Saturday, April 30, 2011

Good for Her, na.. ..for OSI..

Written for OSI Prompt : Border......  a different treatment... hope I did justice....

Good for Her and You…

She removes the border
Of her Saree to give
A flashy design
To your silken Shirt
You should be the star attraction
In the party as that will
Make you return
Cheerful and happy
Good for her, na..

What would she do with
Borderless Saree
Don’t you know she
Loves to give new dresses
To children on special days..
Without any burden on you
You need to be comfortable,
For that’s what matters
Good for her, na..


And now my very own  Haikus...

In my own world too
Borders exist, heart and mind
Clearly divided..

a Moon Haiku..

Everything looks good
From a distance, Moon too sees
A borderless Earth..

By RS   : )

Innocent Me... for Haiku heights

Written for Haiku Heights Prompt: : Innocence

My first day on Earth
Innocent me couldn’t make out
Kept my eyes closed..

by:  RS  : )

Friday, April 29, 2011

Hi Haikus..

Well, it's Friday... Haikus for  Haiku My Heart... but with a sad of our friends...Deborah Gilchrist has moved experience higher realms...

I write the follwoing lines.. with the conviction that whatever happens with God's wish , happens for the better ...God will never let anything happen that will take us to lower realms......

Oh, it really has to be a lot more
May be a better life after life
Else God would never have let
Even a single living entity die..

But the tradition of Haiku My Heart has to continue... with Rebecca being our guiding's mine...may not be a happier one but Moon stays..

Let sky fall, stars spill;
Doesn't matter, I will find Moon
May be a bit smashed..

BY : RS :(

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Choose to Call it Awareness

Written for 3WW....  Relish, Mercy, Foolish..

I Choose to Call it Awareness

I sought warmth
And you  relished burning me
In your fire
No mercy ever
But then  one question
Often haunted me
How did you ignite fire
With your heart
As cold as a glacier
Hey, did it hide some
Highly inflammable emotions
Under thick  layers of
Iced feelings
How foolish of me
Couldn't understand 
Such a simple truth
For so many years
But then, it didn't matter
I think I had started
Relishing to burn 
In your fire
As it kept on
Giving me renewed 
Strength like steel 
Thank God
You didn't realise
Otherwise you would
Have started 
Pampering me
To make me weaker
And now, ha, ha, 
It doesn't matter, for 
Now I have learnt
And turned in to
A practitioner of  happiness
Now I don't seek warmth
God helps me and leads me  
To the moments where I feel
All the warmth inside me..

You may choose to
Stay away, lest
The glaciers melt
Call it arrogance
Yet, I choose
To call it awareness..

And now a Haiku...

How foolish to seek
Mercy; sadist relishes and
inflicts pain to laugh..

God helps me and leads me to the moments where I feel all the warmth inside me..

By: RS  : )

Monday, April 25, 2011

Flame of candle flickers

Just for the 'Haiku' of it.....

Flame of candle flickers
Can’t even handle my soft breath
Why to get closer..

By: RS  : )

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Where Truths and Lies Sit Together.... for OSI

Written for One Single Impression... thanks to Yamini Meduri for the prompt..PLACE

Where Truths and Lies Sit Together..

Can I ever claim
If I carry my real face
Whenever I meet someone
Any time at any place….

Do I always speak
When I really should
Or keep quiet when
Talking would be good

At times when I should give
Do I expect to receive
Can’t say, don’t know
Whom do I really deceive

But one thing is really true
Need to know myself a lot better
Must go deep inside myself
Where truths & lies sit together

Let me burn bundles of lies
In that fire let the truths shine
But can I face them with courage
Or shall I hide behind divine

Myriad questions haunt me
When will answers become known
None can ever help me
I shall have to search them alone

Journey is tough and long
Many a storm I may have to face
But then I know one thing for sure
One day I’ll reach that place…

A place where without any
Feeling of worry, guilt or shame,
I will carry my real face, and
With pride make that claim..

