Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sudden Showers Thrill..

Posted for Haiku My Heart..A day earlier

Sudden Showers Thrill....

Ah, to hear whistling
Winds and footfalls of summer,
Sudden showers thrill…

Sudden showers thrill
Heart wants to dance with joy, but
Mind runs for shelter..

Mind runs for shelter
And I decide to take charge,
Heart wins and why not..



  1. EXCELLENT!!!! Oh so descriptive and beautiful. We are to get LOTS of rain here today! Wishing you well! Cathy

  2. good morning ramesh!
    as always so happy to begin my day with your thoughts and devotions through haiku.
    always uplifting and kind.

  3. After all our rain this spring and our cooler-than-normal temps, I am finding it hard to be thrilled by showers. But this is a lovely progression.

  4. Ramesh,
    I love this progression too! Such continuity and the alliteration is magnificent as well! I think that it is also very dynamic. There is a great deal of energy in these haikus. You truly sense the story of it all and the decision being made by the will of the writer. It is truly lovely!


  5. Good morning Ramesh, it is 2:28 am here. I love the beauty you give to the rain with your words. It is raining and cool here, But it is Spring. And I too am thankful for that. I send you a big hug and lots of love from the other side of the world. Have a glorious day my friend.
    E :)

  6. Pyaara Dost,
    Good Afternoon!
    I am waiting for summer showers!Each day I hope for the cool drizzles!
    Jut like the cool showers,your words are so soothing...
    Wishing you a lovely day,

  7. nice loop haiku, Rameshji. :) very beautifully expressed. your haikus are always fun!

    btw, u don't need to say sorry for calling me Leo. that's a nickname I'm always proud to be called :)

  8. Yes, from your eyes
    My sun did jump with joy
    I find a gem star bright

    Hello, Ramesh. I attempted a haiku as a gift to you for your kind visit. Yes, it is the thought.

    My heart dances with the rain also. I try to walk slowly in the rain, head up and remember it is just water. However, it is the lightening that makes me run for shelter; even though the chances are very slim.

    Again, thank you for your visit; you added magic to my day.


  9. Your heart always wins, Ramesh, and that's what is so lovable about you! Just dancin' in the rain! Love the happy tone in your haiku which still holds some tension making it exciting.

  10. Yes your heart wins me too Ramesh, we are actually needing rain here in my part of the UK, the flowers are slow!

    Sue x

  11. sudden showers in summer really thrills :)