Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Curtain of Illusions ( 3WW)

Written for 3WW... Evident, Illusion, Tragic

The Curtain of Illusions..

When I was living
In my own world of
Happy illusions
You were visualizing
My end, which came
Silently, so I thought
But like you many others
Around could hear
The sounds of
Warning bells, and for them
It was pretty evident
Perhaps except me
You see I was busy
Weaving beautiful patterns
Of wool over my eyes..
And ears were willing
To hear only that
What mind was creating
Heart from deep with in
Kept on shouting,
To make me a bit aware, but
The voice was weak…
But then you could hear
And see it all, perhaps
In your own way
You warned me too
But fine, end came
And I embraced it too
Friends called it tragic
I wouldn’t have felt much
If winds of blessings
Of those living in my heart
Hadn’t blown
the curtain of illusions
Behind which you stood
With a wide grin
That’s when I knew
You had been the Architect
Ah, what a web you weaved
To make me reach my end
And that’s when I realized
That actually it was God
Who used you as a puppet
In his own smart way
Wanted me to reach the end
So that He could gift me
A new blessed beginning…


And a Haiku , without which  I don't feel my post complete..

Don’t lift curtains of
Illusions, let them remain
Life is fine , dear..

RS :)


  1. awesome pair ramesh. both of them.

  2. New understanding often comes through adversity. Great words.

  3. Pyaara Dost,
    Belated Happy Birthday!
    So touching verses!
    And The haiku....simply wonderful...
    Thanks for sharing wonderful thoughts,friend..
    Wishing you a lovely night,

  4. Sheilagh Lee said"Awesome pair indeed .Itruly enjoyed both.

  5. lovely ! both of them.
    leave a bitter-sweat taste.

  6. Ramesh, You are your true self and live by spirit. As in you words you are truth and love. :)

  7. That was enlightening... Haiku was pretty awesome :)

  8. I am glad you added the hiaku as seemed to fit in with the poem perfectly..I think we all cover our eyes and ears with wool at time..Jae ;)