And....... a haiku... too...  
You go fast, I'm slow  
I wish to carry more Sun
And air to my place..
By: RS    : )

Life starts afresh..

Written for Haiku Heights...  oh, I felt so happy as  'Born' made it happen it is...

Each hit on my heart,  
Makes me feel like a new born
Ah, life starts afresh

- RS

Thursday, April 21, 2011

You Never Know, When...

Written for Rebecca's Haiku My Heart....

Hope shines in his eyes
And palm seeks a coin, I give, 
He gifts  a big smile..


Layers of dust shine
On his face, winds of good luck
Just round the corner


Sparkle in his eyes,
Open palm seeks not a coin
Shaking hands, we smile..



Let Moon hide behind
Clouds, I will come out each night
You never know, when..

By: RS : )

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Knead Words Softly.. .

Written for 3WW... Knead, Cleanse, Melt

Candle’s melting wax
I try to knead, sticks on hands
Cleansing oops!

Had to knead my mind for this haiku.. hope you hear cry of  sudden pain.... ha, ha...   but then what had come spontaneously is here....

I knead words softly
Thoughts melt and flow on paper
Mind cleanses itself

RS  : )

Teary Eyed , Overwhelmed

I am  overwhelmed to read all the comments on my post as well review of  my  blog  by Vinay at Jingle Poetry and comments of friends there too... love you all..

Teary Eyed , Overwhelmed....

Goosebumps all over,
Teary eyed, overwhelmed
I gather your love…

Spread in your comments
And your sight-marks on my page
I feel glow & warmth

Thank you everyone
As I promise to spill always
Seeds of happiness

( On our paths, we leave I thought that on pages many visitors..who don't leave comments must be leaving sight-marks... what do you say.. )
Practicing Happiness.....  RS  : )

Saturday, April 16, 2011

To Live Like A Human Tree

Thanks to OSI.. 'Shackles' is a prompt proposed by me.. In fact I wrote the poem offered here a few years ago..when I realised that lots of time self-created shackles of doubts and  preconceived notions held me tight blocking my learning... I needed to think free... I needed to learn from nature... I happened to read a saying by Lao Tzu... who said... " Nature does not hurry , yet every thing gets  accomplished"... and that's when I started looking at the trees and realised that's what one needs to be like and this poem took birth.. I don't claim to have reached the state I write about.. but then with loads of negativity flowing all around everywhere , at least constant   efforts help to ensure that it doesn't leave a longer impact...disturbing the flow... I am able to return faster..but then I am aware that focus  will finally make me reach a lot better than if I had not found my path after having lost my way...

Here's my offering to all my friends and well wishers.. a poem in creation of which perhaps along with my heart, soul too contributed...

To Live Like A Human Tree

O’ God from all the shackles
let my mind become free
Let me grow in all directions
Just like an old tree

Let me bear the fruits
Of knowledge in every season
And offer them to one and all, from
Every caste, creed and religion

Let my roots become stronger
To birds of love branches be the hosts
And just like dry dead leaves
Shed from my mind unwanted thoughts

Unwise men may try to betray
Or even conspire to destroy me
Give me courage and the wisdom
To live like a Human Tree..

O’ God from all the shackles
Let my mind become free...

And how can my post be complete without a haiku... for Haiku Heights too..

Unshackle yourself,
Resonate with flow of life
Hey, smoothly sail through...

RS :) 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sudden Showers Thrill..

Posted for Haiku My Heart..A day earlier

Sudden Showers Thrill....

Ah, to hear whistling
Winds and footfalls of summer,
Sudden showers thrill…

Sudden showers thrill
Heart wants to dance with joy, but
Mind runs for shelter..

Mind runs for shelter
And I decide to take charge,
Heart wins and why not..


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Curtain of Illusions ( 3WW)

Written for 3WW... Evident, Illusion, Tragic

The Curtain of Illusions..

