. Envy! Loved the way you put it in haiku.
    I am surely learning from the other posts.

  3. love the line about strings of doubt.

    beautiful talent on the theme.

  4. join us tonight,

    we do love your presence very much!

  5. Envy can be a destroyer ...

  6. I love that haiku, powerful and excellent poem I agree with Leo I like the progression of the piece. Well done!

  7. Again Ramesh, I really like the haiku. You boldly use the limitations of the form to your advantage.

  8. Thank you for the support to Haiku Heights through the first year :) Looking forward to enjoying more of your haikus next year too!

  9. know the feeling well

  10. you brought this one home with the opening of the eyes near the end. I often wonder about what does and doesn't matter. Nicely done!

  11. "There will be a new sunrise.."

    i just wrote a very short verse "each day" which says each day is a new beginning. i LOVE your free verse and haiku.

    thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comment.

  12. Your poems are so inspiring. I love the new sunrise. Lovely.

  13. Indeed, the sunrise comes. May we laugh with humble joy when it does!

  14. Happy Potluck.

    Thanks for the visit to my blog.

    rocking compositions.

  15. Such power in both pieces...
    I especially loved the haiku.

  16. very beautiful and inspiring Rameshji..

    Someone is Special

  17. You have such wonderful thoughts and words weaved in both your Haiku and free verse RS!!
    As always it is a pleasure to read you and enjoy the simplicity and ease with which you tie up the knots!!

  18. love your haiku, so very true those words are

  19. I enjoyed both your works immensely but the haiku is brilliant! Envy does make life so much more complicated and it is based on things that are not at all worthwhile. So many people waste living their own lives to the fullest because they are too busy being envious of someone else...e

  20. a wonderful expression of phantom... funny how a phantom suddenly appears out of nowhere and takes up residence and we so willing... we never really know when it comes or the moment it departs... a presence indeed!