Saturday, April 9, 2011

Haiku for Haiku Heights... Nigh

A couple of Haikus..divergent themes.. for Haiku Heights..

Oh, it’s a well nigh
Tempting gesture, she looks
Straight in the eyes..


Well nigh the top spot
Tongue slips, and so slips the one
Climbing up quietly

By: RS


  1. pyaara dost,
    good evening!
    evening draws nigh....
    lovely verses..

  2. Hi Ramesh~ I know your wit, so I'm reading scenes within scenes here--all clever plays on words. It reminds me of Cyrano de Bergerac whose handsome friend speaks for Cyrano to Roxane. She would then give him the tempting gesture. He is supposed to be saying the clever repartee written for him by Cyrano to impress Roxane. However, a slip of his tongue causes Cyrano to lose his balance on the trellis behind. Now, you must tell me what you actually had in mind! I would like to add that I LOVED the haiku you left on Meri's blog yesterday!

  3. I like the intelligences behind your write, having to read in between the line

  4. a very expertly written pair ramesh. loved the playful use of nigh.