Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hi ... Haikus.. for Haiku My Heart..

Haiku My Heart.... a bit early today..

A haggard looking
Stranger knocks at my door,
I don't open it...

Big knock on door of
My mind, a negative thought,
Should  I open it..


A crow dives, touches my
Head, for some a bad omen
For me a blessing..

By: RS


  1. it is always good when we turn bad omens into blessing! Hey Ramesh I just read you had a birthday on the 1st, I just want to wish you happy belated birthday!

  2. beautiful trio ramesh. all three are thought provoking. :)

  3. thank you ramesh for your positive place here among us.
    i imagine you would open the door,
    and help this stranger
    find warmth, comfort and transform!

  4. nice post,
    i've been following your blog for quite sometime..
    and your poems are amazing..

  5. I enjoy your story telling in this haiku format.

  6. I'll join in Amanda's belated birthday wishes. . . and offer you blessings.

  7. Thank you Amanda and Meri..for your blessings and wishes.. I feel so happy..

  8. Ah, the knock on the door on your mind. I experience these - usually it's because I have negative thoughts about myself! I enjoyed you haiku sets, all positive.

  9. Always wonder who is on the phone or at the door. I sometimes don't answer it too.
    The crow is a blessing as are all God's creations.
    very good stuff.


  10. Hi Ramesh~ How wonderful that you overcame your fears and opened the door to a crow touching your head! The crow is a blessing and is your totem animal. To get so close, he must have been giving you a message. I love how you told this complete story in haiku form. It's amazing! And happy belated birthday! Love, Margaret

  11. The crow was knocking on your head too. You let him in I think.

  12. Open the door to the stranger.
    Do not let the negative thought in.
    Learn from the crow.

  13. We've lived on our cottage for ten years now, a family of crows lived here before us, having built our cottage they proceeded to peck at the new paint around the windows, actually nearly all the wood was well chipped into. They used to wake us up at some unearthly hour chipping away, I would dash downstairs to scare them off.

    We started to feed the crows in wintertime. They stopped the chipping, we took this as acceptance of us! We notice them preparing for nesting and now we welcome their young. I'm glad we made friends!

    Befriending our negative mind and saying all's well, the stranger will soon be soothed and his haggard face will smooth over!

    Love Sue x

  14. beautiful words. i have to reread these to ensure that I got as much out of it as possible.
    These triplet of stanzas were brilliant