Sunday, April 3, 2011

Post Card From Paradise.. for Rebecca..and other friends..

Postcard from Paradise..

Moon quietly hides in
Hollow of the tree, leaves glow,
Ah, birds sit speechless

Ah, birds sit speechless
Wonder struck are sky and stars
Earth smiles, for she knows

Earth smiles  for she knows
The secret of the glow ,when
Her mind's camera clicks

Her  mind's camera clicks
Picture of the paradise
Appears  in her Heart…


May you be hail and hearty very soon...Soon Rebecca.. God bless!!! Hope you will like my postcard from the paradise that
occasionally flickers in my mind..

Here's an attempt in Hindi too.. for all the Indian Freinds....

चाँद छुपा है
पेड़ की शाख में
चमक रहें हैं  पत्ते सारे
गुमसुम हैं पक्षी
 घरोंदों में अपने
ना बोले ना ही पुकारें

आसमान और सितारे 
हैरान हैं ,
चारों तरफ शांती है  
धरती मुस्कुरा रही है
गुप चुप, गुप चुप,
क्योंकि जानती है

और दिमाग नें खींची
आँखों के कैमरे से 
एक तस्वीर चमकती हुई
जो  उभर  आयी थी
दिल की दीवारों पर
फूलों सी महकती हुई.....

------  रमेश सूद


  1. dear ramesh,
    i cannot thank you enough for your lovely words of encouragement.
    you are a dear soul.
    i cannot wait to regain my strength and step fully into the dance of life.
    thank you for opening the door of your heart so graciously, and for brightening my moment.

  2. This is beautiful and such a fitting way to send healing to Rebecca. Hindi is beautiful graphically.

  3. I saw the moon there in the hollow of that tree.Beautiful images you make with your words.

  4. Pictures of paradise, how lovely it would be if I could see some of those lately!

    A nice write, enjoy the rally!

  5. You never post pictures, no need, vivid messages of kindness and beauty come our way via Ramesh. Your words are like a camera capturing it all!

    Love Sue x

  6. Hi Ramesh, thanks for stopping by. Sorry I did not do a haiku this week. Been in thought for a while and my words flow in a different direction. I was here earlier and your words are beautiful.

  7. I love the picture you painted in my mind.

  8. splendid- both the hindi and the english. writing good poetry in hindi is quite tough job.