Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Teary Eyed , Overwhelmed

I am  overwhelmed to read all the comments on my post as well review of  my  blog  by Vinay at Jingle Poetry and comments of friends there too... love you all..

Teary Eyed , Overwhelmed....

Goosebumps all over,
Teary eyed, overwhelmed
I gather your love…

Spread in your comments
And your sight-marks on my page
I feel glow & warmth

Thank you everyone
As I promise to spill always
Seeds of happiness

( On our paths, we leave I thought that on pages many visitors..who don't leave comments must be leaving sight-marks... what do you say.. )
Practicing Happiness.....  RS  : )


  1. I agree with your very nice thought about sight-marks.

    I'll be practicing happiness with you.

  2. Hello Ramesh,
    Just here leaving a few marks:-)

    I read the review by Vinay and I thought he did you proud. Thanks for the prompt at OSI. I've been enjoying everyone's contributions.

    I wish you well and keep up the good work.


  3. Please keep doing it... thanks :)


  4. reading your poems is a privillege and great joy for me.

    i wait for your poems every day.

    JP and TRP are really, really encouraging souls.

  5. You are a good man my friend.