Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hi Haikus for HMH and OSI and HH

Before regular's something special on World Cup Cricket Win for India..:

Great special WIN
For Indians, in whose hearts,
Lives the great, Sachin !

Heartiest Congratulations!!!!! Yes, epidemic of Happiness has spread all around..Indians are all infected with Happiness and Joy.. Thanks Dhoni..the captain..and absolutely marvellous all the members of Indian Team..

India and Indians Happiness.

And now my regular.. Haikus.. Thanks to Rebecca and Guarang Rao and Nanka for inspiration ...

A Poem in Haikus... for HMH and OSI

Moon smiles, stars rain joy ,
Clouds laugh, epidemic of
Happiness hits skies..

Morning Sun blooms, birds
Sing, trees dance, Earth too hit by
Same epidemic

How I want it to
Spread like an infectious
This-ease all around..

Written for Haiku Heights : Puppet

It's so difficult
To be a puppet, but then
No choice up there..

By: RS :)


  1. Lovely use of the sun, moon, stars and weather. Haiku seem perfect for exploring the magic and mystery of these creations. I really enjoyed your use of personification and the emotions evoked - particularly through the 'hitting' 'epidemic'.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I do hope this epidemic spreads!

  3. oops, that was Stephanie, I was signed on as my friend Susan :)

  4. The use of "epidemic" is dramatic! Often it is associated with some form of far spreading, contagious disease! But this is one disease that would be most welcome!

  5. starts rain joy?

    moon smiles, your words are playful.

  6. Loved your perfect and inspiring haikus :)
    Have a great week ahead!

  7. Beautiful ones these...a happy epidemic then, it has taken long enough for it to spread.

  8. Your happiness is infectious! I was smiling as I read this!

  9. splendid haikus ramesh, loved all of them.

  10. yes! ramesh, please send your ease and infectious happiness my way. sadly i have been infected in the worst way and have been far too sick to rise from bed.
    i am trying to make the rounds and at least let everyone know why i am so late in enjoying each haiku offered.
    thanks ramesh for your place in my heart.

  11. You are really good when it comes to haiku's.
    Great celebratory one at the top

  12. You have quite a range of topics here Ramesh. I like what you've done with this OSI prompt, nice!

    Happy Sunday, G

  13. Congratulations on winning the cup.. sometimes there's no choice but it's not necessary to be a puppet always.. good haiku :)

  14. Your puppet Haiku is great but the HMH was out of the world (no pun intended) I want to be in this place it sounds amazing! Congrats on the Soccer win or do you call it football?

  15. Yes, Ramesh, the joy you're espousing GIVES-ease! And yes, you are still your father's baby! I love your inner child.
    btw, thanks for introducing me to Sachin! Greatness! And thanks for making me happy today!

  16. Moon smiles, stars rain joy,
    Clouds laugh

    Joyous imagery ~

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  18. We were definitely on the same page today. Love your playful and happy words.

    I had to delete the above comment as it was my Blogger account and you wouldn't know who I was. :)

  19. The first one touched a chord. Yeah Sachin!!! The euphoria of the Cup hasn't died down as yet :)

    I love how you have written haikus about the epidemic of joy and happiness.

    The last one, yeah we are all but puppets! :)

  20. very true- we just have to do whatever our maker wants us to do. :)


  21. Congrats of the cricket win- hope that epidemic stays! I love your other haiku- the word choices and imagery are beautiful! I especially love this phrase:" Moon smiles, stars rain joy ", ...delightful~

  22. Wonderful, Ramesh!
    I believe the happiness gods are smiling on the earth you wrote about.