When I was living
In my own world of
Happy illusions
You were visualizing
My end, which came
Silently, so I thought
But like you many others
Around could hear
The sounds of
Warning bells, and for them
It was pretty evident
Perhaps except me
You see I was busy
Weaving beautiful patterns
Of wool over my eyes..
And ears were willing
To hear only that
What mind was creating
Heart from deep with in
Kept on shouting,
To make me a bit aware, but
The voice was weak…
But then you could hear
And see it all, perhaps
In your own way
You warned me too
But fine, end came
And I embraced it too
Friends called it tragic
I wouldn’t have felt much
If winds of blessings
Of those living in my heart
Hadn’t blown
the curtain of illusions
Behind which you stood
With a wide grin
That’s when I knew
You had been the Architect
Ah, what a web you weaved
To make me reach my end
And that’s when I realized
That actually it was God
Who used you as a puppet
In his own smart way
Wanted me to reach the end
So that He could gift me
A new blessed beginning…


And a Haiku , without which  I don't feel my post complete..

Don’t lift curtains of
Illusions, let them remain
Life is fine , dear..

RS :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Haiku for Jingle's Poetry Potluck..

My Moon Haiku for Jingle's Poetry Potluck..

Theme:  Survival

Moon smiles, doesn’t fear
Extinction like Earth, none has
Inhabited yet..


Heart quakes , sunami
Attacks shores of eyes, dreams sink
 I survive to smile..

by: RS :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

God Reciprocates...

Written for OSI Prompt : Reciprocate... thanks to ERIC for a lovely prompt.. I am sure everyone will reciprocate with a beautiful poem.... Have a happy week ahead..

Well, can't do without a here it is..

“Good Morning”, I say,
God reciprocates, makes my
Day a lot better…

By : RS:)

I had posted a poem too but removed it to give the sanctity to Haiku alone which just happened..

Haiku for Haiku Heights... Nigh

A couple of Haikus..divergent themes.. for Haiku Heights..

Oh, it’s a well nigh
Tempting gesture, she looks
Straight in the eyes..


Well nigh the top spot
Tongue slips, and so slips the one
Climbing up quietly

By: RS

Would-be Friends Are Reluctant to Knock..

For Saturday Celebration... at One Stop Poetry..

Don’t lock the doors
Of your heart
From inside, often,
Would-be friends
Are reluctant to knock
But love to quietly step in
If they find the door ajar
Well, opening may
Attract the hostile too
Worth the risk , anyway
Do we close
The windows in the house
Fearing dust,
Letting the light too stay away
No, we don't do that
We keep the windows open

Doors of my heart are ajar
Anyone is  welcome please..

By: RS

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hi ... Haikus.. for Haiku My Heart..

Haiku My Heart.... a bit early today..

A haggard looking
Stranger knocks at my door,
I don't open it...

Big knock on door of
My mind, a negative thought,
Should  I open it..


A crow dives, touches my
Head, for some a bad omen
For me a blessing..

By: RS

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Peculiar of Moon

Written for 3 WW..  prompts: Adamant, Peculiar, Fabricate..

Peculiar of Moon
Keeps on smiling, adamant,
Fabricates reasons

Fabricates reasons
Either to return or give
A smile just like that

Ha, Ha, if you wish to replace Moon with Heart.... do it.. thanks for visiting all of you and some tough prompts..ThomG!!

By: RS :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

For OSI (2) original : Flowers Opened Up Happily....

This is the poem originally I scribbled for OSI on a paper and then misplaced that paper.. but since I remembered the concept , I participated with a Haiku.. well I am happy that I found the paper  and decided to share the poem here...

For OSI Prompt : Epidemic... my second Entry.. thanks you Guarang again for the prompt...

Flowers Opened Up Happily....

