Sunday, July 3, 2011

Flaw & Crater.. for HH and OSI and for JPP

This is my 295th Post (Correcterd) as per the Dashboard...  well the countdown begins.. for 300th...

First,  a Haiku for Haiku Heights...  Flaw.. 

Flawless act, a swish
Of jealous, he wipes out
My painting of trust

And a Poem for OSI Prompt : Crater..

Drawings of Illusions

As regret flowers
In the heart,
Craters of doubt
Appear in mind
But then slowly light
Begins to emerge
From the depths
And I clearly
See the truth shining
I have been seeing  myself
Based on what I think
But people see me
Based on what I do
Ah, what a gap that 
A wide crater, perhaps..
Can I reduce it…yes,
For that I need to wipe out
Drawings of Illusions
Depicting myself, that
I have drawn
Deep inside on the walls
Of my  own mind
Perhaps on those blank walls
Will emerge a picture
Of a truer me,
Free from doubts and regrets
Am I talking about
Utopia turning into reality..


For Jingle's Poetry Potluck..

Mask fell ,
Oh, in that one instant
Friendship died..

After a few days
As ill luck would have it
God took another away

For me it was same
Alas, I had lost
Both the friends..

By: RS 


  1. I love haiku. Superb. It is so easy for someone to wipe out what takes dedication. Be it painting, trust or carefully built business.

  2. love your Haiku, the imperfect is perfect.

    craters of doubt kill.
    powerful expression.
    keep it up.

    share with jingle poetry potluck today.

  3. Thank you Harshadji... what you say is true.. I appear to have experienced all these during my journey till today.. and each experience gives a new learning..and that's what makes it tempting for me to share...with discerning minds like you and others in this space..

  4. Awesome work my friend. I loved all of them. Well done.


  5. I love where you took the crater prompt; very unique.

  6. Loved your OSI... The phrase 'Craters of doubt' seemed to strike a chord with me.

    Great work!!! xx

  7. Hi Ramesh,
    Your words flow on the healing path. I too am on that path but for myself. I lost me. And now my ego mind has been laid to rest and I love the new me of living from my spirit. It has opened my eyes to the truth. Like buda I meditate every day now. And I believe your sisters spirit is still with you. She may be your guardian angel now. I send you a BIG HUG and lots of healing energy. Thank you for stopping by. I so enjoy hearing from you. As you are truly a kind and wonderful spirit.

  8. "I have been seeing myself
    Based on what I think
    But people see me
    Based on what I do" This was a very enlightening line for I do the same. Such a sad poem in the final, losing friends is devastating

  9. you certainly have a great handle on all types of poems. wish i could write as you do. wonderful poems!

  10. really wonderful writing! thank you for visiting my blog. i will be back to yours often.

  11. Your poems, as always, are wonderful! I really likes what you did with the crater prompt- the last line was perfect!