Saturday, April 9, 2011

Would-be Friends Are Reluctant to Knock..

For Saturday Celebration... at One Stop Poetry..

Don’t lock the doors
Of your heart
From inside, often,
Would-be friends
Are reluctant to knock
But love to quietly step in
If they find the door ajar
Well, opening may
Attract the hostile too
Worth the risk , anyway
Do we close
The windows in the house
Fearing dust,
Letting the light too stay away
No, we don't do that
We keep the windows open

Doors of my heart are ajar
Anyone is  welcome please..

By: RS


  1. This is a well thought out poem, it's well constructed and shows the dilemma we face because when we leave the door open for a friend an enemy might also come in and vice versa, nice one.

  2. some days opening that door is hard...esp if you have been hurt by opening it before...

  3. Opening that door is fine, it's what's behind it that scares me! An honest face doesn't always mean an honest heart. Poem was very well constructed Ramesh. Knock knock!

  4. I agree. Life is an open heart..because to live is to risk; to stay locked up is to never even use the choices life offers and time runs out too soon. Don't lock your heart, your dreams, your skills but employ them, try them, give them to the universe. Love is repaid with love. Don't scrooge it.

  5. it's kind of like that game show...'let's make a deal' you pick what's behind door #1, 2 or 3 and you hope you open the one with the trip around the world and not the one with a lifetime supply of sticky tape! still play the game

    love your poem! wonderful thoughts well expressed!

    thank you

  6. i enjoyed the words, the style and the sentiment...this was a good read...the comments to this are also spot on (hope & sticky tape was a good one)...thanks for taking part...pete

  7. wonderful...left me to ponder for a longer time..thanks for your visit and comments..

  8. What if there's a fatal spear.... still worth the risk... better to live a few moments in light than a long lifetime in darkness

  9. the dilemma of closing all doors.
    was a nice sync for me to read this poem.
    thank you :)