I found clouds
Cheerfully waving at me
Faint arc of Moon
Had become brighter
Birds were singing
Breeze was tickling trees
Who in turn were swaying
In some kind of frenzy
As rustling of leaves
Gave a joyful feeling
Flowers opened up happily
Bringing each other closer
Rising Sun appeared
Keener to spread
Layers of Gold
To give Earth a shining attire
And I saw my neighbor too
Looking out of the window
In gleeful mood
Friend from another corner
Laughed loudly
When he saw a cat and a dog
Courting with each other
As I stood in absolute delight
I watched negativity
Pulling itself out of fiber of life
In bundles and bundles
And quietly dissolving
Into an unending stream of
Waves of positivity
Which were slowly unfolding
Their magical powers
Invisible showers of
Total bliss raining
From the skies
Engulfing everything around
Ah, when I found my Heart,
Soul, Mind and Body
Smiling in unison
I realized I was witnessing
A rare attack of Happiness
In the times of turmoil
How I wished it
To spread like an epidemic
Wow! A beautiful world awaits us
Or is it a Utopia
A creation of my imagination
God, let the dream stay
It helps me breath hope
A very Happy Hope for that!

- RS

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Rainbow Hiaku...

My imagination takes  me to skies and see what happens....

My Rainbow Haiku..

Wings make me soar high
My wrist pains, I pluck a piece
Of rainbow and tie

Friends look in awe
Yes, it’s so very colourful
My new wrist band…

By: RS

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Post Card From Paradise.. for Rebecca..and other friends..

Postcard from Paradise..

Moon quietly hides in
Hollow of the tree, leaves glow,
Ah, birds sit speechless

Ah, birds sit speechless
Wonder struck are sky and stars
Earth smiles, for she knows

Earth smiles  for she knows
The secret of the glow ,when
Her mind's camera clicks

Her  mind's camera clicks
Picture of the paradise
Appears  in her Heart…


May you be hail and hearty very soon...Soon Rebecca.. God bless!!! Hope you will like my postcard from the paradise that
occasionally flickers in my mind..

Here's an attempt in Hindi too.. for all the Indian Freinds....

चाँद छुपा है
पेड़ की शाख में
चमक रहें हैं  पत्ते सारे
गुमसुम हैं पक्षी
 घरोंदों में अपने
ना बोले ना ही पुकारें

आसमान और सितारे 
हैरान हैं ,
चारों तरफ शांती है  
धरती मुस्कुरा रही है
गुप चुप, गुप चुप,
क्योंकि जानती है

और दिमाग नें खींची
आँखों के कैमरे से 
एक तस्वीर चमकती हुई
जो  उभर  आयी थी
दिल की दीवारों पर
फूलों सी महकती हुई.....

------  रमेश सूद

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hi Haikus for HMH and OSI and HH

Before regular's something special on World Cup Cricket Win for India..:

Great special WIN
For Indians, in whose hearts,
Lives the great, Sachin !

Heartiest Congratulations!!!!! Yes, epidemic of Happiness has spread all around..Indians are all infected with Happiness and Joy.. Thanks Dhoni..the captain..and absolutely marvellous all the members of Indian Team..

India and Indians Happiness.

And now my regular.. Haikus.. Thanks to Rebecca and Guarang Rao and Nanka for inspiration ...

A Poem in Haikus... for HMH and OSI

Moon smiles, stars rain joy ,
Clouds laugh, epidemic of
Happiness hits skies..

Morning Sun blooms, birds
Sing, trees dance, Earth too hit by
Same epidemic

How I want it to
Spread like an infectious
This-ease all around..

Written for Haiku Heights : Puppet

It's so difficult
To be a puppet, but then
No choice up there..

By: RS :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

See, I Made You Smile..

Written for Haiku My Heart..

See I Made You Smile..

Old man makes a face
Little baby giggles, hey,
See, I made you smile

Keep smiling, read on
Now baby makes a face and
Child in old giggles

I sit and watch them
In the blankness of white wall
Dad's gone, I am grey

Yes, it's first April
Yet one more year gone, thank God
I didn't grow up..