Tuesday, April 5, 2011

For OSI (2) original : Flowers Opened Up Happily....

This is the poem originally I scribbled for OSI on a paper and then misplaced that paper.. but since I remembered the concept , I participated with a Haiku.. well I am happy that I found the paper  and decided to share the poem here...

For OSI Prompt : Epidemic... my second Entry.. thanks you Guarang again for the prompt...

Flowers Opened Up Happily....

I found clouds
Cheerfully waving at me
Faint arc of Moon
Had become brighter
Birds were singing
Breeze was tickling trees
Who in turn were swaying
In some kind of frenzy
As rustling of leaves
Gave a joyful feeling
Flowers opened up happily
Bringing each other closer
Rising Sun appeared
Keener to spread
Layers of Gold
To give Earth a shining attire
And I saw my neighbor too
Looking out of the window
In gleeful mood
Friend from another corner
Laughed loudly
When he saw a cat and a dog
Courting with each other
As I stood in absolute delight
I watched negativity
Pulling itself out of fiber of life
In bundles and bundles
And quietly dissolving
Into an unending stream of
Waves of positivity
Which were slowly unfolding
Their magical powers
Invisible showers of
Total bliss raining
From the skies
Engulfing everything around
Ah, when I found my Heart,
Soul, Mind and Body
Smiling in unison
I realized I was witnessing
A rare attack of Happiness
In the times of turmoil
How I wished it
To spread like an epidemic
Wow! A beautiful world awaits us
Or is it a Utopia
A creation of my imagination
God, let the dream stay
It helps me breath hope
A very Happy Hope for that!

- RS


  1. i hope that epidemic spreads all over the world. simply fabulous ramesh.

  2. Truly a lovely epidemic. I enjoyed your verse very much. Such colorful words that painted beautiful images for me.


  3. What a beautiful and uplifting poem...I feel this way every spring. Your words brought back that joyful feeling!

  4. I'm so happy you found the paper for this. So uplifting and wonderful!!

  5. i hope too you get to keep that dream...i like faint arc of the moon....

  6. oh ramesh,
    truly you help me breathe hope.

    "Flowers opened up happily
    Bringing each other closer"...

    ah that we were all more like flowers..

    thank you for lifting my heart and brightening my moment.

  7. aw, when I found my heart...a rare attack of happiness.

    uplifting crescendo in this poem!